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Phoenix: French Rockers Say "Merci Beaucoup"

Phoenix in the garden: pink shirt check, skinny pants check, manorexia check, brooding love pop lyrics check.

At Forever 21 you can buy t-shirts that say I heart French boys. Does this kill you like it kills me?

Last Saturday, my sketchy friend K and I took in the sold out Phoenix concert.  It’s always quite funny to go to an all-ages event because half of the population could be either your a) intern or b) children…I mean, if you were a child-bride. 

The french indie-pop rockers put on a stellar show as the lead singer thrashed around stage and threw his mic into the air.  The group was humbled by their fan appreciation in broken english,  “Ahh, every time we come here, the crowd gets biggger an’ bigger.  We do not expect everyone to sing lyrics. Zank you. Merci beaucoup.”  Although he spaced out on ‘Too Young’ and forgot some of the words, I attribute to him wondering, ‘Ah, what am I singing again?’

If you like Phoenix, why not sample some tracks from Friendly Fires or Tahiti 80?  And as an avid concert goer, here are some tips to live by to enjoy your concert experience.

  1. Early Bird Gets the Worm – Go early enough to see the opening act, only if you want to see them.  Arriving a half hour into the doors opening guarantees you a pretty good spot to view the stage, allows time for a washroom break and to grab a drinkie-drink. 
  2. Don’t Touch Me – Have respect for others personal space and no elbows out.  When maneuvering around other patrons, say ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you’ when they part like the Red Sea.   
  3. Think About Others – Dance if you wanna dance.  Sing if your voice isn’t like nails on a chalkboard. 
  4. VIP Exit – Leave part way through the final encore song.  You can grab your coat and make a mad dash for the doors avoiding the crush of masses through the exit and out the parking lot.  Smart.


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