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Finding Time For The City

Whit nonchalantly colour blocks clothes on a rolling rack. Channelling Bardot.

Whit nonchalantly colour blocks clothes on the rolling rack whilst channelling Bardot.

Personally, I can’t commit to more than one television show at a time.  Right now my devotion is to Gossip Girl.  When I do have a spare moment I do try to squeeze in a few episodes of The City.  It’s interesting to watch these quasi-reality shows depicting life in fashion.  I think the indie soundtracks and the plethora of sequins make everything seem more glamourous.  Whitney Port appears down to earth on her show, always trying to do the right thing while everyone is dog-eat-dog competitive vying to be crowned the Next Top Fashionistah It Girl.  She is also wardrobed in some pretty cute boho-downtown chic ensembles. 

To live in truth, I wasn’t really into the first season, however, they have made some drastic improvements:

  1. Whitney has a New Mane Man – There were times when Whit was doing PR at DVF and her hair looked like it could have used a blowout, leave-in conditioner and some velcro rollers.  Who’s with me?  Her hair is looking more Pantene these days, which I fully support.
  2. Bad Girls – Toot! Toot! Ahh! Beep! Beep! (Donna Summer)  Although Olivia is everyone else’s favourite socialite villain, I quite like Roxy’s rebellious streak and party girl-devil may care attitude.  I also like the introduction of no nonsense Erin.  I’ll tell you now and I won’t say it again, ‘Don’t mess with PR girls.’  They will cut you.
  3. Love Interests – City dating is hard, even for girls with really, really, long legs and perfect lipgloss.
  4. Heiress Comedy – I like it when they show Olivia ascending from the subway stairwell like a common person.  Or the time Elle made her go to Canal Street to do some investigative reporting by purchasing fake Louis Vuittons and Balenciagas.  I imagine she must have had the spa hose her down with vinegar that evening.
  5. Quotable Whit – Our girl is kicking up the ante with her witty remarks. When referring to her rendez-vous with her hipster rocker ex-boyfriend. “It’s like I did it.  And then I quit it.”  Hilarious.


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