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Zippers, Grommets and Studs…Oh My!

Carrie's belt

Killing it! The Patricia Field stud cincher. Obsessed with Carrie's belt too?

Nothing makes me ‘ooh and ahh’ these days like accessories accented with zippers, grommets and studs.  There is something perversely dark and edgy about any of these details.  Perhaps it’s a hint of after-hours dominatrix mixed with punk rocker in a smokey, dilapidated Lower Manhattan dive bar.  Or maybe that’s just me.

While any of these styles can be pretty conventional as far as recycled fashion goes, the key to integrating ‘a trend’ into your look is to adapt it either subtlely or as a statement.  I prefer to go all the way…Volumes more fun.  And ask yourself, why have only a little fun, when you can have A LOT

  • Zippers – I’m not talking the fly on your jeans or the closure that keeps your wallet safe in your handbag, I mean using zippers as part of the aesthetic design.  I have seen wonderful interpretations of zippers strewn across tops haphazardly, bunched as fleurettes accenting a scoop neckline or even used to edge leather ruffles on a hobo bag.  The key here is that zippers are all form, no function. 
stud jimmy choo

Beloved by Rachel Bilson: Jimmy Choo studded booties.

  • Studs – I’m not talking about that vampire guy from Twilight or the head captain of the football team, I mean those silver or gold metallic buttons that add a special sparkle to clothing or accessories.  The most notable are the studs we are seeing all over birdcage stilettos and sexy boots.  Today, I saw the most beautiful leather opera gloves with tiny stud details and shiny, black patent with geometric studs.  My friend A got me a studded Giles top from London, fashioned into a the head of a tiger (sounds like an over the top extravaganza because it is).  It has a very interesting shiny, tactile quality and when asked to feel it, I respond, “See, See. No touch.”  That, or $5 please.  haha.
nine west birdcage

Nine West studded birdcage stiletto. A littles less in your face but a statement nonetheless!

  • Grommets – I have no witty analogy for this one.  While I do love grommets, I don’t feel nearly as passionate about them as I do studs.  What can I say?  I live in truth.  The best interpretation is on something completely unexpected such as these Coach lacquered wooden bangles.  The disproportionate size of the grommets is enhancing the enticement.   
coach grommet

Coach Grommet Bangle. So glamourous.

 To perfect your look, remember to smudge your smokey eyes and shake up your hair like you just don’t care.  Rock on!

taylor momsen

Taylor Momsen covering FASHION interpreting Madonna 'Like a Virgin'



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