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Finding Time For The City

Whit nonchalantly colour blocks clothes on a rolling rack. Channelling Bardot.

Whit nonchalantly colour blocks clothes on the rolling rack whilst channelling Bardot.

Personally, I can’t commit to more than one television show at a time.  Right now my devotion is to Gossip Girl.  When I do have a spare moment I do try to squeeze in a few episodes of The City.  It’s interesting to watch these quasi-reality shows depicting life in fashion.  I think the indie soundtracks and the plethora of sequins make everything seem more glamourous.  Whitney Port appears down to earth on her show, always trying to do the right thing while everyone is dog-eat-dog competitive vying to be crowned the Next Top Fashionistah It Girl.  She is also wardrobed in some pretty cute boho-downtown chic ensembles. 

To live in truth, I wasn’t really into the first season, however, they have made some drastic improvements:

  1. Whitney has a New Mane Man – There were times when Whit was doing PR at DVF and her hair looked like it could have used a blowout, leave-in conditioner and some velcro rollers.  Who’s with me?  Her hair is looking more Pantene these days, which I fully support.
  2. Bad Girls – Toot! Toot! Ahh! Beep! Beep! (Donna Summer)  Although Olivia is everyone else’s favourite socialite villain, I quite like Roxy’s rebellious streak and party girl-devil may care attitude.  I also like the introduction of no nonsense Erin.  I’ll tell you now and I won’t say it again, ‘Don’t mess with PR girls.’  They will cut you.
  3. Love Interests – City dating is hard, even for girls with really, really, long legs and perfect lipgloss.
  4. Heiress Comedy – I like it when they show Olivia ascending from the subway stairwell like a common person.  Or the time Elle made her go to Canal Street to do some investigative reporting by purchasing fake Louis Vuittons and Balenciagas.  I imagine she must have had the spa hose her down with vinegar that evening.
  5. Quotable Whit – Our girl is kicking up the ante with her witty remarks. When referring to her rendez-vous with her hipster rocker ex-boyfriend. “It’s like I did it.  And then I quit it.”  Hilarious.

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Style Challenged? Just Ask R-Bils

Midas Touch: RBils on the cover of FASHION mag

Midas Touch: RBils on the cover of FASHION mag

Based on the enduring success of my post She Is My Style Icon and statistical data, I know that I’m not the only one obsessed with Rachel Bilson.  She’s just so sweet, pretty and cute, like a petite chouette (tiny cabbage, French term of endearment).  I think there is something to be said about diminutive starlets and their fashion forward risk-taking.  Translating the trends can be like navigating the murky waters of a dirty pond but when done successfully, a well pulled together outfit looks fresh and excitingly new, inspiring others to follow suit.  Without risk, there is no reward!

Paparazzi friendly outfits: RBils works the boho mini with fitted blazer and booties. Fashion contrasts. Love it.

Paparazzi friendly outfits: RBils works the boho mini with fitted blazer and booties. Fashion contrasts. Love it.

Rachel Bilson has this way about her.  Everyone and their mother loved her Californian character on The O.C. I often refer to bohemian outfits with brown suede slouchy boots as “inspired by Summer Roberts.”  Her style is effortlessly cool and youthful.  It’s no wonder Generations X-Y, mimic her style cues.  Let’s call this the “RBils Effect” – here are some of her trademark looks.

  • Casual Chic – Skinny jeans, ballet flats or stiletto booties, quilted Chanel purse.
  • Summer Flirt – Fitted jumper shorts or Full Mini with Fitted Shrunken Blazer, quilted Chanel purse.
  • Luxe After Dark – Here’s where her style varies, from sleek, glamourous satin dresses to flowy chiffon cocktail to fitted sexy silky dresses.  She can pull anything off without the ‘tart’ factor.
Rachel hits Milan Fashion Week. Say Ferragamo 3x fast.

Rachel hits Milan Fashion Week. Say Ferragamo 3x fast.

She has been lauded by many fashion rags as a Contemporary Fashion Icon.  Last year, DKNY scooped her up to design a successful diffusion line called Edie Rose.  She often lands on the covers of fashion magazines and is asked about her enviable style.  This Spring, InStyle invited RBils to contribute to the magazine by answering readers most troubling fashion dilemmas.  So if you’re still wondering ‘What to wear?’ just as RBils.

Look for RBils next on the cover of the November 2009 Lucky and on theatre screens in New York, I Love You.


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If I Were a Boy…I'd be Julian Casablancas (for a day).

Band of my life: Love The Strokes

Band of my life: Love The Strokes

Yesterday I was streaming The Strokes, my favourite band in the universe.  Even though they don’t have many albums under their belt and they aren’t selling out stadiums, I love them in a crazytown kind of way.  If I’m feeling blue I just crank up the indie rock and all my sorrows melt away.  The album of my life is Room on Fire which I listen to on repeat.  Every song is killer.  I saw them a few years ago at Ricoh Coliseum and they had even the most jaded of hipsters get up and dance.  Julian came on stage in a white leather fringe jacket and skinny pants.  Love it.  The story of The Strokes is kind of funny – they are trustfund rockers (of course) and met in private school growing up in New York.  Do you die?

Jules ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Jules ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Although I enjoy all of the band members, my personal fave is lead singer and songwriter Julian Casablancas.  Fun facts:  Jules to his friends (don’t you love this nickname?) is the son of John Casablancas, the modelling agency founder of Elite and a Danish model/former Miss Denmark, Jeannette Christensen.  It figures that he formed a band because models date rockstars.  Full circle.  Anyhoo, Julian sing-speaks with a raspy, sleepy druggie, kind of Leonard Cohen/Lou Reed drawl.  He is releasing his solo debut on October 20th, 2009 called Phrazes for the Young.

Here are some of my top picks:

  • Someday – The Strokes
  • Whatever Happened – The Strokes
  • Reptilia – The Strokes
  • Between Love & Hate – The Strokes
  • Modern Girls – The Strokes f. Regina Spektor
  • Walk on the Wild Side (Lou Reed cover) – The Strokes
  • You Only Live Once – The Strokes
  • My Drive Thru – Santogold f. Pharell & Julian

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Retro Muses & Rock n' Roll

Musicians have enviable style.  Perhaps it’s the explosion of creativity that creates both an enigmatic stage persona and a confident trendsetter who pushes the envelope.  Great style is timeless and we can learn a lot from our musical goddesses.

In my late teens, I had a very retro phase where I was obsessed with playing Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ on repeat full blast.  (My poor neighbours).  Blondie was hottt – platinum blonde hair, red glossy lipstick and sultry voice.  She thrashed on stage working her one-shoulder jersey dress or tight rocker skinny pants & black patent stilettos.  I had a favourite pair of “Blondie pants” that I found in a vintage store Black Market – they were tight, wet-look black spandex stretch (the kind Olivia Newton wore in the final carnival scene of Grease) straight outta 1978.  Even though I wasn’t a rocker per se, the pants always evoked the same response, “WTF are you wearing?”  Haha.  Catholic school on a Civie’s day.  So misunderstood.

  • Blondie Tunes:  The Tide is High, Rapture, Call Me
  • Modern Blondie After Dark:  Lurex tights from American Apparel paired with a one-shoulder tunic mini, fierce patent statement shoes, red lipstick
Rocker style: Don't mess with Blondie.  She'll F you up.

Rocker style: Don't mess with Blondie. She'll F you up.

The only disco diva in my books is Donna Summer.  I could sing any of her songs at karaoke.  Literally.  D-Sum epitomizes the glitz and drama that is Studio 54.  On a visit to New York, my travel partner in crime  T and I used the classic ‘Bad Girls’ (toot! toot! ahh! beep! beep!) as our theme song.  Dresses with spaghetti straps and layered chiffon ruffles that makes you want to twirl on the dancefloor under the mirror ball is totally Donna.  Or any piece that looks as though you accidentally swallowed a bag of sequins and then threw up on yourself.  It has to be over the top glamour!

  • Donna Summer Tunes:  Last Dance (last chance for looooove), Dim All the Lights, I Feel Love
  • Modern Donna in the Spotlight:  Harem pant jumpsuit with sequin appliques and gold strappy sandals.
Dramatically Disco: Donna shows you love & a lotta leg

Dramatically Disco: Donna shows you love & a lotta leg

And an extremely influential bohemian influence for me in the mid-90’s is none other than French pop chanteuse/actress and Mrs. Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis.  I must point out however that I do not love her now but Vanessa during a very specific time period in 1992/93 – when she was appearing in Coco Chanel commercials as the little birdy and appearing topless except for brown suede bell bottoms in French Vogue (as Lenny Kravitz’s love interest/muse).  At the time, it was virtually impossible to get her music on tape but now it’s obsolete unless I dig up my ghettoblaster.  My besties A & D and I used to recreate her look by wearing crochet tops, suede mini skirts matched with platform boots from John Fluevog and parting our hair in the middle (key!).

  • Vanessa Paradis Songs:  Be My Baby (How do you resist her as she sings in the empty swimming pool? If you have no idea what I am talking about, can you please You Tube this video to fully appreciate the reference. That good! I swear.), Natural High, Le Mosquito
  • Modern Vanessa Day Look for Portobello Market:  What would Summer Roberts wear?  Slouchy suede boots, prairie dress mini, furry vest and guitar (optional).
Boho Paradis: Vanessa seduces you while sipping a Coke

Boho Paradis: Vanessa seduces you while sipping a Coke


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