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Diversions With Mom

Often I like spending some QT (quality time) with my mother.  It’s always more enjoyable when we have some sort of diversion to offset the intrusive interrogation of one’s personal life (known as ‘the sMother’).  Very strategic of me.  The obvious choice is to take your mom shopping and perhaps to reap the benefits without your sisters in tow.  For example, Mom offers to buy you clothes or shoes but only if you promise not to tell your sister.  At first, you counter ‘no,’ finally buckling to pressure and graciously accepting her plea.

I have one of these mothers that insists that she doesn’t need much.  That a haircut at the salon or a massage at the spa is over indulgent and a waste of money, but when she experiences such a treat, requests that a repeat appointment be made.  Hence, I think it’s important to make plans with mom that she wouldn’t otherwise do for herself or by herself.  Moms need to be spoiled outside of Mother’s Day too. Helloooooo.

Body Blitz: Sit in a giant hot tub with your mom, except try to go on a weekday since it's much quieter.

For special occasions, you can take her for little sandwiches and high tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel. Very girly.

My mom is begging me to watch Nanny McPhee Returns. Go with Emma Thompson and PG-rated. By accident I watched Match Point with her. It was so embarrassing when Jonathan Rhys Meyers ripped off Scarlett Johansen's top in a sex scene. Awk-ward!


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1 Annelie { 08.28.10 at 5:49 am }

My mum is visiting from Stockholm and I am spoiling her rotten on Monday, with a visit to the Chanel make up counter, a manicure, afternoon tea at the Haymarket and to see Dirty Dancing the musical :-) xxx

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