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DIY Party Girl Hair: Velcro Rollers & Teased Crown

The Bigger the Better: Teased Hair at Rochas

Back in my party heyday, I worked a look called ‘Gina Lollabrigida,’ named after the famous Italian actress.  I had a favourite red gingham halter dress with oversize white buttons down the front and a giant slit.  I once wore Gina on a night out on The Rambla in Barcelona.  When I did a turn to show off my look to friends, a nearby waiter dropped his tray of wine glasses and sangria.  Such was the power of Gina LollabrigidaTrue Story

My retro look was topped off with my favourite hairstyle – voluminous party girl loose curls with a teased crown.  Now that 90’s is considered vintage, I thought I would bring it back for holiday season.  This hairdo is particularly va-voom paired with some glamourous cat eyes.

Step 1 – Start with dry hair (damp won’t do as it has a tendency to lose its curl easily).  Hairdressers always recommend that you let your hair be unwashed for a day or two if you are going to get an updo because it holds a style better.

Step 2 – Using large sized velcro rollers, begin rolling hair around the top section of your head starting from the ends to the roots and pinning using bobby pins.  Use medium sized velcro rollers for the bottom portion of your hair using the same method.  Spritz all over generously with hairspray.  If you have bangs, section them off and leave them uncurled.

Step 3 –  Leave velcro rollers in for a half hour to an hour.  Kill time.  Maybe watch an episode of The O.C. on DVD or paint your nails.

Step 4 – Remove velcro rollers gently by pulling them away from your head on the diagonal.  Your curls will be fairly subtle (unlike hot rollers).  You can touch up the ends by using a 2″ wide barrel curling iron.  Spritz again with hairspray. 

Step 5 – Using a fine tooth comb, take the section of hair on the middle top of your head and begin to tease hair.  Spritz again and finish by gently smoothing over hair from the front of your head.  Do a prolonged all over spritz.

Whoa, a lot of hairspray and effort to look like you just rolled out of bed.  But pain is love my darlings.

My Italian Muse circa 1960's: Gina Lollabrigida

Drew Barrymore loves volume at The Golden Globes. Can't you tell?



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