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Chuck Bass Is A Sexy MF

Regularly on the LC, I don’t like to use expletives because I’m a lady.  But Chuck Bass is worth it.  Insert girlish giggle.  

Lately, the Tuesday watercooler talk amongst fashionistahs is how hotttx3 Chuck Bass is looking these days on Gossip Girl.  Recently we watched the Season 1 pilot and if you calibrate the current three piece suit wearing, suspender sporting, barely legal Chuck to the highschool peacoat jacket, Jonas Brother hairdo there is no comparison.  For you LC followers that have yet to fall head over heels, allow me to gently influence you and finish with convincing, closing arguments. 

5.  Skinny wrists – Everyone who knows me, knows I like them skinny.  I realize I talked about manorexia before but there is something to be said about guys on the leaner side.  I once dated a hipster who said he drank vodka sodas only because there were fewer calories.  Hahaha.  Kind of like reduced fat bacon.  It’s just better.  Not that I eat bacon.

Boys born in the 80's are SO cute. B/W check in GQ.

Boys born in the 80's are SO cute. B/W check in GQ.

4.  Wall Street Style – It’s quite enjoyable that the hairstylists have decided to retire Chuck Bass’ Dep hair gel, don’t you think?  This polished haircut is showing off his chiselled bone structure and faux glow to a great affect.  I’ve never seen anyone else pull off the yellow tie with red suspenders and a charcoal suit so well.  And this is including Michael Douglas.  As far as accessories go, although Godfather-esque, Chuck Bass might successfully bring back the pinkie ring.

This outfit screams, "Generational Wealth & Trustfund."

This outfit screams, "Generational Wealth & Trustfund."

3.  British Accent in Real Life – Smooth, smutty, smarmy voice aside, Ed Westwick who plays Chuck has a Brit accent in real life.  You can close your eyes and listen to him say,”blah, blah, blah” and it’s still hotttx3.

2.  Come Hither Eyes – OMG, stop undressing me with your eyes.  I mean, okay, go ahead.

1.  KB Animal – As any other GG fan, I live for Blair and Chuck.  They have craaaazy sexual chemistry together.  Even though they’re just acting, he looks like he would be really skilled at KB-ing.  I think part of his appeal is his Bad Boy image.  Schwartzie has been throwing in a lot of kissing scenes lately.  He knows what the ladies want.

The best kind of KB-ing involves 1) Chuck Bass and 2) Presents in both hands.

The best kind of KB-ing involves 1) Chuck Bass and 2) Presents in both hands.

And in conclusion,  Chuck Bass is the kind of guy you might not date in real life because he’s like a vice you can’t shake, the monkey on your back, the dark secret you should have left in Tijuana. You know he’s bad for you but you just can’t help yourself.  Why not take the shame away by enjoying this guilty pleasure with your friends.  He’s only celluloid. 

I rest my case.  Obsess weekly


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Hottt KB Band Alert: The xx

Generally, I would file bands under Cute Band Alert (as a Sassy magazine reference) but omg, take a listen to this up and coming band out of London and you’ll soon understand why the group requires their own classification. 

Yes, I know hot only has one t but it’s that good it requires the extra t’s for emphasis.  And the KB, well it’s an acronym which means Kissing Bandit.  It can be used as both a noun and a verb.  For example, “That girl always ends up KB-ing in a shady corner of VIP.” (verb) or “When she got married, she put her KB crown into early retirement.” (noun)

Anyhoo, back to The xx – they are a teenage quartet out of London, comprised of two gals and two boys (all hipster).  They make the kind of sexy dream pop, with oozy intertwined vocals that Gossip Girl would use as Chuck rips off Blair’s clothes in a seduction scene.  The lead singers Romy & Oliver have an interesting talk and sing back style which is like two lovers duelling in a song. 

Dim the lights and look for someone to KB with before you turn on the music… 

  • Do You Mind?
  • Stars
  • Teardrops
  • Heart Skipped a Beat
  • Islands
  • Hottt Like Fire (extra t’s my special touch)

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"She is my Style Icon."

Last fall, as I prepared to visit my friend in jolly England, I wondered what the fashionable british birds were wearing down the cobblestone lanes of London.  I asked my friend A and she sent me a link to a fashion blog, “Alexa Chung is my style icon.”  “Who the heck is Alexa Chung?”, I asked.   She balked at this response and pasted a collage of clip art into an e-mail so I could fully appreciate her style icon. Miss Chung is England’s hottest It Girl/TV presenter (this is what they call tv show hosts or VJ’s), dates the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys (everyone needs a rockstar boyfriend) and has recently transplanted to New York City to host her own MTV show “It’s On”.  From her outfit selections, I think she is the Brit answer to Kiki Dunst (pre-rehab). I would classify her style as quirky understated cool.


Alexa Chung, Brit style import

Alexa Chung, Brit style import

As a fun surprise, A arranged for a Style Advisor at Topshop to pull a rolling rack of clothes and shoes based on my lifestyle needs (“I’m very social. I like to dress up.”).  When asked whose style I could identify with most, I said “I love Rachel Bilson”  who is petite, wears a blend of vintage and young designers (Philip Lim or Zac Posen).  She’s trendy but not over the top and wears a variety of bright colours.  Key pieces were vintage dresses, chiffon prints and statement shoes.  I adored hot, hot, pink platforms with 6 gi-normous bows and I did marinate on them for a prolonged period of time.  But alas, they were not meant to be mine – the platform was higher than five inches (no exaggeration) and I deemed them too “crazytown” for North American tastes (basically they would get lost in translation).

Rachel Bilson

Well played R-Bils. Printed mini dress with camel gladiator sandals

In a last ditch effort to save the Shoe portion of my style spree, we made our way to the very busy shoe section.  A gasps, “Ohhhmigawwwd!”  Who was standing there, all legs, amid the hooker boots?  It’s her style icon – Alexa Chung!  As a favour, I asked her if she wanted me to bump into her ‘by accident’ and strike up a random conversation on shoes.  She replied no because she would have died of embarrassment or turned beet red.  

And since I believe the universe is all about reciprocity, when A arrives in Toronto this October for a visit, I believe we will likely bump elbows with R-Bils in the shoe section of Holt Renfrew.  Full circle.


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Tea for Two or Two for Tea…

If someone asked me, I would say I’m a coffee in the morning gal, tea in the afternoon.  While tea has always been a big hit with the British, it’s getting pretty trendy in North America.  Teashops are popping up everywhere in posh neighbourhoods and different varieties of loose leaf and artisanal blooming teas are becoming widely available in grocery stores.

Last summer, I took a two day intensive  Tea Workshop at The Tea Emporium in uptown Toronto.  Super nerdy, I often asked, “Is this going to be on the quiz later?”  Here are the funnest grains of wisdom that I learned from my time in tea la-la land.

  • Tea is made from the tea plant, Camellia Sinensus.  Herbal teas are known as tisanes because they are not derived from this plant.
  • There are white, green, oolong, black and puh erh teas.  These all differ based on their drying and fermenting process. Warning:  True tea enthusiasts will slap you if you think you can drink White Tea in Lipton tea bag.
  • Afternoon Tea with petit fours and sandwiches originated with the (pre-socialite) Duchess of Bedford, who would stave off hunger pangs prior to dinner by receiving guests with tea and cakes, followed by walks in the fields.  
  • While the concept of High Tea conjurs up images of Blair Waldor drinking tea pinkie up at the Ritz, its origins lie with the common folk who used the term to describe a heavy lunch consisting of copious amounts of meat and potatoes, with tea.
  • At Starbucks, you ask for chai tea, but translated this means “tea-tea.” In India, the tradition of tea sellers making tea on the side of the road still remains (called chaiwallahs).
As seen on The Fabulous Life: Pret-a-Portea @ The Berkeley, London.

As seen on The Fabulous Life: Pret-a-Portea @ The Berkeley, London.

The most ridiculous High Tea I have ever had the great luxury to enjoy was at The Berkeley in Knightsbridge, London.  They have a Pret-a-Portea where biscuits are fashioned into bikinis and tiny cakes are decorated like mini Chanel clutches.  The tea sommelier describes each as they are based on the Fall/Winter collections.  You can literally high tea for hours.


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