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A Toast To The New Year

Can you blame me for taking out my party dress? My NYE outfit ressembled this Hawks by Geren Ford Bustier Dress. It was a big hit.

My plans for the New Year were non-committal at best.  I had been sitting on the fence of staying in or partying all night long.  For me, there are rarely in-betweens.  It’s all or nothing.  The most persuasive reasons for me to venture out were a) my rolling rack of pouffy party dresses (of which I have an abundance) and b) my overwhelming desire to celebrate the coming New Year.  In numerology, it doesn’t get more auspicious than 01/01/11.  Plus, I am a bohogi (boho, bogi, yogi fusion — lover of all things bohemian, worldly pleasures and yogi spirituality) and I believe in ‘carpe diem’!  Live for the day!

Finding myself at an impromptu dinner party hostessed by my roomie, followed by drinks and dancing at Berber (49 Front Street East),  I was glad to have made the decision to galavant among close friends.  As the crowd counted down to midnight, Silican kisses in hand, we made a cheers for the hopes and dreams to the new year.  We shook our hips to the saucy pop cabaret stylings of Susana Da Camara (you had me at sequins and red opera gloves, then you skipped across the dancefloor and so began my girl-crush) and mingled with her friendly and dapper suited band members.   

Before we took our dip into the shame spiral, we took a few moments to lament our inspirations for 2011 over Sour Apple Martinis.  In a pay it forward tribute to each friend, we took turns toasting in a circular fashion.  The best way to cover your bases is love, hopes and dreams.  For example,  “Dear bestie, I hope you find the love of your life.  I wish you best of success in acquiring that much deserved promotion and I hope you take up salsa classes because you keep talking about it.”

And my toast to you:  “Dear readers of the LC, I wish you every happiness, that you find passion and joy in all that you do, that you receive in the abundance that you give, find love, be loved and manifest all your dreams into being in 2011.” 

Middle Eastern Nights at Berber. Not Bieber. My Morrocan survival skills include bellydancing, making that arabic noise equivalent to the spanish ay-ay-ay and snake charming.


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She’s In Fashion

There is this very delicious Suede brit pop song circa 1999 titledShe’s In Fashion that makes me want to bop around my room trying on clothes and dancing.  I mean, isn’t that what you do in the privacy of your bedroom when a really good tune comes on?  Let’s live in truth…together.  On a sidenote:  Back in my teens, I used to crush madly for Suede’s lead singer, Brett Anderson.  I loved him in all his gangly glory, but manorexics don’t age well.  There’s a rule that as you get older, you have to choose your face or your @ss.  Truly, you can only love manorexics in their prime. 

The Brett of my youth. I won't attach an 'After' pic because it's far too depressing.

I really fell off the party bandwagon this December (sadness, whoa-whoa-whoa…) but I am optimistic for a full recovery in January.  Plus, I am extremely enthused to jump start the New Year.  The year 2011 feels very fortuitous.  Here are my party-girl picks that I think will have people giving you the Manhattan Onceover and whispering, “She’s in fashion.”

My oh my: Alice + Olivia Priscilla dress combines my love of bustiers, feathers and a pouffy hem.

Channelling Blair Waldorf: While you need the confidence of a Blair to pull off the ridiculously oversize Susan Daniels headband, an evening out is a great excuse to go gi-normous.

Remember that Debbie Gibson song Electric Youth? Like that but cobalt mascara from Buxom.

Nude Attitude: Topshop Chunky Chain Bag

Pump It Up: Steve Madden Glitter Heel


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We Like Canadian Music

There’s an eerie chill in Trinity Bellwoods Park.  While the occasional passerby still roams aimlessly within the dirt pathways, green grassy noles remain vacant where hipsters flood en masse to recline in their cuffed skinny jeans, ironic grunge and deck shoes sipping nonchalantly on their Tetra-pack wine.  I live among the hipsters and when they flock from their natural habitat, my spider tingles warn me something is afoot (similar to birds swooping low in the sky warning of an impending storm).  I googled city events this weekend to discover there is an Arcade Fire concert on the Toronto Island.  Alas, that is where they will be.  I feel better knowing they will be back next weekend.

In celebration of my fine sleuth work, here are some domestically made indie rock & pop songs to add to your summer playlist. 

  • Arcade Fire – No Cars Go, Rococo
  • City & Colour – Waiting…
  • Broken Social Scene – Forced to Love, Romance to the Grave
  • Metric – Collect Call
  • Kaskade f. Dragonette – Fire Inside Your New Shoes

The White Squirrel of Trinity Bellwoods Park: stealth urban legend and worshipped mascot of hipsters in the Queen West West vicinity


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Hey, Hey, We’re The Monkees

My parents totally had this record and I played it over and over again. Serious obsession.

“And people say we monkey around.  But we’re too busy singing..  To put anybody down.”
– The Monkees Theme Song (Is this killing you, like it’s killing me?)

Lastnight, I had this dream that a young Davy Jones from The Monkees was serenading me with “Daydream Believer,” not in a romantic way, more in a consoling ‘don’t stress’ vibe.  Isn’t it strange to forget parts of your formative years, as they fade deep into your memory?  When I was growing up, repeats of the popular 1966-68 television show would play during the daytime, procrastinating my playtime outdoors/swimming in order that I could enjoy the shenanigans of the crazy foursome. 

How could you not love these quirky faces? And the music! So what if sometimes the guitars weren't plugged in. Pop stars these days don't even sing.

The Monkees were a fabricated pop-rock band (in the vein of The Beatles) that starred in their own television show.  The series centered on four guys Mickey Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork and Davy Jones, who embroiled themselves in humourous, yet outlandish situations while trying to land gigs or play shows.  Much of the humour was very broad spliced with snippets of video montages of their songs (as each was a musician off the show and lent their vocals to the tracks).  They were perhaps the originators of music video, pre-MTV.

They rose to meteoric fame and the success onscreen also grew to popularity on tour.  In another reversal of life imitates art, imitates life, the line between show and reality began to blur, as the group fought for creative freedom to play their own musical instruments, to pen some of the songs and to direct the future of The Monkees.  Sadness. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

The show only lasted two years but The Monkees continues to influence pop culture with their many hit songs and comedic legacy.  I would die for this on DVD.  One of my fave songs  Last Train to Clarksville

I loved it when they wore co-ordinated outfits like this red, double bouton shirt with blue slacks, belted. Mike's tuque is his statement piece.

Monkees Psychedelic phase: I like how Mickey is wearing a caftan here and Peter is sporting some Indian style paisley.


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Bringing Back Paula Abdul, Cold Hearted Snake

"Ooh Ahh, look into his eyes! Ooh Ahh, he's been telling lies." Oh Paula of Forever Your Girl, wherefore art thee?

Walking along Queen West with my dance poppet I, we passed through many construction areas as many buildings are undergoing the makeover of re-gentrification.  I told him that the scaffolding reminds me of Paula Abdul’s ‘Cold Hearted Snake’ video, which for its time was extremely provocative.  Miss Paula circa ’80’s could do no wrong.  I mean, she was the Rihanna of the day, she dated Arsenio Hall, choreographed her own dance numbers and she was doing group ‘heavy breathing’ and ‘spirit fingers’ while Britney was still a Mouseketeer.  Everyone I knew had memorized the lyrics to every song on ‘Forever Your Girl.’  I played Straight Up and Opposites Attract over and over until I had to use a pencil to unwind my cassette tape.

On our next adventure to karaoke, I will definitely peer pressure gently influence my friends into singing this song.  I foresee the hipsters going craaazy.  Some styling cues that I will take from the 80’s and bring into modern 2010:

Gi-normous bow headband. If you're going to do Cold-Hearted Snake, you have to go ALL THE WAY authentic.

Free People East Meets West body-con dress. Great for extra limber Bob Fosse style choreography.

Patricia Field Spy Gloves. This is a great stage move: tipping your hat on the profile. The crowd will eat it up.

And now to relive the salty goodness that is Paula Abdul’s Cold-Hearted Snake, please click on the link below.  You will be singing it for days:  “He’s a lover boy by trade, He don’t play by rules, Ooh oh, Girl don’t play the fool now.” (After all these years, I still remember the words.  Oh deep engrained cellular memory!)  There are countless amazing moments in this video, you may have to watch it twice (gliding across the floor in knee pads, mesh top with tassles, Paula being lowered from the scaffolding, simulated sex positions, etc, etc).  Enjoy!

Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted Snake Video


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Music for Contemplation And Night Driving

Chillin' pop dylan at Sunnyside Beach. Just don't swim in it.

I used to live by the beach and on wonderful, vibrantly sunny days, I would perch myself on ‘my contemplation rock.’  There, I would listen to the crashing waves, take in the glow of the sun, read a book, listen to music or people watch.  The best contemplation music is moody, slow and of the emo-variety, the kind that would play in a Volkswagon commercial and tug at your heartstrings.  Some days I would scan the sand for flat rocks and skip them on the water a la Amelie.  And when I could tan no longer and I could feel the sting of sunburn was close at hand, I would have a refreshing pina colada on the patio served by hottt Greg.   

  • 7/4 Shoreline – Broken Social Scene
  • Gender Bombs – The Stills
  • Maps – Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
  • Pink Moon – Nick Drake
  • Heartbeats – Jose Gonzales
  • Soul Meets Body – Death Cab for Cutie
  • Phantom Limb – The Shins
  • I’m Good, I’m Gone – Friendly Fires (Lykke Li cover)
  • Beck_Pink Moon (Nick Drake Cover)

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