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Reading Is Sexy

Best present ever. And biodegradable too! Made from corn?! Wish it came in pink.

I came upon this ridiculously wonderful mug at Type (883 Queen Street West) while pursuing one of my favourite past times, browsing books and scouting for hottt hipsters.  I predict this item will be a bestseller.  Don’t walk.  Run! 

Reading is sexy, like super sexy.  There’s nothing unsexier (hrmm, is that a real word? Will consult dictionnary later…) than someone who can’t discuss their favourite book. I suppose then the sexy part about enjoying reading is the thirst for knowledge and curiosity for subject matters we want to learn.  Well, to me anyways.  To each their own.  

Here are the latest and greatest sexy books to hit my bookshelf…

Are you obsessed with India like I am?

  • Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet – A gift given to me by my besties A&D, Almond Eyes is a national bestseller in India; this translated novel recounts the story of a fictional Indian princess’ rites of beauty and health through the Rajasthan dynasty.  The story intertwines traditions passed down from generations of women with legends of godesses and real herbal concoctions and remedies.  There are also many photographs of Indian brides, preserved treasures and an almanac of herbs.  A very fascinating read which weaves history with fiction (in a similar style of 100 Years of Solitude).   
  • Pride & Prejudice & Zombies – A quirky mashup book which combines two of my favourite things – romantic literature from Jane Austen with a modern twist of zombies, care of Seth Grahame-Smith.  Natalie Portman just signed on to play Lizzy in the screen adaptation.  Whatever will Lizzy Bennett do with Mr. Darcy when she must fulfill her duty to slay zombies?  So complex, yet comedic.

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies: This is a scary, yet intriguing cover non?

  • My Wonderful World of Fashion – This giant colouring, drawing and inspiration book is IRRESISTIBLE! Created by Nina Chakrabarti, the black and white pages are overflowing with juicy creative exercises, like picking your favourite pair of shoes, designing a hat, ideas to make lace face masks and connecting the dots to draw sunglasses.  Intended for fashionistahs of all ages, this book will surely ignite your passion for your #2B pencil and Prismacolours.

Where are my pencil crayons? An excerpt from My Wonderful World of Fashion.


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