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Super-fun Things To Do In Your Neighbourhood Hipster Park

American Apparel jumper: I used to wear these all the time to skip.

American Apparel jumper: I used to wear these all the time to skip.

As the weather is getting milder, I have been very contemplative about activities that remind me of being a kid again.  And as a qualifier, I have been taking random polls to rate how well they would go over amongst friends.  Thus, I present an edited list of games and diversions for your summer pleasure.  Not just fun. Super-fun.

  • Skipping – Based on the overwhelming success and crowd support of the ‘invisible skip rope’ at the bars, I think purchasing a neon pink and orange 15 ft skip rope for a round of double dutch would equate to a high ROC.  This would also go particularly well with some old school hip hop like Biggie or Mariah with Ol’ Dirty Bastard (Were you thinking “Fantasy” too?) or the “Under the sun, over the moon, through the milky way…”
  • Bubble Machine – There is a vintage store in Kensington market that has a bubble machine wafting giant bubbles through the racks of plaid, boho circle skirts and suede jackets.  Not that I advocate stealing, but I wish I had a bubble machine.  Instead, I will go the recessionistah route, buy a few bottles of bubbles at the dollar store and blow them out of my window (when I feel so inclined).       
  • Parachute Club – Not sure where I can source a giant rainbow parachute but I think this would be crazytown, especially to the soundtrack of classic like Duran Duran and Boy George (of course).  It would require a few friends for dramatic effect.

Hottt pink skip rope for one. Alas, one is such a lonely number.



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