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Jai Ho Dance Sequence

Jamal & Latika dance their love: The Dip is a very impressive dance move. Trust.

The change in weather has put a serious damp on my inclination for socializing.  In the mood for nesting, I will periodically stay indoors in lieu of venturing out to the all-night dance party.  I had been putting off watching the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire for some time (confession: the trailer made me cry).  Once, coming home on a long-haul flight from London, I was suddenly woken from my slumber by the gentleman seated to my right.  A seemingly cool guy in his 40’s, clad in a black leather jacket, he was sobbing uncontrollably to the tune of A.R. Rahman’s Jai Ho (far superior to the Pussycat Doll collaboration).  He hurried to the washroom.  I assumed to dab his eyes and compose himself. 

The story set in Mumbai, India weaves the tale of poor chaiwallah (tea server) Jamal who emerges from the impoverished city slums to compete on the television show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’  Directed by Danny Boyle, the film is a gritty depiction of the hardships of the slums as well as an inspired love story.  I enjoyed it and somehow I managed to keep the teardrop tsunami at bay.  The film ends with a Bollywood style dance sequence – I would like to learn this choreography one day (just in case).

Watch it:  Slumdog Millionaire – Jai Ho Music Video 

Nicole Richie in a House of Harlow head dress. Part of the dance fun is the oufit.


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One Day by David Nicholls

One Day: Be Still My Heart (insert teardrop tsunami)

During the summer, I hungrily ravaged books as though I was reading to stay alive.  Speed reading is my blessing and my curse.  What can I say?  I love fiction.  I find it particularly intriguing that authors can scribe details of events, nuances of characters and deeply moving portrayals of relationships that cease to exist in the real world.  That in their hearts and minds, they can fabricate from imagination a moment in time that resonates with a reader.  You feel what they feel when they wrote it.  It’s poetic, non?

I picked up One Day by David Nicholls because of my voracious appetite for fiction.  I knew it was well lauded by critics and that they are in the process of making a movie version of it starring Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway.  The narrative of the book focuses on one day, July 15th, over the span of twenty years in the tumultuous, high and low relationship of friends Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley.  

Set in England, their lives take separate and converging paths beginning in 1988 as university students.  Dexter, the privileged ‘toff’ filled with carefree optimism and sexual charisma while Emma is the plucky heroine, intelligent, deprecating and unsure of how life will unfold.  Nicholls seemlessly connects characters and events with cultural touchstones of each era (nostalgia. sniff-sniff).  I am not an overly critical reader, however, rarely do I wax poetic about books.  I must say that I lovedx3 this book, though I must forewarn you of the impending teardrop waterfall.  The LC declares A MUST-READ. 

Mmm Boy in Glasses: Gratuitous James McAvoy shot in another David Nicholls book to film adaptation 'Starter for 10'


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Diversions With Mom

Often I like spending some QT (quality time) with my mother.  It’s always more enjoyable when we have some sort of diversion to offset the intrusive interrogation of one’s personal life (known as ‘the sMother’).  Very strategic of me.  The obvious choice is to take your mom shopping and perhaps to reap the benefits without your sisters in tow.  For example, Mom offers to buy you clothes or shoes but only if you promise not to tell your sister.  At first, you counter ‘no,’ finally buckling to pressure and graciously accepting her plea.

I have one of these mothers that insists that she doesn’t need much.  That a haircut at the salon or a massage at the spa is over indulgent and a waste of money, but when she experiences such a treat, requests that a repeat appointment be made.  Hence, I think it’s important to make plans with mom that she wouldn’t otherwise do for herself or by herself.  Moms need to be spoiled outside of Mother’s Day too. Helloooooo.

Body Blitz: Sit in a giant hot tub with your mom, except try to go on a weekday since it's much quieter.

For special occasions, you can take her for little sandwiches and high tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel. Very girly.

My mom is begging me to watch Nanny McPhee Returns. Go with Emma Thompson and PG-rated. By accident I watched Match Point with her. It was so embarrassing when Jonathan Rhys Meyers ripped off Scarlett Johansen's top in a sex scene. Awk-ward!


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Cottage Essentials

It’s warming up and it’s almost long weekend which means that the city will empty out from Friday to Sunday.  Those of us lucky enough to have a cottage (or in my case, to have befriended a friend with one) will flock up North to seek some nature, a fresh water lake to swim in and relaxation from the daily grind.  Is it just me or do you get really sleepy when you get to Muskoka?   

Some cottage essentials for your packing pleasure…

Cobalt blue Juicy ruffle bandeau bikini. How sweet are these bottoms?

A Bandeau Bikini – Did you know that the two piece was named after Bikini Atoll, a place where they used to test bombs back in the 1960’s?  It was named as such because of its effect on the opposite sex.  Bam! Does this kill you like it kills me?  Unless you are going co-ed, there’s no one in the woods to impress except the ducks and occasional beaver.  A bandeau is always a good choice to avoid tan lines while canoe-ing a la Pocahontas

Peekabo one shoulder: Alternative Apparel Flashdance fleece sweatshirt

Quintessential Hoodie – The best hoodies are the softest worn-in cotton in a zip up or pullover style.  The instant you put them on, you are immediately relaxed.  Kind of like you just lay down on the couch with a giant mug of warm cider, fire roaring on a chilly evening.  Sigh.  Leisure clothes should definitely put you in a relaxed state of mind.

Wayback Rentals – Up North, the selection of movie rentals at the corner store/grocery/video-flicks is rather limited.  VHS, anyone? Why not bring a few classics with a camping theme such as Troop Beverly Hills (what a thrill!), Meatballs, Blair Witch Project or The Evil Dead.  If you are a prankster, you can leave a trail of stick figures around the cottage to spook your friends.  “OMG….Blair Witch!!”

Troop Bev Hills: Shelley Long dresses up her look by rocking a serious turquoise statement necklace and Navajo feather head dress.

S’Mores – You haven’t really cottaged until you’ve had s’mores.  Bring some graham crackers, a Cadbury chocolate bar, marshmallows, find some long twigs, have the most MacGyver of your group build a campfire and it’s the best dessert to enjoy while listening to the crackle of logs and laughing with friends.

The main reason I love canoe-ing so much: Channelling Pocahontas


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In The Mood for Romance

I mean, Romantic Literature of course.  As a youth, I had challenged myself to read as many classics as humanly possible.  Some I grew tired of rather quickly (Wings of the Dove, Vanity Fair) while others I breezed through quite rapidly (Jane Eyre, Sense & Sensibility). 

The BBC has done many faithful adaptations on film.  You will need a weekend of laying on your Ektorp, with a cup of tea, some popcorn and a few boxes of Kleenex for your teardrop waterfalls.  Here are two of my favourites:

Awk-waaard: Lizzie and Darcy meet on the grounds of Pemberly. For the times, he's practically in his underwear.

Pride & Prejudice – The classic tale by Jane Austen of the Bennett girls quest to find proper husbands in English society without fortune or social connections.  Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett and Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.  Why did Keira Knightly bother? There is no comparison!  I could watch this over and over again.  Fun fact: They dated in real life so the chemistry is there.

Pride & Prejudice – Episode 1

How pretty are these girls? You would swoon for them too if you were a rich English bloke.

The Buccaneers – Another BBC period piece from Edith Wharton, young American girls take on England for a London season (of course to find husbands).  While this book does not have a fairy tale ending for all of our heroines, the common themes of love, wealth and society abound.  While everyone knows how amazing P&P is, this series also circa 1995 is completely underrated.  I absolutely adore a young Carla Gugino in this.  Get ready: It’s a tearjerker. 

The Buccaneers – A trailer from YouTube


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A Refresher on Statement Shoes

Carrie's shoes always do the talking. Denim studded Loub's. You die.

This weekend gaggles of women and their gays clamoured into poorly ventilated theatres to watch the shenanigans of the fabulous foursome of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.  Even as a fan of the original series, I must say that SATC2 was low on substance, enjoyable enough but definitely charged with high-style.  It’s a must-see for all fashionistahs because of the amazing clothes and shoes. 

Admittedly, I was giving many women the ‘Manhattan Onceover’  not to be mean but to fully appreciate their fashion choice from head to toe.  To my utter disappointment, there were very few Statement Shoes in attendance.  I was totally prepared to stop a random to squeal, “your shoes are sooo cuuuute!”  I believe compliments were meant to be shared.  And vice versa, nasty thoughts should be buried deep in the backyard beside your first pet hamster.

Lovely shoes are the ultimate finishing touch.  With great shoes on, you are more likely to sash-ay chantay down the sidewalk and turn the corner with a fierce stomp and swagger.  Very Naomi Campbell or RuPaul.  For me this summer, I choose caramel leather gladiator t-straps with a high wooden heel.  My friend G appeared in her boho fashionistah chiffon maxi with similar black and blush pink leather stiletto gladiators.  We were on a mind-path. 

Another interesting option is to explore the wovens such as the birdcage bootie, a hybrid of the classic weave in the form of a peeptoe boot.  Have you ever thought of purchasing sandals with cutouts reminiscent of laticework?  They look so pretty in metallic leathers (silver or gold) which is delicious with a tan.  If all else fails, pop your look with a mega-watt bright colour.   

Boutique 9 Demi Wedge in Silver Metallic

Another reason to love Ms. Richie: House of Harlow Snake Trimmed Heel

This is less preppy, more SEX-y: Tory Burch Ankle Cuff Sandal

Summer Vernis: Nouvelle Vague, Riviera & Mistral will look so sweet on your sandal toes.

If you are in search of an in-depth dissertation on what makes a statement shoe, please take a refresher by reading Statement Shoes: The Medium Is The Message.


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