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True Love Waits


If you ask a guy what their favourite band is, they invariably will say 8/10 Radiohead.  Sooo predictable.  It’s a guy-crush thing for Thom Yorke I suppose.  Try it as a social experiment sometime.  I couldn’t tell you best song as that one produces less mathematical, inconclusive result but Karma Police is a fair guess.     

My all-time favourite is the title of today’s post, True Love Waits.  It’s the strength of the melody and chorus as well as Thom’s teardrop tsunami vocals.  I love that lyric: ‘true love waits’ as it can be interpreted in so many ways.  For me, when I think about love, I think about the passions in my life that have come and gone.  If you have read my ‘About’ section, you may know that I waited for many years to begin to fully put my writing out there through the forum of my blog.  Often, I forget myself, but when I take a moment to think back and reflect on my formative years, the seeds of inspiration were always there waiting patiently to grow.   

Like a Midas touch, I wanted to push the creative envelope –  from writing my own HTML at 14 which I have long forgotten, and dipping Shakespearean English assignments in tea, burning edges and calligraphy writing in pen and India ink.  Pre-Imitation of Christ, I would tear apart vintage garments and reconstruct them for an evening out.  I felt like I could do anything, be anything I wanted and somehow that clear direction towards the pursuits that made me feel most alive got lost in translation.  I had lost sight of my path.  And I didn’t have a compass.  Or a cell phone.  And I was really allergic to trees.

Somehow, through the magic of the virtual web, the LC has reached over 14,000 visitors.  14 is a very fortuitous number for me, auspicious even.  I was born on the fourteenth and in numerology 1+4=5 the number of Change.  In terms of personality traits, I am supposed to be upbeat, motivational, versatile, curious and quick-witted.  So true!  haha.  I jest. 

All my life, I knew, sensed that I was a writer and an artist but even still I suppressed that urge for whatever reason.  I felt like a bird in a cage, banging hopelessly against the metal confines of my cage.  It was only when I made a conscious decision to change did I realize that my cage had an open door.  And when I took flight, I began to see that the brilliance of my youthful hopes and dreams were not lost, nor faded.  They were slowly coming alive, lighting up like an empty colouring book filling with vibrant watercolours.  My true loves waited for me to be ready.  It was as though no time was lost. 

And if there is someone, something or even yourself that you have been holding your breath for, be courageous and take action.  When you are ready, your true love will be waiting… 

Channelling Carrie: I do wear cute outfits while writing in case you were wondering.

Again, thank you to you lovely followers of the LC.  I love writing so thank you for reading. 


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1 Fashion CHALET { 03.14.10 at 3:09 pm }

LOL – me too. Carriesque with my coffee. ;)

Great blog!


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