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Confession: I Am A Kardashian-aholic

Kardashian Mashup. I also enjoy shows with sisters. People always pick on Khloe when she's the voice of reason.

One day, I was having brunch with my good friend C and I was telling her that I had stayed up all night watching episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  She told me that I reminded her of Kim Kardashian, to which I was utterly flattered (“Really?! OMG, not like Vanessa Hudgens?”) because those girls are gorgeous (even though Kim’s initial claim to fame is a sex tape).  As far as guilty pleasures go, there is nothing like laying like a deadbeat on my mother’s sofa and watching a Kardashian marathon on the E! network.  I find socialites highly entertaining.   

The Kardashians also have a covetable high-fashion style – monochromatic black with pops of glitz (think sequins), heavy black eye makeup, smooth dark hair and those sky high platforms.  Let’s break it down shall we?

Black Dramatic Sexy Eyes – Reserve your black sexy eyes for evenings that begin after 11pm.  I know Kris Jenner loves hers for lunch but TRUST.  A camera crew and bright lights wash you out.  You are not on a reality show. 

  1. Cover both your lids with a few dabs of concealer followed by a light dust of powder.  This helps to keep colour in place.
  2. Using an eyeshadow brush cover the entire lid with a chocolate brown eye shadow.
  3. Line the top of the lashline and under the eye using a black eye pencil.
  4. Using an eyeshadow brush layer black eyeshadow all over the lid.  Using the black eyeshadow, apply more in the crease and outer eyelid creating an ombre effect.
  5. Take a finer shadow brush, dab in the chocolate shadow to blend and smudge the eyeliner.
  6. Finish with faux eyelashes or with two generous coats of black mascara.  Ta-da! Who can resist?

How pretty? Sooo pretty. A toned down version of the heavy smokey eye.

Some Kardashian styling cues to emulate:

A Kardashian would love the structured details of this LBD: Alice + Olivia 'Tatum' Sheath

Better than a disco-ball: Velvet Ombre Sequin Blazer breaks up all black.

Are those jewels on your booties or are you just happy to see me? Report Signature.


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Crochet is Waifs, Allure, 1994.

So fresh & exciting: DVF 2009 Spring Crochet

There is a Crochet revival going on.  While everyone is raging for the popularity of lace right now, it’s crochet that will arrive at the prom with her braces off, a pair of contacts in lieu of black frames, a pink tulle, sequin dress and totally hot.  Did you like my Pygmalion/She’s All That analogy?  She is the underdog of the Romantic movement and similar to lace, crochet is associated with the hippie aesthetic that is ever popular with us boho fashionistahs.

Remember how the fashion world went gaga for the waif? The rise of Kate Moss.

I believe crochet is a more difficult fashion undertaking as it can easily slip into granny doilie or look very unattractive in the wrong hue.  I feel extremely nostalgic towards crochet because it’s one of my favourite memories of my youth in 1994, the time when waifs usurped the supermodels, pale glossy lips were all the rage and grunge permeated high fashion (albeit briefly).  My besties A&D, ever the fashion-risk takers, unafraid to dress to the beat of their own drum, have always had a love affair with crochet with their tiny knit mini dresses and gogo boots, a look only these Alexa Chung/Milla Jovovich/Christy Turlington type of girls can pull off.

When selecting the right crochet, here are some rules to live by:

1.  White, Cream or Black – I am a big supporter of colour, however, nice crochet only comes in these colours.  I have seen it done in other hues but I invariably end up shaking my head.  Trust.

2.  Skin Is In – Crochet looks best when a hint of flesh peaks out.  Tighter weaves in nubbier yarns also appear chunky, hence, you might look like you’ve gained 20 lbs.  There are great spider weaves and interestingly intricate designs.  If you are more demure about showing it all off in your crochet, you can always wear a nude undergarment layered underneath. 

3. Work a Look – If you’re going to go crochet hippie, try it with a lovely middle part, some creamy chocolate eyeshadow and a delicate shade of nude lipgloss. 

For more on how the starlets wear their Crochet, check out Who What Wear’s Trend Report.   

Kissable Pale Lips: Gemma Covers Italian Vogue.


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Spring Trend Alert: Florals & Brights

Take a page out of Classic Carrie Bradshaw - Bright silk slip dress and belted!

It’s still cold outside.  Like parka and tuque wearing weather.  Teardrop.

Staring lovingly into my dress closet, there are so many cute floral frocks waiting ever so patiently to be strolled around with gladiator sandals.  I imagine, they must be sad in there.  My heart bleeds for them.  The stores are beginning to brighten up with painted tulip mini’s (a VERY underrated shape if I might add), fitted ruched sweetheart dresses and silky chiffon tunics.  I am very excited for Spring.  Are you?

What are the most striking takes on florals and brights?

  • Painted fabrics – There are a wonderful array of interpretations of floral that are more abstract like a Monet painting.  I love the look in a romantic transparent blouse or in a ruffle skirt.  To offset the pattern, wear with a solid colour found in the fabric of your floral print.  For chill evenings, find a long cardigan in a bright or a soft pashmina to complete your look. 
  • Mix & Match – Another way to update the hippie-dippy look of floral is to mix it with a stripe or other pattern.  This can be tricky but when done well, very French Vogue
  • Embellished floral –  Beware of florals that can look flat or monotone – these are a bit too boring for my liking.  Why not look for one with interesting patchwork design, perhaps a gilded trim and a dash of sequins (you know how I feel about sequins)? 
This dress is too cute. Free People does it again.

Free people is always great for boho-floral! They do it so well.


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Birds Of A Feather

The Bird is one of my power animals, specifically the Sparrow.  What is the significance of the sparrow?  Well, per the article Bird Totems on it is “a common song bird that reflects the significance of the common traits we share with others in humanity and life in general.”  For me they signify freedom and I have always had a fancy for flying a la Peter Pan.  Poetic.  No wonder I adore them.

Fascinated from childhood with these winged creatures, I like to splish-splash them on home decor, wear them on pendents and on my casual leisure hoodies.  Much as I try not to go overboard, it does illicit the same response from friends, “Obsessed much?” Or the occasional knowing glance and giggle when my eyes dart to anything birdie-style.

Here are some avian reasons why you should get down with our winged friends:

  • Shabby chic heavenly creatures – Everyone is veryx3 complimentary when they see my wrought iron sparrow bangle stand and matching wall hooks which dangle long beaded necklaces, charm pendants and vintage multi-chains.  Tres Anthropologie meets Chatelat.

Sparrows watching over your gold & silver.

  • Plumeria Chic – I like the vintage-y look of tiny birds screened onto the softest cotton tee’s.  I have also seen some adorable versions that appear like an artist’s sketch.  If you have to choose a stylish look that is bird inspired, most select the peacock because of its rich texture and gradient tone.  Few can resist the combination of turquoise, jade green, majestic gold and regal purple.  It’s a no brainer! 

DVF Peacock Mini Dress: Tiered ruffle, sweetheart neck, belted in peacock tones. Killing it on so many levels.

  • Hand-Crafted birdie – Felted little birds remind me of grandma knitting in front of a roaring fireplace sitting on a rocking chair in a muu-muu and oversize bootie slippers.  This is a figment of my imagination but it is a memory conjured up by these little felt friends.  Not sure what you would do with them but I love them nonetheless.

Felt birdie: Might be cuter than the real thing.


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