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Tunes for The Santa Monica Freeway

Music is my life.  My life is a dance song.  When I am in a crap mood, I blast the music and sing along.  And when I stop at a red light, I sing to my neighbour.  Don’t judge meeeaahh!

This playlist is alternately titled Botox and Hip Hop.  I didn’t want to name the post that because let’s not get it twisted — I don’t love botulism but I do love hip hop.  Alas, to each their own.  Driving bumper to bumper on the 10 West freeway takes a zen attitude, the ability to merge aggressively (yet safely) and solid tunes to enjoy the late afternoon sunset.  Being on the West Coast always reignites my love for Hip Hop.  The proximity to the beach and salty air remind me of old copies of Seventeen magazine featuring a fresh faced Cameron Diaz.    

Did you have this issue of Seventeen too? Bright, bold and casual and characteristic of California girls

Here are some tunes that remind me of California:

Lana Del Rey (aka Lizzie Grant) posters are plastered on every corner.  A young songstress who was recently remarketed to appeal to the blogosphere and Silverlake hipster set with her plumped up lips (not pumped up kicks) and 60’s styling.  Her music is a melange of heartbreak ballads (of the ‘I love bad boys but they don’t love me’ variety) and uptempo alterna-pop.  There is a lot of controversy surrounding her imminent rise to superstardom but I still dig her music.

Lana Del Rey covers British Vogue. If you can look past those plumped lips, her music is Nancy Sinatra meets a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Oh boy, do I love me some hip hop! Listening to the radio in LA, they always play the best old school R&B and Hip Hop.  You definitely have the chance to discover new tracks.  A dance-y hip hop song is better than a shot of espresso in the morning.  I love the melange of genres when a hip hop artist does an alternative mashup.

  • Flo Rida f. SIA – Wild Ones
  • Trey Songz f. Nicki Minaj – Bottoms Up
  • Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa – Young Wild Free  “So what we go out!  That’s how it’s supposed to be!”


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