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Cottage Essentials

It’s warming up and it’s almost long weekend which means that the city will empty out from Friday to Sunday.  Those of us lucky enough to have a cottage (or in my case, to have befriended a friend with one) will flock up North to seek some nature, a fresh water lake to swim in and relaxation from the daily grind.  Is it just me or do you get really sleepy when you get to Muskoka?   

Some cottage essentials for your packing pleasure…

Cobalt blue Juicy ruffle bandeau bikini. How sweet are these bottoms?

A Bandeau Bikini – Did you know that the two piece was named after Bikini Atoll, a place where they used to test bombs back in the 1960’s?  It was named as such because of its effect on the opposite sex.  Bam! Does this kill you like it kills me?  Unless you are going co-ed, there’s no one in the woods to impress except the ducks and occasional beaver.  A bandeau is always a good choice to avoid tan lines while canoe-ing a la Pocahontas

Peekabo one shoulder: Alternative Apparel Flashdance fleece sweatshirt

Quintessential Hoodie – The best hoodies are the softest worn-in cotton in a zip up or pullover style.  The instant you put them on, you are immediately relaxed.  Kind of like you just lay down on the couch with a giant mug of warm cider, fire roaring on a chilly evening.  Sigh.  Leisure clothes should definitely put you in a relaxed state of mind.

Wayback Rentals – Up North, the selection of movie rentals at the corner store/grocery/video-flicks is rather limited.  VHS, anyone? Why not bring a few classics with a camping theme such as Troop Beverly Hills (what a thrill!), Meatballs, Blair Witch Project or The Evil Dead.  If you are a prankster, you can leave a trail of stick figures around the cottage to spook your friends.  “OMG….Blair Witch!!”

Troop Bev Hills: Shelley Long dresses up her look by rocking a serious turquoise statement necklace and Navajo feather head dress.

S’Mores – You haven’t really cottaged until you’ve had s’mores.  Bring some graham crackers, a Cadbury chocolate bar, marshmallows, find some long twigs, have the most MacGyver of your group build a campfire and it’s the best dessert to enjoy while listening to the crackle of logs and laughing with friends.

The main reason I love canoe-ing so much: Channelling Pocahontas



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