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Why Love Collage?

I have always had a deep love for creative writing.  As a child, I disdained taking out novels from the library, opting for the comics or the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’.  But as I grew older, my knack for storytelling grew and like many people, I used a personal journal as a means of self expression, a cathartic way of dealing with issues and documenting personal triumphs.  I loved language and classic literature, the way an author’s careful selection of words combined with one’s imagination could transport you to a different time and place, in someone else’s shoes.  I secretly dreamed one day of being a writer like Jane Austen, bustled skirt and empire dress, taking introspective walks through English landscapes.  Then, I grew up and that dream slowly faded away.

Many of my friends encouraged me to write a book or even greeting cards based on my ability to write thoughtful letters or pen sentimental, yet comedic birthday messages. For as many encouragements towards this pursuit, I always convinced myself with more reasons to procrastinate.  Why?  For the same reasons every person who has a passion does not pursue it – a mix of fear and laziness.   

 After years of contemplation and no action, I finally gave way to my heart’s calling. I have decided to throw caution to the wind. Be damned fear and self criticism! I am putting it out there in the universe. 

I like to think of myself as a modern day Carrie Bradshaw (who doesn’t right?), a fashionistah with killer wit and a lot of heart. If my life was to be made into a movie, it would be categorized as dramedy, perhaps directed by Wes Anderson and styled by Patricia Field…but with less sex in the city (boo!).

 My life is a love collage – people, music, fashion, travel, dance, art, food, culture, creative expression… In these seemingly disconnected events and themes that weave through life that I feel that I am living to the fullest.  Hope that my love collage makes you laugh, sparks thought and brightens your day.