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A Toast To The New Year

Can you blame me for taking out my party dress? My NYE outfit ressembled this Hawks by Geren Ford Bustier Dress. It was a big hit.

My plans for the New Year were non-committal at best.  I had been sitting on the fence of staying in or partying all night long.  For me, there are rarely in-betweens.  It’s all or nothing.  The most persuasive reasons for me to venture out were a) my rolling rack of pouffy party dresses (of which I have an abundance) and b) my overwhelming desire to celebrate the coming New Year.  In numerology, it doesn’t get more auspicious than 01/01/11.  Plus, I am a bohogi (boho, bogi, yogi fusion — lover of all things bohemian, worldly pleasures and yogi spirituality) and I believe in ‘carpe diem’!  Live for the day!

Finding myself at an impromptu dinner party hostessed by my roomie, followed by drinks and dancing at Berber (49 Front Street East),  I was glad to have made the decision to galavant among close friends.  As the crowd counted down to midnight, Silican kisses in hand, we made a cheers for the hopes and dreams to the new year.  We shook our hips to the saucy pop cabaret stylings of Susana Da Camara (you had me at sequins and red opera gloves, then you skipped across the dancefloor and so began my girl-crush) and mingled with her friendly and dapper suited band members.   

Before we took our dip into the shame spiral, we took a few moments to lament our inspirations for 2011 over Sour Apple Martinis.  In a pay it forward tribute to each friend, we took turns toasting in a circular fashion.  The best way to cover your bases is love, hopes and dreams.  For example,  “Dear bestie, I hope you find the love of your life.  I wish you best of success in acquiring that much deserved promotion and I hope you take up salsa classes because you keep talking about it.”

And my toast to you:  “Dear readers of the LC, I wish you every happiness, that you find passion and joy in all that you do, that you receive in the abundance that you give, find love, be loved and manifest all your dreams into being in 2011.” 

Middle Eastern Nights at Berber. Not Bieber. My Morrocan survival skills include bellydancing, making that arabic noise equivalent to the spanish ay-ay-ay and snake charming.


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1 yasmin { 01.01.11 at 11:57 pm }

thank you for the great wishes! :) wishing you nothing but the best of everything in 2011, vanessa.

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