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Your Lips Are Distracting

Lipstick Makes a Comeback. Be not afraid. Be that girl at the party with the brightest lipstick, ever of all time.

Lately, I admit I have been reverting to my 90’s teenage heart.  Buried away like an amnesiac grasping for a memory, “Wait a second. Ohmigod, I remember…lipstick!  It looks so good on.”  For a decade, I put away my M.A.C. matte Viva Glam in favour of lipgloss or Chapstick.  But I have been enjoying a renaissance of sorts what with the off the charts ROC (return on compliment) that my pop-art fuschia lips have been inspiring from friends…and random strangers.  By the way, you know it’s a winning look when you get stopped by strangers.  Just take it and say ‘thank you.’

While I profess my love of M.A.C., I don’t think it’s necessary to splurge all the time on lipstick.  I mean, you also need money to fund your shoes and grocery.  You can find some lovely hues at the drugstore and like me, you won’t shed tears when you lose your favourite gloss or get it confiscated at the airport security.  Here are my Top Summer picks:

1. Coral Crush – I think that Coral is one of the most flattering hues to wear in Summer, what with your tan, white eyelet summer dress already going for you.  Whenever you wear a bright lipstick, I think it’s best to keep the rest of your makeup somewhat neutral with shades of taupes or browns and a gentle application of mascara.  

2. In the Mood for Nude –  Nude is sooooo 90’s matched with your M.A.C. Spice lipiner.  Ahhh, we were freshmen then.  Le sigh.  I love a nude lipstick with a baby pink undertone – this is very Edie Sedgwick circa Andy Warhol’s The Factory.  Looks amazing paired with a heavy handed smokey eye and dramatic swirl of cat-eye liquid eyeliner. Meow!

Nude done right: Is it just me or is Drew Barrymore getting more beautiful? Every time I see her in an ad, I want to buy CoverGirl. And she's my idol reforming a bad boy whose father was a CEO at Chanel.

3. Red Never Dies – My mom was trying to make me buy red lipstick today.  It is the classic go-to.  The key to red lipstick is first finding the hue that suits your complexion then practicing to achieve a perfect shape and applying enough coats so that the colour is opaque.  Here is a mini tutorial on how to get The Perfect Red Pout.  Special trick: If you have trouble lining your lips, start filling in your lips working your way out so you don’t line outside your natural lipline.  Ronald McDonald is a definite don’t.  Please be a DO!

Bet on red: I know I wax poetic about my girlcrush Emma Stone but girl can wear a red lipstick like no ones business. This image alone should make you stop what you're doing, get in the car and find a beauty consultant to test shades on your pout. Phew! Run-on sentence.


May 13, 2012   2 Comments

Glamourous Vacations Only With Fun Friends

Blake Lively frolicks on the beach with her perfectly tousled blonde hair, silver tunic dress, legs up to there and gladiator sandals.

A friend once commented, “You are always taking glamourous vacations.”  To this I replied, “It’s glamourous vacations ONLY…with fun friends.”  Stay-cations are fine if you’re moving or you need an extended period of time to do monotonous errands, but I say book me the next airplane ticket out of here and it better include beach, ocean and caftans.

Not a fan of going North of 20th, but I might to hit that giant pool at the Fontainebleau. Oh yeahx3!

I am very excited to return to my stomping grounds, my Latino home away from home, South Beach.  Over the years, I have accumulated travel compulsions knowledge that have carried me many a Resort season.  If only real life could include higher levels of sun and fun, our troubles would melt away like the last ice cube in your salty margarita.  Here are some of those pearls of wisdom just in time for vacation season…

Apply a liberal coating of bronzer on thy legs before wearing bright short shorts: Free People Lace Shorts

Rise from the tides and brunch in this Nanette Lepore Marseilles Tunic. A sideways braid is the perfect way to get your salty ocean hair to chill out.

Espadrille meets Wedge in the Charles David Baja Sandal: The shoe that keeps on giving can be worn for more than a block. The perfect pair for an evening of Salsa or a day of shop-shop-shopping!

I am G-L-A-M-O-U-R: In order to have a glamourous vacation, you must channel your inner socialite. Dear heiress, try this watercolour Maggie London Maxi for size.


April 15, 2012   1 Comment

Fascinating Fascinators, A “Make & Donate” Workshop For Corsage Project

Pastels will dominate: I never had Teen Vogue growing up. Just Vogue. Aging myself.

Dearies, in every attempt to be The Love Collage in real life, I like to give how I live, which means bohogi or bust!  Socials are my favourite way to meet readers and share some of my personal interests. 

A very FUN charity I am involved with is The Corsage Project - a volunteer-organization that helps graduating highschool women who are unable to afford the expense of Prom by outfitting them from head-to-toe with a prom dress, accessories and shoes.  Since its inception, the founders dreamed of being able to provide scholarships to outstanding individuals who are pursuing post-secondary education.  Every year, we have a huge Boutique Ball and it’s very exciting to be a part of movement of women who are helping their little sisters.  Fairy Godmothers for the next generation!  Girl power.

Every year, when I meet and talk with the volunteers, many are eager to help more because the experience is extremely moving.  I am excited to partner with Nathalie-Roze Fischer to bring you a crafternoon of prom, crafts and witty banter!

Fascinating Fascinators, a “Make & Donate” Workshop
Hostessed by Nathalie-Roze Fischer benefitting The Corsage Project 
Date: Sunday, April 15th, 2012
Time: 1-4pm
Place: Nathalie Roze Fischer
1015 Queen St East  
Toronto, ON
M4M 1K3
Follow her on Twitter: @NRandCo and @CorsageProject
Nathalie-Roze and I will be providing the supplies and snacks; participants can bring their favourite sewing needle, glue gun, any sequins, notions they would like to use during this crafternoon.  If anyone is interested in dropping off their donations, this funky boutique in Leslieville will be accepting donations of new purses, pashminas & prom accessories until April 15th, 2012.

There are 2 timeslots:  Group A/1PM  & Group B/2:30PM.  Please email to sign up for a timeslot as spaces are limited.  Beginners and sewing goddesses welcome – Don’t wait!  Don’t hesitate!

Go big or go home: Kate Middleton likes her feathers young, wild & free like a Wiz Khalifa track.

You're crazy wildcat: In High School Musical 3, my celluloid date to Prom is Zac Efron. And I am obviously played by Vanessa Hudgens. All that dancing and tulle looks like fun. Know of any good Proms worth crashing?

Do you remember being obsessed with the Prom Issue of Seventeen?


April 12, 2012   No Comments

Beauty Tools I Cannot Live Without

As a teenager, I would always steal my sister's pink pair.

I am obsessed with my eyebrows.  And I despise falling into strange lighting in an elevator only to catch glimpses of stray hairs that I have missed.  Ooh, it gets me so crazy.  The best on the market are Tweezerman Tweezers – an Allure fan favourite.  The slanted edges make plucking less ouch and its tiny size are great for travelling.

Do you believe in magic? Nars Bronzer Brush, cheaper than a spray tan or a trip to Mexico!

A little bronzer goes a long way, especially if you use a chubby bronzer brush.  I don’t have a particular favourite brand, however, I never leave home without bronzing up the apples of my cheeks, my nose, chin and slight brush all over (where natural sunlight hits your face).  Otherwise, I would look like an extra from The Walking Dead (ahem, a zombie if you didn’t get my pop culture reference).

MAC 219 Pencil Brush. Good enough for makeup artists and drag queens everywhere

If you are going to invest money in makeup brushes, I firmly believe that M.A.C. has the best ones out there.  Because I like to create sexy eyes on a daily basis, I swear by MAC 219 Pencil Brush.  After applying a pencil eyeliner to my top and bottom lashline,  I tap this brush gently into a chocolate eyeshadow and blend for a smokey effect.   

Be not afraid of Smokey Eye! Just beware, if you sport these to work, NOBODY will get any work done.

Read more on Fave Beauty Tools and be sure to enter BlogHer Life Well Lived Sweepstakes.


February 22, 2012   1 Comment

Fresh Picks: Seafoam and Mint

Did I mention I love precocious teenage Fashionistahs? Elle Fanning keeping it cool in Rodarte

My favourite flavour of gelato is Pistachio.  I like a refreshing brew of Mint tea in the afternoon.  I am partial to vacations by the ocean.  Why did I never think to incorporate any pale green into my wardrobe until the Pantone gurus declared it was THE COLOUR of the season?  To be honest, it’s a subliminal marketing thing – the colour gods choose the “it” trend colours, release it to the design world, they incorporate it into their collections, the editors pick it up, the buyers buy and presto:  You crave it like a tray of soft chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven!

Contrary to what the magazines are claiming, Mint is not an easy colour to wear.  Hold it up to your face and you may look like you’re about to vomit.  But for those of you who can pull off Cool Tones, I support you completely.  For the rest of us we can always merch(andise) it up and style it up with some accessories.  For you non-committal fashionistahs, try Essie in Turqoise & Caicos on your fingertips. 

With all trends, remember that they come and go.  Spend minimal on items that will update your wardrobe in season and choose to invest in classic pieces that will never go out of style.  Trust.

This Aqua cluster necklace in a subtle mint would look perfect with a soft cotton t or paired with a simple cocktail dress.

Delicious Botkier Valentina Satchel: Loving the gold hardware, convertible straps and vintage shape of this leather bag.

Appropriate for the Mediterranean: Cameron Diaz pairs a tan cinch belt with her mint shirt dress. Well played Cammie.


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For FALL, I Must Have…

Darlings, thanks for sticking out my blog drought.  It was a desert.  You were thirsty.  Your lips were cracking.  You really needed a hit of Chapstick.  For you, I present a tall glass of lemonade-vodka on the rocks with a tiny pink tiki umbrella and a pot of Kiehl’s lipbalm.  Ahhhh.  So much better right?

All of a sudden, my toes are freezing and I am most inclined to reach for my 20 denier tights than freeze my legs off.  What does it all mean?  It means we need to get serious about our Fall fashion.  Friday after all, is the official start to the season.  Take stock of your rolling rack and make a list.  It’s easy to get side-tracked when so many sumptuous cashmere sweaters are folded neatly on nesting tables and shiny baubles gleam from glass cases. 

Focus is key.  Here are some fall suggestions to get your MUST HAVE list going…

Nuzzle-nuzzle into your neckline: Stay cozy in this Michael Kors Faux Fur Neck Warmer

Every Fall, treat yourself to a brand new sweater. Try a classic cable knit, a loosely woven crochet or a felted woolen blanket style. Channel Stevie Nicks in this Free People Knit Poncho

Expand your animal print repertoire by getting your Snake on. Dolce Vita Sicily python flat lets your feet do the talking.

Trade in your cherry reds for gothic dark colours. Try any of these from the OPI Touring America collection - "I Brake for Manicures"...literally.


September 22, 2011   No Comments