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Hot Child in NYC

We drove into NYC as the July 4th fireworks lit the city skyline. Le sigh!

This blog post is alternatively titled “WWCD,” the acryonym broken down as ‘What Would Carrie Do?’ Get that on your very retro, 90’s throwback, nameplate gold necklace, why dontcha?  I love New York.  Do you love New York?  If you don’t, you should!  There is a frenetic energy that underscores the city, a dash of glamour punctuated with personality, heart and grit. 

Classic Carrie: Did you have a nameplate necklace too? I need to find mine...

OMG, do payphones still exist??! Carrie Bradshaw uses a payphone after throwing her cell into the ocean (rage shame spiral) SATC movie

All of my travels to New York are filled with wild adventure and enough sketchy tall tales to fill a screenplay in which incriminating names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. (Ahem, said film would be directed by Wes Anderson, young me played by Vanessa Hudgens, older me Thandie Newton).  While I would love to share all my secrets, my hair would deflate. 

Here are some fun places to see and be seen, that both Carrie and I quite enjoy….

The iconic Manolo Blahnik shoe. Love this blush satin version of the ones that Carrie left in her walk-in closet.

 Manolo Blahnik (31 West 54th Street) –  My friend C dragged me to the store in search of perfect wedding shoes.  Surprisingly, the store is in a tiny brick building (blink and you’ll miss it) with Manolo’s strewn about on ledges and divans like an Upper East side apartment of an aging socialite.  Apparently, the ladies of Manolo need to take a siesta between 2-3pm.  So make sure you go post-haste, guzzle your brunch Mimosa before they shoo-shoo you out of there.  If you are going to spend a wild fortune on shoes, you should languish in a chaise, take your time and try on high heels a la Cinderella.

BOHEMIAN: Free People gives me crochet and tassles for Summer 2012! I'll have a second helping of that.

Shopping in SoHo – I think this neighbourhood (SOuth of HOuston) in Lower Manhattan has such character with its cobblestone streets, funky boutiques, artsy galleries and cafes.  It is a tourist mecca on the weekends but more casual and chilled out on a weekday.  You can get your boho on at Free People or Madewell, max your credit card at the Bloomingdales shoe department, rock leather and lace at All Saints, run into Clinton & Stacy at Scoop NYC or stalk your fave Kardashian at DASH (mine is Khloe for laughs, Kourtney for clothes).

Madewell: Good enough for It/Hipster Poster Girl Alexa Chung.

Buddakan (75 9th Avenue) – This Chelsea supper club was in the engagement dinner scene of the SATC movie.  The Asian fusion menu is tapas style, perfect for sharing and reasonably priced…until your waiter starts free pouring the Grey Goose.  But it’s ok, you’ve had dinner so the hangover won’t be that bad.


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In Search of Inspiration…

A plethora of inspiration boards.

I like to think of myself as a renaissance woman.  Inspiration for me is everywhere but I do have an abundance of sources… 

On Fashion – Working in the industry, I am constantly surrounded by clothes and accessories.  Like a chocoholic in Serendipity.  I have many wonderful fashionistah friends who always have their own distinct personal style.  Brunch is never just brunch — it’s a lookbook.  Reading magazines (my faves are Harper’s Bazaar & Vogue) and fashion blogs will also keep you up to date on how to adapt a trend. 

Whoa gorgessity! Emma Stone covers July Vogue. As far as I'm concerned, it's the fashion bible.

On Beauty – The best resource for beauty is Allure.  I learned how to apply makeup from reading the tutorials, collecting books from Kevyn Aucoin and practicing on my friends.  I still beg them to let me before we go out; but they willingly oblige because I do a fierce smokey eye.  In my early 20’s I visited my first Sephora in Paris.  As you can imagine, the clouds parted, the rays of sunshine beamed down and angels sang ‘Alleluia.’  Then I entered, sprayed glitter in my friends’ hair, sampled eyeshadows and played with lipgloss for two hours.  A heavenly experience.

The glorious Sephora on Les Champs Elysees, Paris.

To Live Well – As a bohogi, it sounds cliche but I value every experience from having sangria with friends to afternoon walks in the park.  I love to travel and experience different cultures, so I constantly look at Conde Nast Traveller and dream of an exotic adventure.  I never know how or when I will get there, but I put it out there and make a plan to go.  The universe always delivers!   

Read more about finding inspiration on living well on BlogHer and don’t forget to enter the Life Well Lived Sweepstakes.

My absolutely favourite museum Caixa Forum in Madrid, Spain. They have installations, documentaries, live performances and an amazing gift shop.


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You Can Take The Girl Out of Miami…

Art Deco on Ocean Drive. Take cover at Waldorf Towers, Hotel Victor, Tides or any other boutique hotel that meets your fancy.

But you can’t take the Miami out of the girl.  You know what I love about fashion in South Florida?  That people are vibrant, tanned, and sport colours found on the feathers of a parakeet.  They are tropical caliente (hottt), they got it and they flaunt it. Oh yeahx3!

As we enjoyed a very late lunch at the Waldorf Towers on Ocean Drive (which serves delightful mussels in a white wine sauce and BOGO drinks during Happy Hour), torrential rain pounded to the thumping beat of Calvin Harris.  We pondered our Resort fashion choices that deter the attractions of the male species. This post is alternately titled, “fashion summer-y things I like to wear that have no appeal to guys whatsoever.”

Oversized Sunglasses – Why?  Because apparently oversize sunglasses can be deceiving and you can’t tell if a woman is really attractive until she takes them off.  Sorry boys, I only wear my oversize to the beach!  You will have to check out my other ass-ets.

Olsen Twins Do It Better! MK & Ash say go big or go home. Pruuuunes!

Loving the gradient hue of these Tom Ford Oversize Sunnies. For Sobe, I chose a mosaic tortoise shell DVF pair and my friend Jo went with a very retro pair of Vince Camuto gold rim aviators (channelling Johnny Depp).

R-r-r-ruffles (roll your R) – Dudes, I live for ruffles.  I don’t really get this one but I just want to say that ruffles are my lifestyle choice. Like if I’m going salsa dancing and you want to come with me, you better get down with those ruffles and shower me with compliments.  And when that Tito Puente song comes to a close, I nonchalantly wrap my left leg around your thigh, you better go in for the dip!  Crowd-pleaser.

The appropriately named Rebecca Taylor Cha Cha Dress.

Scarves Worn on your Head – I have been tying scarves on my head since I was a teenager and if it’s good enough for style icons Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn, your opinion doesn’t matter.  Once watching a performance on the steps of Notre Dame in Paris, a mime mocked my fashion choice.  “Um, you’re a mime.  Why are you talking?”  I like taking a vintage square scarf folding it in half to make a triangle and tying the ends to make a hankerchief on my head. 

Echo Sundial Scarf can be worn a la hipster or as I like it, on your head gypset style!

Too Taboo: Nicole Richie doesn't care what you have to say about her oversize sunnies or McQueen scarf.


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In Praise of The Fashionistah Adventuress, Met Gala 2012

Shake it out! You wish you were Florence Welch with her poise and regal Elizabethan good looks. She epitomizes fashionistah adventuress in this McQueen.

Every Spring, the fashionistahs flock to worship at the altar of Anna Wintour.  En masse, they come in droves to fete the designers and out ballgown each other at an annual event, The Met Gala.  The soiree marks the opening of the fashion exhibition of two Italian designers, Impossible Conversations: Elsa Schiaparelli and Muiccia Prada at the MOMA.  If you are in New York and a lover of fashion history, you should probably check it out.

Now back to the extravagance and audacity that is the Gala.  Best-dressed lists are subjective and my point of view is that these celebs chose to go a more adventurous route, the path less beaten, choices more playful and memorable in their selection, statements so individual, they seared into the fashionistah collective consciousness. 

Fashionistah Grain of Wisdom:  When selecting evening attire, you must wear the dress and not let the dress wear you.

My girlcrush Emma Stone unafraid to rock a red floral Lanvin mini. Red lipstick + red dress. Why? Why not?

Pow! January Jones punches you in the face with her vibrant yellow Versace. Love how she paired the architectural detail of her structured peplum with a turquoise Art Deco necklace.

Gwyneth tips off her figurative hat to Prada in this satin hi-low mini dress. Deceptively modest in the front, daring in the back!


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Spanish Things for Cinco de Mayo

My heart belongs somewhere in Andalucia and I have an affinity for anything related to Spanish culture – the food, the people, music and fashion.  While the celebration of Cinco de Mayo is based on a historical event (the battle of Pueblo Mexico), I thought it would be fun to give you a few creative ideas to celebrate. 

Forget Vicky Christina Barcelona. This is quintessential Penelope Cruz in Volver. You must. You REALLY must.

Ole! Wear something bright and preferably ruffled. Vanessa Hugens in a striking canary yellow gown at the Journey 2 premiere. Chiffon always makes one look & feel like a goddess.

Rise of the Espadrille! Loving the rope detail and the softest pastel blue of this Dolce Vita wedge sandal.

If you ever happen to find yourself in Spain, you must check out the distinctively national fashions of Almatrichi. Combining opulent fabrics, inspired by flamenco and tropical living, this line has the most beautiful dresses and flowy skirts.

Book a trip to Cabo San Lucas. I've been to Mexico a few times and I love the turquoise water, daytripping and the delicious food. I support your desire for travel!

And last but not least, perhaps you want to enjoy some Spanish cuisine whilst wishing upon that Super Moon — check out some Mexican dining options via BlogTO.


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Glamourous Vacations Only With Fun Friends

Blake Lively frolicks on the beach with her perfectly tousled blonde hair, silver tunic dress, legs up to there and gladiator sandals.

A friend once commented, “You are always taking glamourous vacations.”  To this I replied, “It’s glamourous vacations ONLY…with fun friends.”  Stay-cations are fine if you’re moving or you need an extended period of time to do monotonous errands, but I say book me the next airplane ticket out of here and it better include beach, ocean and caftans.

Not a fan of going North of 20th, but I might to hit that giant pool at the Fontainebleau. Oh yeahx3!

I am very excited to return to my stomping grounds, my Latino home away from home, South Beach.  Over the years, I have accumulated travel compulsions knowledge that have carried me many a Resort season.  If only real life could include higher levels of sun and fun, our troubles would melt away like the last ice cube in your salty margarita.  Here are some of those pearls of wisdom just in time for vacation season…

Apply a liberal coating of bronzer on thy legs before wearing bright short shorts: Free People Lace Shorts

Rise from the tides and brunch in this Nanette Lepore Marseilles Tunic. A sideways braid is the perfect way to get your salty ocean hair to chill out.

Espadrille meets Wedge in the Charles David Baja Sandal: The shoe that keeps on giving can be worn for more than a block. The perfect pair for an evening of Salsa or a day of shop-shop-shopping!

I am G-L-A-M-O-U-R: In order to have a glamourous vacation, you must channel your inner socialite. Dear heiress, try this watercolour Maggie London Maxi for size.


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