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Fashion Eastah, A Holiday for Fashionistahs

Blair & Serena matchy-matchy. I especially adore when you show up to an event wearing the same kind of outfit as your fashionistah bestie, "Nice lace dress!" Brainwave!

I am a naughty blogeress. Naughty x 3.  This hottt summer weather has been diverting my attention to galavanting as opposed to blogging.  What can I say?  I love heat & sunshine.

Around this time every Spring for more than a decade, my fashionistah friends and I celebrate an annual event known as Fashion Eastah.  On a road trip to Montreal, my bestie C was calling her boyfriend and due to poor reception, he misinterpreted what she was saying.  He responded, “Fashion Easter?  You girls have a holiday!?!!”  To which many a light bulb exploded simultaneously and we collectively gasped, “We TOTALLY should!”

The early origins of Fashion Eastah are mired in legends of Redbull vodkas, high heels, special edition mixed cd’s, elaborate fondant cakes baked in the shapes of shoes, riotous fashion trivia and after-hour late nights being twirled around by flaming gay boys to the techno-beat of a Killers Remix.  These days our Fashion Eastah’s are less sketchy affairs, more ladylike brunches, chiffon daydresses, quiches and spa water.  But when we get together, we reminisce tasting our first champagne at Les Bains Douches, wearing those backless tops in the 90’s to go clubbing and playing “I Want It That Way” (click to play now) on repeat while taking the EuroRail.  Good times!  BTW, the 90’s are considered retro now.  Crazytown!

Ain't nothing but a heartbreak... Confession: I was never a BSB fan but hell, I love this song because it reminds me of my first trip to Europe with my fashionistahs.

Feel free to co-opt this holiday for you & your best fashion girlfriends.  Some tips for your Fashion Eastah event:

  • Flowers for the Hostess – A lovely floral arrangement is de riguer for your hostess.  After all, she has woken up early to pick up those fresh croissants, place the tablemats just so and greet you with a spritzer.  I love mixing shades of pinks, oranges, white and greens in tulips, gerber daisies and roses. Ahh, so fresh!

Domestic goddesses take note: Do co-opt the gradiant hues in this floral arrangement from Martha Stewart.

  • Dress the Part – Call me Cruise, but I love setting a dress code.  Cheesy as it sounds, I get a kick out of co-ordinating outfits with my friends.  Part of Fashion Eastah is the celebration of Spring – getting to rip the hangtags off that new outfit sitting desperately in your closet or break in your new patent pastel wedges.  Plus, your clique of fashionable friends will notice your attention to detail.  “Ooh, I like how you matched your daisy earrings to the yellow piping on your skirt.” Noted!

Feel free to wear something extra girly. After all, these are your people. Constance working pastel florals in produce Aisle 1 for Vogue.

  • Savour the Macarons – We had a full on conversation about macarons and how one of my friends had to chastise her husband for popping them into his mouth like a box of Oreos.  Helloooooo, those take a bajillion hours to make.  Remember to savour the macarons!

Fashion Eastah, literally! I mean, designer Easter eggs via Vogue. This would make a fun crafternoon, non? Ridiculous.


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1 Annalisa { 03.27.12 at 7:47 pm }

I love, love reading your blog, it gives me so many great ideas!!! I like coordinating outfits with my bestie too! haha!

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