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Attire For a Rockstar Karaoke Party 101

Some people think I’m nutters when it comes to throwing a thematic soiree.  Clearly, I don’t hang with these people.  My friends, however, enjoy that the fact that as a partygirl since my tweens, I have experience setting the mood for an OOC party that delivers on many counts such as a) creativity, b) original party venue, c) cohesive fashionistah dress code, and d) follow through on party hype. 

The first event of to kick off the festive holiday season is a Rockstar Karaoke party where guests will summon up the courage after a few rounds of  liquid danger (aka vodka) to belt out power ballads in front of strangers.  I have persuaded friends to arrive at The Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St. West) dripping in Queen West West Sequins meets Hipster Rockstar.  What does this look like, pray tell? 

My imagination runs wild.  Allow me to style this outfit to life…

  • Black Sequin Blazer or Sequin leggings – Pick your poison but you can only have one.  Just like I would never advise double-denim.  Seriously offensive if you double dip.  While the sequin blazer is the hottest thing with jeans or leggings, the version by LaRok has a tailored fit and tuxedo styling.  I have been trying to persuade girls with twigs for legs to buy a pair of sequin leggings.  Let’s save this trend for the SB’s (skinny bitches) we love.  Both are stunning evening looks.

Perfect for rocking the mic: LaRok Vegas Vacation jacket


Boyfriends forget roses. True romance=LaRok sequin leggings.


  • Rockstar Jewellery – Your tour stylist would pull multi-chain necklaces or chunky gold links.  If you’re on stage, you must think about the glow you will cast as you belt out tunes. Anything reminiscent of a disco-ball is the right direction.  I am loving these RJ Graziano bracelets with the crystal accents and lightning bolts. 

Stupid Cute But Don't Mess: RJ Graziano Zig Zag Cuff

  • Stud Accent Pumps – If you aren’t in line to become the next American Idol, keep the crowd distracted with your studded stilettos.  Nothing keeps the audience (or at least the girls) engaged like killer shoes.  And yeah, yeah, I’m obsessed with studs. 

They don't love you like I love you: Dolce Vita Trinity Stud Pump in Clay



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