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Where The Cute Boys Roam

Uhhmmm, is that a heart in my latte or are you trying to tell me something?

I am by nature a generous person.  Perhaps generous to a fault.  If I should happen upon a Wifi hotspot where hottt boys grow aplenty on trees like wild crab apples, who am I to hoard such valuable information?  Isn’t hoarding one of the seven deadly sins?  Maybe you’ll meet the next great romance of your life, fingers grazing passing the Demarra sugar or borrowing tall, dark and handsome’s Blackberry charger.  Stranger things have happened.  And haven’t you heard?  3 hook-ups and you go straight to heaven (ahem, yes I made this up). 

Hottt Boys Guide:  Barristas & Espresso Lovers Edition

  • Lit Espresso Bar - (810 College Street) With outposts on Roncey and Queen West, you should have ample eye-candy whilst dipping your biscotti in your double whip, skinny, mocha latte.
  • The Dark Horse Cafe – (215 Spadina Ave.)  This successful independently owned cafe is adjacent to The Centre for Social Innovation.  Its open area and long communal work tables are ideal for striking up a conversation with that hottie with a brain and a heart type (the ideal right?).  The newest location (682 Queen St. West) is at the corner of Queen West & Euclid.  Smaller, more intimate with a pretty tin ceiling, the hottie per square footage is quite high.  And I don’t know about you, but my latte is more delicious when served by cuuuute boys with tattoos.  Heart x 3.
  • Terroni – (720 Queen St. West) Okay, there is no Wifi here but you can have an espresso.  There is also my fave combination of Funghi salad, thin-crust non-sliced pizza and hottt waiters, bartenders and generally pretty good looking people.  This joint lines people up every night for dinner.

And, yes I realize this list only includes the SW quadrant of the city, however, I will confess my bias for not travelling north of Bloor or east of Yonge.

Gratuitous Kevin Zegers (bc I love him even though he's 11) & Tay-Tay Momsen sipping on my bevie of choice, A Canada Dry. Photo courtesy Just Jared



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