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Documentaries Are Better Than Fiction

Girls Night popcorn

Girls Night In: Slouchy 80’s sweatshirt – check. Chunky socks – check. Popcorn – check. Pants optional.

I was walking past a sandwich board for a comedy bar and it read, “Better than Netflix.”  Confession: My subscription to Netflix has contributed to my blogeress hiatus.  Thus, I should have limitless celluloid fodder on which to base many a post.  Nothing peaks my curiosity quite like a good documentary!  You too? Nerdy.

There’s just something about the human experience that gets me.  Oh yes, I am a private movie watching crier.

Brooklyn Castle – This documentary focuses on 5 unlikely young chess prodigies attending inner city junior high IS 318, a school recognized for winning the most national championships.  The story of these students is remarkable because it shows their passion in winning chess as a reflection in their personal determination to attain higher education and rise above circumstance.  A truly inspirational story about underdogs!

Brooklyn Castle

Brooklyn Castle is the bomb-diggity.

No Impact Man –  A NYC journalist, Colin Beaven and his family decide to reduce their environmental footprint by producing less waste, consuming less and eating local.  I found the premise to be an interesting social experiment and very entertaining to watch.  The wife goes on a shopping shame spiral before they embark on their year-long adventure and the husband deals with a public backlash as he publicizes his sustainable lifestyle.

Farmageddon, Vegucated & Food Inc. – Growing up, I was chowing down on chicken nuggets and porkchops.  I never thought I would be a mostly dairy and gluten-free vegetarian.  Last December, I went on detox (was already lacto-ovo by then) and became obsessed with food docs. These are eye opening exposes on food production (insert super-tear).  If you love ribs or chocolate milk, NEVER watch these movies or it will be like that time Neo took the red pill in the Matrix Trust.  But for you GOOPs, go right ahead.

The GOOP-meister Gwyneth Paltrow in a very cute heart sweater (ahem, ethically produced)



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