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Gossip Girl: When in Paris, Do As The French

Mademoiselle Leighton and Mademoiselle Blake have landed in gay Paris to begin filming Season 4 of our guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl.  The first stills preview amazing fashions from Monsieur Eric Daman, who kicks it up 10 notches every season.  And now it’s off the radar.  Let’s dissect shall we?  Apres-vous…

Besties B & S taking a stroll on a cobblestone street in designer duds. Ooh lala! C'est la vie.

Fashion Ratatouille – I am loving how Blair mixes two oversize prints of cherries in a halter and a parachute bubble skirt.  How do they achieve this hemline magic?  Small strings are affixed to the hem and a corresponding one midway up the skirt folds to tie.  It’s a variation on the bubble (which is highly underrated as far as I’m concerned).  Serena matches her sequin birdcage mini dress with a boyfriend blazer.  Girly + Menswear.  Well played ladies.

Munching on Macarons – These delectable treats are a french confection, a tiny puff cookie made from whipped meringue and filled with decadent cream.  Kind of like an Oreo, but waaaay better.  They come in a variety of flavours from raspberry and chocolat to green tea or rose; such yummy and beautiful fare be found in fancy patisseries such as Fauchon.

Known for their fashionistah packaging, Fauchon serves baked goods a la chi-chi. If you happen to be in Paris, can you grab me a box?

I’m on Vacay, Can’t You Tell? – Nothing says vacation like palazzo pants.  This outfit combination is killing me (in a good way).  I am adoring the unpredictable colour combination of peach high-waisted floods with a nude silk tank top and emerald green stone necklace.   A tan braided belt (a serious necessity in a wardrobe) and lady-like shoes finishes the look. 

Serena stops traffic in her peach palazzo. Have you ever noticed? European men are so forward. It's like they haven't seen a woman before.


July 5, 2010   2 Comments

Jewels of the Summer

Goodness Gracious: A lightweight way to make a statement, RJ Graziano Lucite Necklace

Gearing up for a jewellery (that’s jewelry for my readers south of the border) party that I am hostessing, I painted my fingernails an outrageous, iridescent blue green hue from OPI for Sephora called ‘Mermaid to Order.’  Blue is the colour of creativity, so I did this to bolster my creative juices.  haha.  Only half-kidding.

I have always been an accessory person.  If I happen to step out the door without at least one (earrings, bangle, necklace or ring), I feel a smidge naked.  Only recently did I discover my knack for making jewellery after pondering taking up an activity I might enjoy that combined my love of fashion and my crafty, nimble fingers.  There really is nothing better than digging through fabric rolls in archaic stores where one false move into the threads and buttons, and the shelves may topple on your head.  Danger.  Kind of like dating a bad boy.

Did someone say Bad Boy? Gratuitous shot of Chuck Bass & his fave accessory the pinky ring. Kiss it.

  • Lucite – Don’t be fooled people.  Lucite is a fancy way of saying plastic, however, it is a lightweight and less expensive alternative to crystal.  Clear lucite is all the rage for Spring/Summer and the best versions I have seen have been mixed with multi-strand gold chains, smokey matte or made into facetted chunky bracelets.  Lucite also comes in a variety of bold colours.  Don’t be shy.  Be daring and experimental since you won’t be paying a fortune. 
  • Petal Pusher –  We’re having a romantic season and nothing says it like a bouquet of roses or leaf motifs.  You will see the trend on enamel jewellery (painted and lacquered) or in the design of semi-precious stones bordered with rhinestones.  Lovely brooches fashioned out of gold metal or with filigree are extra sweet and dainty. 

Juicy Does it: Oh delicate cream flower with pave accent.


Ridiculous: BCBG enamel bird ring has invisible flowers on it, but you love it anyways.

  •  Pave –  Pave isn’t really a trend because it’s a style of setting usually associated with diamonds.  The design is achieved by taking tiny stones and embedding them into the metal.  This can be applied all over or as an accent; the end effect is radiantly sparkly. 

How I articulate how much I love these Starfish pave posts from Urban Outfitters: "Dude...Sweet." "Sweet...Dude."


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Portrait of a Shame Spiral: Jenny Humphrey

My favourite Lil J: Blonde flaxen hair, wispy bun, fitted blue trench with canary tights.

Shame Spiral really must be added to my Glossary & Acronyms section.  I love the term sooo much.  As the two words suggest, it is the action of succumbing to one’s own weakness and after acting on impulse, descending into a state of remorse or embarrassment.  In classic literature, it is commonly referred to as ‘the defeat of nature’ (see Thomas Hardy’s novel, Jude the Obscure). 

For our contemporary adaptation, it is KB-ing (kissing bandit) with that random on the dancefloor in front of work-people, accidentally spending your rent on Jimmy Choo’s two seconds later knocked off by a store in the mall (shopping shame spiral) or getting busted telling a web of lies or doing highly inappropriate things (sketchy shame spiral).  But we can’t judge shame spirals, because we’ve all been there and done that-ish.  Ours is a glass mansion, non?  And if we start throwing stones, we’re basically homeless. 

Breaking Love Rule #1: Guys are always the stalker and you are the stalkee. But you should never trust a girl with bad extensions. True!

It’s been a while since my last Gossip Girl post and well, I’ve been thinking, Jenny Humphrey Season 3 is the personification of ‘Shame Spiral.’  I do adore her TeenVogue-ness (love teenagers) and the weekly drama of her storyline – like how bad can Lil’ J get?  She started off sweet ingenue, however, her character is progressively getting darker, figuratively and literally.  She went from school girl prim and proper to slashed tights, black-rimmed eyes and vampy red lips.  She went from social climbing to secret agendas, dating a drug dealer (but in her defence, he was reallyx3 cute) to boyfriend stealing.  But we must give her a ‘Get out of Jail’ card because we were all there, having our own shame spirals, doing regrettably bad things in our teens, naively, blissfully unaware of our own ignorance.  Plus, it’s just celluloid and no real harm done. 

I leave you with a fun parting thought.  How excited are you for the Season Finale?  Like what is gonna happen with Chair (Chuck+Blair)? Oh Josh Schwartzie, worship you! 



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Sunshiney Days

OOC: Steve Madden interprets the Jelly in a D'Orsay Flat

As the warm sunshine filtered through my giant windows, I could barely keep still or focused.  Tiny rainbows appeared on my computer screen and light reflecting on a mosaic vase created luminous, glitter confetti on my walls like a disco ball.  My fingernails painted the sparkly shade of grape soda pop and blasting The Strokes as I worked (multi-tasking), I would have to periodically get to up stretch and do a mini dance to avoid exploding from too much energy.  This is my life.  Crazytown.   

Now that we are ever so close to Spring (yes!), here are some tips for making the most of the sunshine:

  • Take Care of Your Tootsies - Very soon, there will come a day where the temperatures rise above 20 degrees celsius and you will want to christen your new wedges or multi-strap gladiators that you ‘bought now to wear later’ in January.  But then you will look down at your unkempt toes and with your better judgement, you will decide otherwise.  Inside you will be crushed with pangs of ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda, didn’t’ and ‘Frick! I really wanted to wear my new shoes dammit.’  Don’t be that girl.  Instead, book a pedicure in advance and choose the richest, brightest most decadent nail polish on the shelf.  OPI for Sephora is giving us It’s Bouquet With Me (purple sparkles), Cover Me in Petals (hottt coral) and for the super-adventurous Leaf Him At the Altar (iridescent green). Then when you’re with your girlfriends, you can gently prod, “Wanna see my toes?”
  • Spring is in Bloom –  Romance your wardrobe with a few new pieces.  Bouquet brights are very IN – sandy corals, blush pinks, tulip shades and lavenders will have you skipping in the streets.  Trust. It’s colour therapy.  Why not try one of these fresh colours in a classic cut like a trench coat or a peplum jacket? If someone comments, ” Oh, you’re very colourful.”  Just respond, “I am colour.” 
  • Return of the Jelly? – I leave you with a parting thought:  Jelly shoes for adults?  How do you feel about this?  I think this is kind of fun.  I mean, I am really going to promote bringing skipping back this summer and it would be reallyx3 fun to do it in jellies.  What if one of them flies off mid-double dutch?  That’s pure comedy.  And I do recall having an impressively, extensive jelly shoe collection in a rainbow of colours.  My favourite pair was cobalt blue.

Perfect for Lily Van Der Woodsen: An understated Obi Jelly from Kate Spade

Hitting 2 trends (lucite & embellishment) with 1 pair of Stuart Weitzman Blingy Jellies


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In Search of Emo

Hipster Love: Rachel & Hayden...should really be Adam. Hellooooo!

A True Story:  The other day, I invited my dance poppet I to visit me for brunch, a bookstore perusal and a leisurely stroll along the Queen West West block.  Since I live in the Fashion & Design district, the streets are teeming with hipsters within a 10 mile radius.  I told my friend to wear skinny jeans to assimilate to his surroundings (like camouflage). haha.  When we passed another civilian male in skinny jeans, I assessed and compared the “tightness” by whether or not I could observe ankles.  I said, “If there was a war on skinny jeans, you would win that battle.”  Comedy ensued. 

The emo hipster is Seth Cohen on the O.C. or Serena Van Der Woodsen’s wannabe trustfund artist boyfriend (for 5 seconds) Aaron Rose on Gossip Girl.  It’s the starving artist at the local cafe writing on his iMac whilst sipping an espresso, the rocker sidling up to the bar at the Dakota ordering what’s on tap.  Is it life imitates art or the other way around?  Personally, I think hipsters are cute.  Generationally, we will always have an archetype of the free-spirited artist which represents a certain time and place.  The hipster is to now as hippies were to the seventies and beatniks were to the fifties.  Makes sense, non?

If I had to describe the hipster, I could break it down by wardrobe… 

  • The essential t-shirt – Deep V American Apparel t-shirt in the lightest weight organic cotton, displaying just the merest hint of chest hair.  You couldn’t consider yourself one if you don’t own it.  

"This old thing? I got it at American Apparel."

  • Facial accoutrements – Emo glasses, the dark rimmed, dramatic kind even for the non-visually impaired.  I suppose it’s a 1950’s homage to retro.  Your vision is perfect?  Dude, that’s lame!  Fake it until you make it.  And throw in some facial hair to complement the hobo look.
  • Lumberjack chic – The city has some rough terrain and no outfit is finished without a dash of a buffalo check, be it on a canvas sneaker or a fringed scarf casually wrapped just so.  When you see a trend stick for more than 3 seasons, it will likely endure. 

Kicking it hipster x 10: Buffalo check canvas runners. What??!


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Zippers, Grommets and Studs…Oh My!

Carrie's belt

Killing it! The Patricia Field stud cincher. Obsessed with Carrie's belt too?

Nothing makes me ‘ooh and ahh’ these days like accessories accented with zippers, grommets and studs.  There is something perversely dark and edgy about any of these details.  Perhaps it’s a hint of after-hours dominatrix mixed with punk rocker in a smokey, dilapidated Lower Manhattan dive bar.  Or maybe that’s just me.

While any of these styles can be pretty conventional as far as recycled fashion goes, the key to integrating ‘a trend’ into your look is to adapt it either subtlely or as a statement.  I prefer to go all the way…Volumes more fun.  And ask yourself, why have only a little fun, when you can have A LOT

  • Zippers – I’m not talking the fly on your jeans or the closure that keeps your wallet safe in your handbag, I mean using zippers as part of the aesthetic design.  I have seen wonderful interpretations of zippers strewn across tops haphazardly, bunched as fleurettes accenting a scoop neckline or even used to edge leather ruffles on a hobo bag.  The key here is that zippers are all form, no function. 
stud jimmy choo

Beloved by Rachel Bilson: Jimmy Choo studded booties.

  • Studs – I’m not talking about that vampire guy from Twilight or the head captain of the football team, I mean those silver or gold metallic buttons that add a special sparkle to clothing or accessories.  The most notable are the studs we are seeing all over birdcage stilettos and sexy boots.  Today, I saw the most beautiful leather opera gloves with tiny stud details and shiny, black patent with geometric studs.  My friend A got me a studded Giles top from London, fashioned into a the head of a tiger (sounds like an over the top extravaganza because it is).  It has a very interesting shiny, tactile quality and when asked to feel it, I respond, “See, See. No touch.”  That, or $5 please.  haha.
nine west birdcage

Nine West studded birdcage stiletto. A littles less in your face but a statement nonetheless!

  • Grommets – I have no witty analogy for this one.  While I do love grommets, I don’t feel nearly as passionate about them as I do studs.  What can I say?  I live in truth.  The best interpretation is on something completely unexpected such as these Coach lacquered wooden bangles.  The disproportionate size of the grommets is enhancing the enticement.   
coach grommet

Coach Grommet Bangle. So glamourous.

 To perfect your look, remember to smudge your smokey eyes and shake up your hair like you just don’t care.  Rock on!

taylor momsen

Taylor Momsen covering FASHION interpreting Madonna 'Like a Virgin'


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