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Dining Decadence: Fried Mars Bar & Nigella Lawson

It's true with the Fried Mars Bar: Once on the lips, forever on the hips. Share it, then do some serious cardio the next day. Photo courtesy Food Network

The first time I tried a Fried Mars Bar, I was at the super-slick and chic Montreal hotspot Time Supper Club.  The dessert was paired with vanilla bean ice cream and neatly presented on a contemporary dish with raspberry coulis drizzled just so.  Last Friday, I was having dessert at The Lakeview with my good friend C and I suggested this decadent treat since she had yet to try it. 

A candy shop Mars Bar is battered then thrown into the deep fryer; once bitten, melted caramel and nougat ooze out.  It’s an artery clogging heart stopper and ten million calories but you probably shouldn’t think about this while you are eating.  And you should probably only eat it once a decade, if you know what’s good for you.

For your experimental pleasure, here’s a Fried Mars Bar Recipe I found on the Food Network.  Upon deeper investigation, I learned that the origin of the FMB is in Scotland, where many fish & chip or fry shops carry the dessert.  The domestic goddess of comfort food, Nigella Lawson, also has her own version which uses Bounty bars or Cadbury Creme eggs.  Apparently, Fried Mars Bars are declasse in Europe since it’s often associated with chavs (trashy folk). 

Nigella's show is addictive. Love it when they show her sneaking into the fridge for a second helping.



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