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Lazy Sunday Afternoons

Pack the necessities: Wine, Brie and those Raincoast Crisps.

“Racey days.  Help me through the hopeless haze.  But my oh my…” – The Killers 

Sunday’s always begin with the best of intentions.  Especially when slight panels of sunshine peak through blinds in the early morning hours of the day.  But for those of us who entertained or decided to party into the wee hours of Saturday can attest, the day begins late and continues its onward crawl towards dusk.  Slow motion is the tone and lethargy is the beat.  On days such as these, it’s always best to let our minds and bodies rest and chill out as long as humanly possible.

On days when the climate soar above 15 degrees, the masses flood the streets to window shop, have a drink on the patio or if you are a hipster, invite your circle of friends to hang out on a grassy nole in Trinity Bellwoods Park.  Here couples lay side by side hoping to catch their first tan, friends bike along paths, the sporty play a friendly game of tennis or the young and restless chit-chat with their clique while pretending not to drink beer.

Sunday requires little effort but here are some ideas for a lazy afternoon at the park.  Why not roll out of bed and lay on a fresh lawn of grass, catch some Zzzz’s outdoors and get a tan while your at it? 

  • Air-conditionned Dressing – Putting a dress on requires the least amount of effort to achieve a fun, summer look.  Remember: with the warm weather comes crowded streets where one may likely bump into former crushes, ex-flames and random cute boys.  Even if you feel rotten inside (vampire recoiling in sunlight), you don’t have to look like death on the outside.  Cotton dresses are made from breathable material, look cool and feel casual.  A pop of bright colour or a mini floral looks great with a healthy dose of bronzer.

How adorable is this Free People coral baby doll dress? The tiny straw hat is very park appropriate too.


Lurving this Free People halter dress with subtle blue floral print. Bonus: it's belted and well accessorized with gold bangles.

  • Beat the Heat – Even though it’s not the same scorching heat you might find in Southeast Asia, it’s still important to preserve our youth and radiance by applying a coat of sunscreen, wearing a hat and sunglasses.  When a cool breeze blows, the sun’s rays can be deceptively strong.  Just say no to sunburn and tan lines. 

Reminds me of a flapper: This Genie Straw Cap is a unique alternative to the fedora.

  •  DIY Park Blanket Bingo – Call me crazy but I have lightweight blankets designated for park lounging with matching cushions that I made.  By far, the most dazzling designs I have seen come from fabric designer Amy Butler.  The kaleidoscope of rich colours and intricate patterns would look extra vibrant in the sunshine.  For those who can’t be bothered to customize their park blanket, I love the look and feel of faded cozy quilts or batik fabrics from Kensington market.  The smart park goers often use a cheap plastic tablecloth to lay under their blankets to avoid the dirt and grass. 

All that’s left is to lay down and chill-ax.  Ahhhh

Amy Buter fabric swatches can be found at MacDonald Faber or The Workroom in Toronto.


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Spring Trend Alert: Florals & Brights

Take a page out of Classic Carrie Bradshaw - Bright silk slip dress and belted!

It’s still cold outside.  Like parka and tuque wearing weather.  Teardrop.

Staring lovingly into my dress closet, there are so many cute floral frocks waiting ever so patiently to be strolled around with gladiator sandals.  I imagine, they must be sad in there.  My heart bleeds for them.  The stores are beginning to brighten up with painted tulip mini’s (a VERY underrated shape if I might add), fitted ruched sweetheart dresses and silky chiffon tunics.  I am very excited for Spring.  Are you?

What are the most striking takes on florals and brights?

  • Painted fabrics – There are a wonderful array of interpretations of floral that are more abstract like a Monet painting.  I love the look in a romantic transparent blouse or in a ruffle skirt.  To offset the pattern, wear with a solid colour found in the fabric of your floral print.  For chill evenings, find a long cardigan in a bright or a soft pashmina to complete your look. 
  • Mix & Match – Another way to update the hippie-dippy look of floral is to mix it with a stripe or other pattern.  This can be tricky but when done well, very French Vogue
  • Embellished floral –  Beware of florals that can look flat or monotone – these are a bit too boring for my liking.  Why not look for one with interesting patchwork design, perhaps a gilded trim and a dash of sequins (you know how I feel about sequins)? 
This dress is too cute. Free People does it again.

Free people is always great for boho-floral! They do it so well.


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Ubiquitous Lace

Lily working the hay in Chanel.

Growing up, whenever I read books and came upon words I could not understand, I would immediately look them up in my trusty dictionnary.  At one point in grade 4, I was very competitive at Spelling Bees, so I would skim the dictionnary trying to memorize as many 50 cent words as possible.  Somebody call the Nerd Brigade

One of my favourite words was ubiquitous which is just a fancy adjective to describe something that is ‘ found everywhere.’  This is how I’m feeling about Lace, as in everywhere I turn there is the most delicate lace embroidered on sweet cardigans, a black lace pattern adorning t-shirts or lace trimmed necklaces.  I do adore this trend which done right can be very beautiful.  The most stunning laces have intricate patterns – a Spanish lace often looks like little fans interwoven with scalloped edges.  Lace also look more romantic combined with other antique details such as pleated pastel fabrics in pale blush pinks or contrasting with black satin ribbons.  But don’t be afraid to mix and match with your favourite skinny jeans. 

Free People silvery lace dress layered with a hint of pink

She's Got Legs: Lace tights with rhinestones. Oh la la!


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