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Breaking News: Polka Dot Is The New Pink

Black & White & Spotted: No slip required at Gucci Fall 2011

…Or should I say, the new stripe?  Hrmm, the first title has a much zippier zing.  It’s the alliteration of the p’s.

I have always been a major fan of the polka dot, from the charming, darling miniscule to the very retro oversize.  Much like the saturation of the stripe of Spring/Summer, you will begin to see the print take over this Fall like a game of connect the dots come to life.  This will be an easy trend to incorporate into your wardrobe as it can be integrated into the fabric of your most flattering silhouette or thrown under your blazer as a basic t-shirt.  One thing is for sure, if you don’t get spotted, you will find yourself among a sea of fashionistahs asking, “Um, I didn’t get the memo.  Is it Polka Dot Day?”

Channel Brigitte Bardot: Oh yes, polka dot capris. So relevant.

The polka dot is retro in spirit but interpretation is what makes it fresh and modern.  If you plan to go black and white with no pop of colour or irony, I have fallen asleep on this trend, comatose with boredom.  Sounds like, “ZZZZZzzzzz”  But I want your name to be the first to go into the snap box (see/ Legally Blonde 2), get complimented by a stranger on the elevator/subway or reach your 3 compliment a day quota.

Colourful Blaze of Glory – Let your colour palette do the talking.  Why not choose a deep navy with a coral dot or pair your black & white dotted chiffon blouse with a cobalt blue mini?  Now, you’re outfit is speaking to me!  Tip:  While black and white dots will likely permeate the stores, opt for a vibrant bright top to go with a black background or choose a paler shade to go with white.

Polka Dot of the Times: The bright hue of this Forever 21 dotted blouse feels right now.

You know what would make this outfit major? A giant Wilma Flinstone coral necklace! Juicy Couture Polka Dot Keyhole dress

My Girlcrush Emma Stone working a serious look in her Marc Jacobs top hat. Convinced yet?

Reminds me of a Mushroom: Marc by Marc Jacobs cocktail ring

Stripes vs. Dots Mashup – Do you dare?  Wearing last season’s stripes with this season’s dots is very French Vogue.  This is for the fashionistah adventuress who unabashedly defies convention, who trusts her instincts when pairing the right stripe with the exact dot…and even if it’s a bit off, she doesn’t care because she’s cool and aloof and you wish you were her.  Wear with confidence.

French Vogue spread Les Peches with Lara Stone. Trust.


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1 Meg Mitchell { 08.01.11 at 3:42 pm }

I’m with you Vanessa … I love polka dots and the Fall fashions of Marc Jacobs are just great. Love the little polka dot hat of Marc’s that you showed in your post.
Have great fun reading your blog.

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