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Flavour of My Life

Rice pudding is the new Pistachio. I'll actually take a scoop of each.

What does it mean to search for love in our contemporary world?  Where people walk head faced down the sidewalk engrossed in their iTunes and wielding their Crackberries to save their lives.  Where 1/5 of my friends or acquaintances has met their boyfriend or husband on Lavalife (crazy statistic, non?).  Do people still meet in bookstores perusing periodicals or crashing carts non-chalantly while squeezing oranges for freshness in the produce aisle?

I have a funny love analogy which I like to divulge to many of my suitors about what it’s like for a singleton fashionistah to tread the treacherous waters of dating in the 21st century.  Here goes:  Dating in your twenties is like going to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.  You’re curious and all you want to do is sample the flavours because you haven’t tried them all.  “Shall I try vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, cookies n’ cream, peanut butter and chocolate…?”  You get the picture. 

Then the older you get, your tastes become refined and you decide, “Huh, I think I like gelato.”  Since your metabolism has slowed down, you also realize that you can’t have gelato everyday.  With this newfound wise understanding of what you want (what you reallyx3 want), you also decide that you like a particular flavour the best.  I decided that I love pistachio gelato and when I am going to treat myself to gelato, I’m looking for pistachio.  This story has an added layer of complexity as my theory was semi put to test with my discovery of Rice Pudding gelato (Riso al Latte) in South Beach.

I bet you’re wondering how this theory was met?  Well, obviously laughter and sometimes confusion, “Are we still talking about gelato or dating?”  But the moral of the story is:  The older and wiser we get, the more we know what we’re looking for.  But sometimes, we think we know what we want, but there is something better out there waiting to be discovered.  Deep thoughts on a sunny Friday afternoon.

 And now that I’ve got you craving sweet ice cream or gelato goodness, here are some places to scope out boys whilst sitting on a patio in the city:

  • Greg’s Ice Cream - 750 Spadina Ave.  Two words:  Roasted Marshmallow.  They don’t always have the same flavours every day but if you’re lucky you may get to try this one.  A popular parlor close to the U of T campus, you may also pick up some freshmen or frat boys if you like them young.  “Oh, my major is Poli-Sci.”
  • Dolce Gelato – 697 College Street.  An ideal location with a patio for hipster spotting.

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