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Warm Up With Summer Sandals And Espadrilles

‘Tis a depressing day outside.  But alas, as a cup half full optimist, I foresee the rain giving bloom to a brilliant spring garden.  Even though it’s frigid outside, I still make the effort to keep up a bright pedicure.  The lady at the salon commented on my frequent visits:  “Are you going away?  Do you have a party?”  The answer to which is no and no but if I ever need to remove my socks to try on shoes, you will be enamoured with my China Glaze Ruby Red Slipper toes.  She said most women only come in the warm weather.  Um, Lame-town!  (recently developped cousin of Crazytown

Well, my dearies, I am about to change all that with my Summer preview –  The LC’s Guide to the BEST sandals and espadrilles.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison. Mmm, I've always loved braided things and gilded gladiator too.

Stop Traffic Red: Have women want to murder you for your Dolce Vita Jade Wedges much? An orangey-fire engine red hottt against your tanned stems.

Kick it to the curb: I mean, Sam Edelman Caged Wedge Bootie. Ba-na-nas!

A daring modern take on espadrille: Bettye Muller Caprice wedge, colourful prints on scarves that wrap around your ankles. Magic!

Obviously, you will be wearing Texas OPI on your toesies. I already love 'Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em' & 'Big Hair, Big Nails.' Gingers are cute. I really x 3 like this picture.

Rachel Zoe loves a good laser-cut wedge. Digging her cream boho pregnancy style. Image courtesy Coco Perez


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I Blush, You Blush, We Blush

The Blush Standard via Marc Jacobs

I am completely over slush.  I cannot bear another day leaving my home with perfect hair to witness it become flat and static-y after taking off my trapper hat.  I am wearing gloves but my fingers feel like icicles.  I want to buy a hot water bottle and shove it in my goose down jacket.  You too right?  I mean, unless you’re reading The LC from a hammock in balmy Florida or some other warm weather locale.  In times like these, let’s look forward to the Spring and to all the lovely things we will wear when temperatures begin to soar.

This fashion moment isn’t about an electric pink (of which I am quite the fan), nor is it about a saccharine baby pink (which I have ripped out of a colleague’s closet to yell with disdain, “baby pink is for babies!”).  It’s about her pretty younger sister, the ingenue pink named Blush.  Love her.  I brought visuals.  Let’s go photo montage.

I Wanna Be Adored: ABS Beaded Bib Necklace

Buy Now, Wear to Bed, Stare at Shoes Obsessively until the Snow Melts: LAMB Crepe Booties

MAC Too Fabulous Collection: Filled with the softest pink hues with catchy names like Just Superb and my ultimate fave Boy Bait

Pins & Needles Chiffon Blouse: I declare the perfect brunch outfit, perhaps belted with slim black leggings and strappy sandals. Serious!


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Dreaming of Your Vacation

The Maldives are sinking. We sort of really, need to go. Shangri-la-la-la.

When I see little macrame white dresses and bejewelled sandals in stores, I have a major pang of ‘wanderlust.’  Resort clothing means vacation time for the snowbirds that flock abroad for a natural tan, sun kissed tresses and major relaxation.  This year, I am on stay-cation (insert ugly, uncontrollable sob) but for my LC dearies, I have compiled the best of Resort so that I may live vicariously through your wine-ing, dining, dancing and romancing.  If you have a fabulous time, that is all that matters.

There is nothing like burying your toes in the sand whilst enjoying a refreshing pina colada.  Or swimming in an infinity pool that stretches into the ocean.  Or gliding carelessly along clandestine cobblestone pathways.  Or dining al fresco watching the sun repose…in a precisely selected vacation wardrobe.

Just the way I like it: Earthy meets ruffle and belted! Alice + Olivia Avindale Maxi

Loving the wispy tiered quality of this Parker Tie Front Dress

  • Maxi Dress, Yes Please – A bohemian’s vacation wardrobe staple, the rich colours and breezy material are perfect for long daytime walks on the beach or navigating through market stalls.  There’s something about a maxi dress that puts you in a more relaxed state of mind.  Nicole Richie loves it.   

Balenciaga Oversize Two Tone Sunnies.

  • A Fresh Pair of Sunnies – Sunglasses are one of those things that I secretly hoard.  I can no longer justify buying cat eye sunglasses in different shades of tortoise shell.  I know.  It’s just wrong.  Badx3.  However, the ombre effect of this Spring’s crop of oversized Jackie O. styled sunglasses is quite delightful.

Seriously? Seriously. City of Love Ballerina Flats from Anthropologie.

  • Dancing In The Street – I have often been interrogated by airline personnel as to why my luggage was sooo over the weight limit.  “Miss, what is in your suitcase?” (insert slight annoyance with smidge of trying not to laugh) To which I replied, “Shoes.”  The right shoes will have you tip tapping on steps, grabbing your travel partners hand to skip down the block and walk-walk-walking all over that city.
  • A Relaxed Blouse – Perfect for days when lady-like is in order (such as visits to a church or temple, walks through museums where they crank up the air conditionning, a proper high tea, etc), a painted chiffon blouse would look stunning paired with shorts, accessorized with a few gold necklaces. 

Channelling Landscape Painter in an Anthropologie Flora Blouse

The world is your oyster. Conde Nast Traveller is a great reference for 'where to go next?'


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A Bold Pink Lip at DVF

DVF Spring 2011 Beauty Look. Courtesy Getty Images

Recently, I watched a video of Diane von Furstenburg’s Spring 2011 collection.  The clothes were beautiful with flowy Grecian drapery, bright colours and lattice work prints – very jetset does the Mediterranean sea…on a yacht, with a giant sunhat and a glass of champie…isn’t life glamourous??  Now that we have only just begun to layer on our knits, we can’t go to that fabulous, far-off, future spring fashion place yet (until Resort, of course).  

However, we can take inspiration from DVF’s Spring 2011 Beauty Look perfected by James Kaliardos for MAC.  Recalling the Andy Warhol portrait of the 70’s luminaries of Bianca Jagger, Lauren Hutton and DVF herself, Kaliardos said the look is a “popping pink-orchid-fuchsia pigment meant to look like a Warhol silk-screened lip. It’s a symbol of femininity.”  Ooh la!  Me too, please!!

Fabulous right? Diane reclining in front her Warhol portraits. You're saying, "I wish she was my mother."

Let’s re-create shall we?

1.  Jump In the Deep End – Personally, I have forgone lipstick in favour of gloss for the last decade.  But I have had pangs to return to my matte lipstick and so it is written.  Although DVF utilized the pencil Process Magenta followed by an application of Neon Pigment in Magenta Madness, you can try variations depending on your skin colouring.  The MAC pros are lovely and ever so helpful, so try as many hues until you get the right one.  Obviously, the effect of the look is meant to be ‘bamm-shaa-pow!’ you can do something a tad less electric.  Although I thought I would love the ‘Del Rio’ of my youth, it wasn’t pink enough so I chose ‘Captive’ a striking fuschia-pink.  

2.  The Perfect Line – Using a lip pencil in the same hue, start drawing the outline at the bow of your lip out to the corner of your mouth (do the left, followed by the right).  The key is to ensure symmetry and fill in where you have gone crooked.  Press your lips together and the top line you just drew should form a slight outline on your bottom lip.  Use this as a guide to trace the bottom curve of your lip.  Fill in your entire top and bottom lips with the lip pencil – this will create a great base for your lipstick to settle and will ensure an opaque lip.

3.  Fuschia-Town – Fill in with your chosen pink lipstick either by applying with a brush or directly from the tube (heavier application) and then blotting with a tissue.  You can apply a second coat if you notice streaks.  Keep the rest of your makeup minimal and perhaps use a few coats of black mascara for that doe-eyed look.

Voila!  Lips so bright and feminine (subliminally sexy), it will have co-workers, grocery store clerks, construction workers, suitors galore asking, “Won’t you take me to…Funky Fuschia-Town?”


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Most Popular Posts, Ever, Of All Time

#5 Rompers Ahead. In my opinion, Urban Outfitters has the BEST rompers of the season. Checkout this Staring at the Stars cutout romper in coral. TDF (to die for)!!!

It’s a miracle.  A few days ago, the LC hit another milestone:  30,000 visits!  Yay, success!  As my little blog that could continues to thrive, I’d like to send some love your way.  Here is a countdown to the Top 5 most read posts on The Love Collage. 

5.  Resort Report:  Rompers Ahead - 1,838 hits  And a part of me questionned if the masses would catch onto rompers.  There are more fashionistah adventurers making their way through the fashion jungle than I suspected.  Carry on!

4.  Paris Je T’Aime - 1,978 hits  This one is kind of obvious.  Everyone loves Paris (the city, not the heiress). 

3.  Big Bang Theory - 3,796 hits  Another popular one which started to get hit a lot in the Spring.  Perhaps because many stylish women change their look when the sunshine comes out. 

2.  She’s Got Kevyn Aucoin’s Smokey Eyes - 4,466 hits  I suppose the DIY quality of this post makes it a smash, as well as the tips that come from the great master himself. 

1.  “She Is My Style Icon”6,701 hits!!  There are two reasons why this one is unbeatable:  Alexa Chung and Rachel Bilson.  They are style muses to many. 

For your wonderful reading pleasure, please join my Facebook group (the link is on the left sidebar), follow me on Twitter, subscribe or grab my RSS.  Tell your friends & thanks a million for keeping up with the LC.

The patron saint of the LC and my style icon: Rachel Bilson. On a sidenote: wearing one's hair like this has a high KB quotient.


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