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"Dances with Poppets"

Dancing rates highly on the Top 5 list.  When I hear music, I just can’t stand still.  I have no shame.  I’m that girl that immediately hits the dancefloor even though it’s a virtual ghost town.  I have even been places where people were too shy to dance, and me being the only one, would have the spotlight shon on me as if I was on an episode of ‘Tiny Talent Time.’  But it’s always fun to get the party started by ripping up the dancefloor and slowly but surely people get into the groove too.  Yes!  Success!

My formative years were spent on the dancefloor.  At 14, my besties A, D, R and I would sneak out the basement window like heroines in a teen comedy and be picked up on a curb in a Honda Civic Hatchback.  We would go to all-night raves or warehouse parties with club kids and drag queens, returning home smelling of mischief.  We all had a passion for dancing and music as we embraced many varieties of dance from bellydancing, salsa, South American to tribal housey sashays and African. 

Here is a poo-poo platter of dance moves that I think you will find quite enjoyable next time you hit that dancefloor:

Vogue-ing:  Its origins lie in the 1970’s-80’s, named after the graceful and slick moves of models seen in Vogue. This dance style was popularized in gay Harlem, where divas would settle feuds on the dancefloor. OMG, do you die??!  Madonna made this dance style popular in her music video for Vogue.  My modern interpretation with my friends is to frame faces with my hands as if I was the photographer and they were my model or the peekaboo with my fingers. I am most inventive with A & D, as we have received countless free drinks from admirers of our library of vogue-ing moves.  We have Gospel, The Zhar, Funky Buddha, Africanism, the list goes on and on…

Go Madge! Strike a pose! Vogue.

Go Madge! Strike a pose! Vogue.

Dance Poppets:  Don’t you have one friend that is your ultimate dance partner?  I am going to take credit for fashioning my friend I into my personal dance poppet (hipster, vest wearing, skinny jean, Orlando Bloom hair sporting) no fear of comedy or dancing.  When we’re together on that dancefloor, forgeddaboutit.  We are spinning, dipping, lifting our little friends into the air as if they were dance props.  We get strangers to join in our madness.  It’s just plain OOC (out of control)! 

Dance Trance:  Last time I had a party, I slipped into a deep, dance trance.  Kind of like yogis after hours of meditation. I wouldn’t even say hello to friends because I was too busy daaancing.  No hugs.  No hellos.  You could come over and join my jubilee.  But we’re just dancing (singing along to music is permitted).  Blame it on the vodka seven’s.


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