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Future Sounds Suitably Weird

Being a music enthusiast at an early age, I was obsessed with all things alternative, indie rock and was on a rampage to convert my little tween friends onto my love of avant-garde music.  Oh precocious youth.  At 12, I would blast The Sugarcubes in my bedroom, especially the Best Of/Remix tape which always made folding laundry a fun chore. 

When Bjork came out with her Solo cd, I coerced my little friends into going to the concert at The Opera House.  I told them they would really like this Icelandic singer because of her interesting vocals and melodic arrangements.  Past our bedtime, we snuck out went to the concert and scored great standing room spots by the front of the stage.  Nice hipsters made way and said, “Make room for the little kids to go up to the front.” Haha.  It was a great show and I could have literally tackled Bjork while she sang an acoustic version of “Human Behaviour.”  That up close and personal.

Bjork in her Swan Dress at dawn. She's an artist. Don't judge her.

Bjork in her Swan Dress at dawn. She's an artist. Don't judge her.

Bjork’s repertoire of music varies and her style morphs from album to album.  She is possibly one of the most progressive singer/songwriters – she delivers on an artistic, as well as emotional level when she creates her unique style of music.  Here are some of my favourite songs:

  • Walkabout – The Sugarcubes
  • Gold – The Sugarcubes
  • One Day
  • Come To Me
  • Hunter
  • Bachelorette
  • All Is Full of Love
  • Who Is It
  • Oceania

And if the futuristic sound of Bjork is up your alley, try some of these interestingly, dreamy tunes:

  • We Share Our Mother’s Health – The Knife
  • What Else Is There? – Royksopp

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If I Were a Boy…I'd be Julian Casablancas (for a day).

Band of my life: Love The Strokes

Band of my life: Love The Strokes

Yesterday I was streaming The Strokes, my favourite band in the universe.  Even though they don’t have many albums under their belt and they aren’t selling out stadiums, I love them in a crazytown kind of way.  If I’m feeling blue I just crank up the indie rock and all my sorrows melt away.  The album of my life is Room on Fire which I listen to on repeat.  Every song is killer.  I saw them a few years ago at Ricoh Coliseum and they had even the most jaded of hipsters get up and dance.  Julian came on stage in a white leather fringe jacket and skinny pants.  Love it.  The story of The Strokes is kind of funny – they are trustfund rockers (of course) and met in private school growing up in New York.  Do you die?

Jules ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Jules ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Although I enjoy all of the band members, my personal fave is lead singer and songwriter Julian Casablancas.  Fun facts:  Jules to his friends (don’t you love this nickname?) is the son of John Casablancas, the modelling agency founder of Elite and a Danish model/former Miss Denmark, Jeannette Christensen.  It figures that he formed a band because models date rockstars.  Full circle.  Anyhoo, Julian sing-speaks with a raspy, sleepy druggie, kind of Leonard Cohen/Lou Reed drawl.  He is releasing his solo debut on October 20th, 2009 called Phrazes for the Young.

Here are some of my top picks:

  • Someday – The Strokes
  • Whatever Happened – The Strokes
  • Reptilia – The Strokes
  • Between Love & Hate – The Strokes
  • Modern Girls – The Strokes f. Regina Spektor
  • Walk on the Wild Side (Lou Reed cover) – The Strokes
  • You Only Live Once – The Strokes
  • My Drive Thru – Santogold f. Pharell & Julian

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Musical Mashups. Can you dig it?

The other day I was listening to the radio and a duet came on.  A thought occurred to me: I really love it when two artists come together and sing different parts of a song or when musical genres collide to make a tune unique.  Perhaps the best kind are the unexpected combinations like hard rock and hip-hop or indie rock with electronica.  These are also perfect with a karaoke partner.  Just add liquid courage.

Here are a few that I think will put a smile on your face.  Some are sentimental favourites:

  • Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton – Islands In The Stream (Admit it.  You love it too)
  • Gwen Stefani & Eve – Let Me Blow Your Mind (such a fun and stylish video)
  • David Bowie & Queen – Under Pressure
  • Run DMC & Aerosmith – Walk This Way
  • MSTRKRFT – Anything they remix is killer! 
Aerosmith+Run DMC=Wild. This pic requires no commentary.

Aerosmith+Run DMC=Wild. This pic requires no commentary.


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Cute Bands Alert: Illinois & Matt Pond PA

I thought it would be cute to do a post on two bands named after American states.  Both Illinois and Matt Pond PA make the kind of music that would be perfect for the O.C. Scene:  Ryan defeated, hangs his head low as he contemplates a recent heartbreak on the Pier or flash to Marissa being overly dramatic while sitting at a lifeguard station drinking by herself.  It’s very ‘woe is me’ – heartfelt emo vocals backed by piano/instrumentals. 

Sound advice:  You better be in a good mood before you turn it on or you may end up eating your feelings.  Pass the Ben & Jerry’s.

  • Illinois – Alone Again
  • Illinois – Missing Piece
  • Matt Pond PA – First Light
  • Matt Pond PA – New Hampshire
  • Matt Pond PA – Holiday Road
  • Matt Pond PA – Canadian Song (I threw this one in for patriotic pride)

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Remixed for Hipsters

Most regular guys won’t dance.  It’s just not their bag.  They like to wallpaper the edge of a dancefloor, beer in hand, preferring their musical appreciation to be represented by a foot tap or an occasional head bop.  But hipster boys are another breed because they seem to overtake the dancefloor.  Perhaps their pants are so tight, they need to keep moving for fear of circulation loss in their legs.  This is hypothetical of course.  They really like Electronica or dancey indie rock and they like to show it.  These are my observations from concerts where I have witnessed such occurrences (see/ Hot Chip or The Strokes).

Here are more fine danceable ditties that I believe hipster boys will want to drop it like it’s hott.  These are educated predictions:

  • The Discovery (Vampire Weekend & Ra Ra Riot) – Orange Shirt
  • La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (Data Remix)
  • Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH – Crimewave
  • Digitalism – Taken Away (True Pseudo Remix)
  • Kings of Leon vs. Lykke Li – Knocked Up (Rodeo Mashup)
  • The Virgins – Love is Colder Than Death

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Cute Band Alert: The Killers

Deserving of Cute Band title: Indie rockers in blazers, skinny pants and Converse.  You're killing me.

Deserving of Cute Band title: Indie rockers in blazers, skinny pants and Converse. You're killing me.

I know what you’re saying… Everybody already knows The Killers unless you’ve been living under a rock (not that there’s anything wrong with that. No judging on LC.)  But we must love our old hats as much as we love our new.  I am obsessed with their first album, Hot Fuss and I will live in truth and say that I’m not nearly as infatuated with any of their more recent tunes.  “Are we human or are we dancers?” Um, we’re both.  It’s a bonus that indie-rocker Brandon Flowers is easy on the eyes (I always have had a thing for semi-adrogynous, skinny lead singers. See/ Brett Anderson from Suede circa 1992).

Nonetheless, The Killers brighten any sunny day, driving with your sunroof open and singing along:

  • Mr. Brightside (A Classic – my current ringtone) 
  • All These Things That I’ve Done (high karaoke sing-back potential)
  • Change Your Mind
  • Believe Me Natalie
  • For Reasons Unknown
  • Sweet Talk
  • Under the Gun
  • Glamourous Indie Rock n’ Roll
  • Sam’s Town (Abbey Road Version)

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