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“OMG, Oh no you didn’t!” Halloween Costumes

Hallowe’en rivals Christmas as my favourite celebration of the year.  When else is it encouraged to parade in the streets in a ridiculous costume?  The mood is always light-hearted and playful.  You can’t help but feel kinship and camraderie with a fellow stranger who is dressed in a spandex outfit as Borat.  “Great costume dude!”

While there are obvious selections (vampire, fright mask, slutty maid) found at the local party store, I think the best OMG moments are when you see someone who has gone the extra mile in giving thought and effort to their alter ego choice.  I once attended a party where a gentleman was Pinhead (the villain from the horror movie Hellraiser); with pins stickout out from the perimeter of his head and special effects makeup so convincing, I circled around him to avoid his path.  Freaky! 

Personally, I think the elements of authenticity and comedy are what bring the best costumes to life.  Some ideas if you are stuck in the brainstorming department:

We all know Lady Gaga is going to be a popular choice this Halloween but how about that Meat Dress? While I wouldn't recommend real flesh (for obvious hygiene reasons), you could probably whip something up with felt and stuffing. High laugh factor!

Male Ice Dancer Anyone? Johnny Weir over the top fabulousness. You could go to town on this one - sequins, spandex, feathers, face paint, Olympic medal.

Wannabe: Since the 90's are now considered vintage, why not kick it old school with a Spice Girls tribute? This one only works as an ensemble. Did you go to their reunion concert? Me too.

A family tradition: My mom & I really like Rocky Horror. Cross dressing Transylvanian trannies. What's not to love?



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