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Cures for Dance Injuries


I must confess that last week part of the reason I was unable to write was because I was suffering from dance injuries.  Over the past weekend, I had reunited with my favourite OOC, overzealous crew of dance misfits and we hit the dancefloor as if it was going out of style.  There was vogue-ing, some double-dutch with improv and random new dance recruits, plus participation from the DJ. 

Much to my chagrin when I woke up, I found I was paralyzed with sore muscles and a clementine sized bruise on my arm from banging into a bar table.  I am not 21 anymore.  No sir-eee.  To add salt to my own wounds (because clearly I’m a masochist), I went to my weekly flamenco lesson followed the next day by a hardcore yogi Ashtanga class.  Ouch! I paid the steep price for dancing and yoga…but it was worth every penny!  And I’d do it again!  I said it.

To cure my dance fever, here are some home remedies to get me back into top form (so I can do it all over again):

  • Hydrate!  Obviously, drinking 8 glasses of water is important to naturally detox the system and replenish fluids lost during dance moves.  My bestie N recommends cooling beverages such as coconut or aloe water during extra warm activities such as hottt yoga or even regular yoga (which tends to naturally heat up).  I like drinking coconut water with little bits of pulp – reminds me of a snowglobe.
  • Cool down & Stretch – Sometimes I just lay on the floor.  Sometimes I sit down and reach for my toes.  Other days, I stand flush against a wall and put my hands in the air and reset my shoulders back.  After a few stretches, I often mix my favourite lavender with a carrier oil in the palms of my hands and gently massage my knees and ankles.  This way I can be a dancer forever. 
  • Sweet dreams – I also like putting a few tiny drops of Lavender essential oil on my pillow before I go to Sleepytown.  The fragrance is extremely calming and promotes a sound sleep. And before I close my eyes, I think about the steps in my choreography so that when I have to dance it again, I kill it.


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