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A Dash of Style: Tie A Scarf On

Head Scarf: Ms. Richie digs it.

In my head, like to believe I am a scarf connoisseur.  If there was a TLC show about people that hoard scarves, perhaps I would be an unsuspecting candidate for intervention.  I have a plethora with a storage bin for Fall/Winter and a separate one for Spring/Summer (like some people with food compulsions, I don’t like it when they touch).  While many people often use scarves in the winter for functional reasons, I don’t think people are as comfortable throwing one on as a fashion statement.  It’s the combination of right scarf with right outfit that can ruin one’s confidence: you try it on with your ensemble, you second-guess your choice, you think better of it and leave it draped on the couch before heading out the door.  Sadness. Whoa-whoa-whoa.   

I would like to share with you my grains of wisdom concerning one of my Top 10 fashion accessories of my life.  My best scarves have been dug out of bins in vintage shops or by accident in a boutique, while perusing for a friend’s birthday present (one for me, one for you).  It’s not necessary to buy every type of scarf as they really should be investment pieces that you can mix and match with your current wardrobe and lifestyle. 

Scarf as headband. You know you love it.

  • Beachy Scarf – Rectangular scarves are best for tying on top of your head like a headband.  The ends can often be left to dangle at the nape of your neck or for the fashionistah-adventurous, tied in a giant bow positionned behind your ear.  Very Blair Waldorf.  The other option is to tie it around your forehead a la hippie Nicole Richie.  The fabric should be a light chiffon or silk and probably in a solid or a subtle pattern (mini polka dots or paisley would be cute).  This look should be reserved for the beach, a music festival a la Coachella or lazy Sunday afternoon in a hipster neighbourhood – you want to avoid looking like the OVER-TRY.

Free people trench: Kick your trench up like 10 notches with a silk scarf.

  • Belle de Jour Approved – If I had a dollar for every girl I saw wearing a trench coat on the sidewalk, I would have like $20 a day.  Differentiate yourself from the crowd by tying on a silk scarf in a fantastic Pucci-inspired pattern or in a brightly hued damask.  Since the structure of the trench requires something more dressy, opt for a square or a more elaborate pashmina.  For a square, fold the scarf in half, creating a triangle and tie the ends at the nape of your neck.  Borrowing from menswear, you can also take a longer silk rectangle, tie it at your collarbone and tuck it into your trench.    

Art Nouveau A-Go-Go: How wild is this Echo scarf? Sure to illicit ooh's and ah's.

  • This Old Thang – If you’re out and about running errands in your skinny jeans, flowy tank, cardi-wrap and ballet flats, why not accentuate your casual cute style with a ruffle scarf, a tie-dyed cotton jersey or a fringey infiniti?  These are stylish options with zero fuss.  What about one with tassles or mini pom-poms?  I could go on for days.  And if your staple ‘errand outfit’ is very basic in style, why not pop it with a vibrant colour that accentuates your face (turquoise flatters almost everyone)?

Echo Knit Ruffle Scarf: I like the gauzy ruffle look of this ruched scarf.



1 Kelsey { 12.21.13 at 6:30 pm }

Where can I buy this scarf? It’s perfect!

2 fuschiabird { 12.22.13 at 6:51 pm }

hi kelsey, these scarves are from a few seasons past but you can find similar oblong styles on

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