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The Secret: Vintage Crawl Revealed

All great Vintage Crawls start with Stella Luna. Living in truth.

I am beyond exhausted.  Beyond.  What is the source of my fatigue?  Walking 3 1/2 hours from Queen & Roncey to Ossington & Dundas, followed by a few hop, skips and a jump home.  But it was worth it.  A laugh inducing vintage crawl with lovely C  (January Jones’ doppelganger) and her amazingly cool mom E.  In our wake, we encountered a smattering of rainbow racks, unique statement pieces and ‘fortuitous’ finds.  The fashion gods were definitely with us today.

I am in an extremely generous mood.  Dear friends of the LC, contained in this post is the original ‘Vintage Crawl’ route map beginning in Parkdale and ending near Ossington (west to east).  If you have the fortitude of spirit and a passion for fashion, you and your closest girlfriends may also embark on an adventure in the history of fashion.  Best practice: Always recruit shopping powerhouses, those with an open mind, the enthusiasm to try on different looks and comfortable soles.  Whiners stay home.

  •  Stella Luna – 1627 Queen Street West.  I realize I wax poetic about Stella Luna but this store deserves all its praise.  The owner Crispian stocks hands-down the best curated selection of vintage frocks, a haunt of many stylists and in the know fashionistahs.  My favourite pick!

How wild is this stone encrusted snake belt? I scored it for a song bc no one could figure out how it clasped. I intertwined it like any smart belt conoisseur would!

  • Frou Frou – 1616 Queen Street West.  Blink and you might miss Matthew’s unasuming storefront.  A good stop for eclectic chapeaus to pouffy prom dresses, many fashions are brought in from Montreal.
  • Blondie’s – 1378 Queen Street West.  This classic house dancefloor by night turns into a hipster coffeeshop by day.  Stop in for a lemonade or an OJ to quench your thirst or take a bio-break.  It’s going to be a few blocks until you reach your next destination.
  • House of Vintage – 1239 Queen West. New-ish on the Queen West West block, they have a swell assortment of leather boots, from tooled cowboys to slouchy bohos.  They also have a nice selection of pumps from Charles Jourdan to YSL.
  • Drake Scoops + Tee’s – 1142 Queen West.  You’ve walked an hour & a half by now (including changeroom time) simultaneously shopping and burning calories.  You can pause for a scoop or pick up a soft tee from Shared.
  • 69 Vintage – 1100 Queen West.  Tucked beside The Social is a well-stocked assortment of boots, dresses, glam sequined party tunics and denim.  They had some very tempting fur chubbies here but it is much too hottt to be looking at fur.  But how cute would an elbow length mink chubby be with leather opera gloves?  Think about it.
  • I Miss You Vintage – 63 Ossington Ave.  Hang left at the corner of Queen & Ossington to a cluster of vintage shops.  I Miss You  is a designer shop with Chanel’s, Prada’s and Dior’s hanging next to pretty 50’s shifts and bejewelled evening gowns.  Don’t be alarmed by the chi-chi poo poo hangtags as there are also affordable vintage pieces and the BEST ACCESSORIES OF YOUR LIFE at reasonable prices.  My current fascination is with mixed media rope belts but if that’s not your thing, they have belts (braided, cinchers, obi’s) and clutches in the softest Italian leather in every imaginable colour.  I never leave empty handed.

So I like reptiles on my feet. I adored the snakeskin leaf detail and peep-toe. Camel shoes are a wardrobe staple.

  • Vintage Mix 1 – 186 Ossington Ave.  The window here always peaks my curiosity.  Like shopping in a cool cat’s swinging 1960’s apartment:  bookshelves overflowing with novels and shoes, suitcases filled with belts and colour-blocked rolling racks. 

Another secret worth sharing:  My favourite vintage boutique, Stella Luna is celebrating its 15 year anniversary next weekend (August 7th, 2010).  There will be wine, cake and great deals to be had.  With all of my unselfish sharing, dear fashion gods, I want to be that girl that emerges with a pair of Ferragamo’s for $10.  Just putting it out there (The Secret)!!



1 La Dessinatrice { 08.02.10 at 12:51 am }

Ugh, need to make a trip to CA very soon because these shops sound amazing! Love the belt, great solution to the great clasp debate.

2 fuschiabird { 08.02.10 at 1:20 pm }

Yes for some reason we have A LOT of good vintage shopping in Toronto. Like ridiculously good. ;)

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