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Girl Crush Alert: Emma Stone

Pussycat doll attire. Only cute in theory but adore-able on Emma Stone as Olive Penderghast in Easy A.

Women, all ages, love teen movies.  It’s a fact.  We will never, ever give them up.  Even when I have daughters, I will ask them to scoot over on the sofa to make room for my leisure outfit clad butt while they hostess their first coming-of-age ritual sleepover.  They will whine, “Stop embarrassing me!” to which I will defiantly ask them to pass the popcorn.

This week, I caught a matinee of Easy A with my partner in crime J.  We couldn’t score prime tickets to a TIFF premiere but we both could handle a few days wait.  Plus, who doesn’t die for Emma Stone?  Admit it, you loved her as the nerdy sorority girl in The House Bunny (a movie my mother loved and confusingly called Bunny House) and the gun-toting street smart in Zombieland.

Easy A tells the story of Olive, a highschool gal who has zero profile but gains a reputation after being overheard in the washroom telling her bestie about a faked loss of her v-card.  The rumour spreads like wildfire and Olive, in a rebellion to her classmates begins wearing Agent Provocateur lingerie to school, pinned with a giant A to her chest in a mock homage to The Scarlet Letter.  Emma Stone is brilliant in her role, her hippie parents are played by the wonderful Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson and Penn Badgley is super-cute as her real crush.  There was something extra appealing about him – perhaps his tan and his cheekbones seemed more chiselled.  No wonder Blake Lively dates him! I finally get it.

Back to Emma Stone and reasons why she’s my girl crush…

Emma rocking a serious Pucci sequined, leather mini dress. Photo courtesy Just Jared.

Why do people kick gingers? Gingers are people too. I have a handful of lovely redhead friends. It's nice to keep the ratios in check.

She’s kind of quirky, always believable as an actress, makes interesting movies and she has a really great stylist.  What’s not to love?  And if you think I’m waxing poetic, you will love her after you watch this clip from Easy APocket Full of Sunshine – Emma Stone



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