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Mi Corazón (My Heart) Belongs to Seville

What's red and white and sexy all over? Flamenco dresses adorn the many boutique windows.

My quiet desire to travel to Andalucia had been growing for a while; the feeling tugged at my heart more persistently as time progressed.  Perhaps the greatest impetus for me to submit was the revelation that Feria de Abril (April Fair), a week long cultural festival in Seville would take place in early May this year.  There would be no more hesitation.  I took it as a sign from the heavens that the time to leave would be now.

Bright lights and dress to impress! The best compliment is when you are mistaken for a local.

While many guidebooks pronounce southern Spain as the most Spanish of travel encounters, being present for Feria is an experience that validates this sentiment.  Throngs of Spaniards descend on the city to celebrate their heritage, music and flamenco dance.  The air takes on a vibrant energy as festival goers revel in opulent traditional garb and do a slow procession taking to the stone promenades or proudly showing off in horse-drawn carriages.  Hundreds of brightly hued casetas (tents) are erected on the Feria grounds by prominent families or associations.  These are embellished to the nine’s with chandeliers, draped with gauzy fabrics, paintings, furnished with gilded chairs and filled to the brim with musicians, dancers and partygoers wine glass in hand.  Have you heard?  The Spanish love to party.  Adjacent to the tents are amusement rides, playground foods and games.  Imagine the wonderful sight of women dressed in flamenco outfits and boys in suits riding the Tilt A Whirl!  Only at Feria!

Walking through limitless ruffles like a kid in a candystore. A took this picture while I was siesta-ing. I snooze, I lose.

Whilst integrating ourselves into the festivities, perhaps one of the best parts is getting dressed for such an occasion.  Your outfit is not complete without a form fitting dress accented with ruffles, fringe, pom-poms, a hair accessory such as a haircomb (peineta), a lace head dress (mantilla) or a colourful giant rose propped on top of your head.  My travel companion A and I became skirt chasers during the evenings, pursuing Spanish beauties through the streets for the honour of their photograph.  Having primped the better party of the day, many were flattered and obliging.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Girlcrush! Forget the men! Countless gorgeous Spanish beauties from around the country flooded the streets of Seville during Feria. Fashions so outrageous and uniquely spanish.

Loving the extra long fringe! We kidnapped this lovely from her boyfriend so she could strike a pose for us!

Tiny Talent Time: Pretty in pink young dancers take the stage to show you their sevillanas.

We found this adorable cutie by the Churros stand. She matches A so perfectly!



1 ana { 06.14.11 at 7:21 pm }

lovely, all those colours and fabrics. kid in a candy store for sure! :)

2 Christine { 06.22.11 at 8:55 am }

Jealous of your Lanvin!

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