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Lana Del Rey Style

I love the dramatic retro `60s cat eyeliner and pale lipstick

I love the dramatic retro `60s cat eyeliner and pale lipstick

I blame my friend S for my ruin.  She gently twisted my arm and we bought stellar tickets to Beyoncé.  She only gets reallyx3 good tickets to concerts.  She wants to see them up close and personal.  She wants to see them sweat.  But now that I’ve been spoiled, I can’t go backwards and every time I get tickets to something, I need to be right up in the action.  Slippery slope and it’s what I like to call a shame spiral.

Of all the bands and artists I have yet to see, I put it out there that I would like to see Lana Del Rey.  Lo and behold, the universe delivered in the form of a Live Nation alert.  So I bit the bullet and I’m going to see her do her gangster-Nancy Sinatra thing in the Spring (a rhyme).

Here is a playlist of my faves on repeat…  She will be releasing a new album in 2014 Ultraviolence

  1. Summer Wine – with James Barrie O`Neill (cover of Nancy Sinatra = fun!)
  2. Ride
  3. Yayo
  4. Blue Velvet
  5. Ridin`- with ASAP Rocky
  6. Bel Air
  7. Bonus: Link to her short film Tropico
Head tilt: Lana del Rey for H&M

Head tilt: Lana del Rey for H&M

Lana Del Rey in Vogue Italia

Lana Del Rey in Vogue Italia

Quintessential Lana Del Rey is a dramatic eye. I like it when they also style her hair with waves via Vogue Japan

Quintessential Lana Del Rey is a dramatic eye. I like it when they also style her hair with waves via Vogue Japan

Toro! She collaborated with Baz Luhrman on Young & Beautiful for the Great Gatsby soundtrack. She's channelling a bullfighter non?

Toro! She collaborated with Baz Luhrman on Young & Beautiful for the Great Gatsby soundtrack. She’s channelling a bullfighter non?



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Countdown to Beyonce “Mrs. Carter Show”

Beyonce Vogue 2013

High fashion B so pretty in Vogue 2013

Hmm, not sure that I know anyone that isn’t kind of, sort of, obsessed with Beyoncé.  And if you told me otherwise, I would serve you some talk to the hand, “Girrl, you be craaazy.”  My Ticketmaster alert did not go off because, duh, I forgot to set her as one of my favourites.  Sometimes I can be such an imbecile *wink* but I didn’t waste any sad faces when I found out her shows were sold out.  With my sunny disposition, I had a profound belief that if there’s a will, there’s ALWAYS a way.  Trust. (the secret)

Beyonce Countdown

Beyoncé says Hipsters love Countdown. “Me and my boo and my boo boo riding…” obviously my favourite lyric

Mentioning my lack of Beyoncé tickets at the lunch table, my friend S was all about it.  Step 1 Find a concert partner in crime accomplished.  A few weeks later, in a follow up chat we decided we should probably be putting more effort into finding tickets.  Then as luck should have it, new tickets were released.  Step 2 Get tickets close enough to see B booty shake, hair flip, sweat, etcetera, etc.  A done deal.  Such are the spoils of fate.  Never give up!

Perhaps you want to brush up on your hip hop – See 47 of Beyoncé’s Absolute Best Dance Moves on Buzzfeed.

Beyonce tour

A month away until Beyoncé’s tour lands in Toronto. I am too excited. Are you going?

Les Twins

Les Twins – Kind of obsessed too with those zany French brothers Larry and Laurent who are reknown for their new-style hip hop

Beyonce Cafe Nervosa

Last summer, the Carters were spotted at Café Nervosa in Yorkville. If you like Italian, this place is always good for a cozy chic atmosphere and delicious food.



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Got Secrets Can’t Leave Cancun

Say cheese! We totally took this photo inspired by Vogue 1993 Beauty & the Beach. The memories are all flooding back!

I have a slew of friends who are packing their luggage for warmer destinations come mid-December.  There is only one word: jalouse! (that’s jealous in French).

Recently, at our annual fashionistah holiday brunch, we reminisced about our university graduation trip to Cancun. A few years later, older and wiser, I went on a girls vacation with my bestie C.  Before departing for the airport, I told her father not to worry if he saw bloody beaches on the news; it would be the trail of broken hearts we would leave behind.  Can you believe he let her go on vacay with moi? 

Two girls in Mexico?!!  It was a make or break trip for our friendship but somehow we managed to get into heaps of sketchy fun without the drrrrama.  Stuff that brings back fond memories of Mexico:

Tan faster! Australian Gold so you don't blind the locals with your pasty white legs.

Chloe sunglasses with the rhinestone heart detail. I still have mine. Do you have yours?

Dress for that tropical climate in an emerald green TBags Maxi dress. The best air conditionning is 'no pants.'

This Jemma Jube crochet bikini via Vogue Australia reminds of my bestie's from Preloved circa 2001. Cutes.


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More, More, More Fall Must-Haves

I can't say I was impressed by Lady Gaga on the cover of Vogue September 2012, however, I do dig her giant fuschia feather hat and tiny Marie Antoinette mole.

The reason why the September issue is a bazillion pages is that designers go all out for Fall.  Forget weight training, just go to the newstand and pick up a few magazines.  Heavy!  This is the best time of year to purge your closet (donate or give your friends some duds) and make room for a few new pieces to jump-start your wardrobe. 

As promised, morex3 Fall Fashion Must-Haves:

  • The Scarf Print – A Baroque pattern inspired by 80′s Versace motifs is one of the standout prints of the season.  I particulary like it on a floaty chiffon blouse or on a silk scarf.  To channel your inner Jackie O. take a square scarf, folding it into a triangle and tie the points at the nape of your neck.  Allow the scarf to drape loosely creating a cowl.  This is my favourite look with a fitted blazer.  Super chic!

Inspiration for Glamazons: Versace Fall Couture 2012

The classic Hermes scarf also inspires many contemporary motifs gracing apparel this season.

  • Skinny Of The Future - This season there are many denim options – jewel tones, printed or coated.  Take your pick!  While colour denim was hottt for Spring/Summer, we are seeing denim in Fall hues such as burgundy, mustard, emerald, turquoise and magenta.  For edgier fashionistahs, there are styles in tie-dye, metallic and faux leather finishes. 

Run about town in your Ernest Sewn Skinny in Turquoise. Best paired with leather riding boots.

These Paige Skyline Leaf Print Skinnies remind me of a craft project. Conversational jeans. Me like.

  • Eye of the Tiger – The koala is my power animal when I am sleepy but when I am all riled up, it’s leopard, cheetah or tiger all the way.  Animal prints are easy pieces to add to your transitional wardrobe (especially paired with camel or burgundy), but there is a major emphasis on tigers for Fall/Winter.  These giant tiger heads are popping up on sweaters, dresses and tops. 

Meow! Purr! Hiss! Are you happy to see me or is that a giant tiger on your Moschino dress? Whimsical & nonsense-ical!


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In Search of Inspiration…

A plethora of inspiration boards.

I like to think of myself as a renaissance woman.  Inspiration for me is everywhere but I do have an abundance of sources… 

On Fashion – Working in the industry, I am constantly surrounded by clothes and accessories.  Like a chocoholic in Serendipity.  I have many wonderful fashionistah friends who always have their own distinct personal style.  Brunch is never just brunch — it’s a lookbook.  Reading magazines (my faves are Harper’s Bazaar & Vogue) and fashion blogs will also keep you up to date on how to adapt a trend. 

Whoa gorgessity! Emma Stone covers July Vogue. As far as I'm concerned, it's the fashion bible.

On Beauty – The best resource for beauty is Allure.  I learned how to apply makeup from reading the tutorials, collecting books from Kevyn Aucoin and practicing on my friends.  I still beg them to let me before we go out; but they willingly oblige because I do a fierce smokey eye.  In my early 20′s I visited my first Sephora in Paris.  As you can imagine, the clouds parted, the rays of sunshine beamed down and angels sang ‘Alleluia.’  Then I entered, sprayed glitter in my friends’ hair, sampled eyeshadows and played with lipgloss for two hours.  A heavenly experience.

The glorious Sephora on Les Champs Elysees, Paris.

To Live Well – As a bohogi, it sounds cliche but I value every experience from having sangria with friends to afternoon walks in the park.  I love to travel and experience different cultures, so I constantly look at Conde Nast Traveller and dream of an exotic adventure.  I never know how or when I will get there, but I put it out there and make a plan to go.  The universe always delivers!   

Read more about finding inspiration on living well on BlogHer and don’t forget to enter the Life Well Lived Sweepstakes.

My absolutely favourite museum Caixa Forum in Madrid, Spain. They have installations, documentaries, live performances and an amazing gift shop.


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Recruiting A Dance Army

Whoa-oh-oh! Beyonce recruits a dance army. Take no prisoners.

Impromptu dance parties are de rigueur in our household.  I like to imitate my roomie’s trademark finger snapping, bootie half moon, where she swivels her hips in the shape of a crescent to the effect of “hey, hey, hey! check it!”  In return, she mimics my hands up for the party people and very 90′s supermodel-diva stomp sprinkled with a little Vogue action.  We are equal opportunity dance-off partners.  And we support the uninhibited, random dance of all our friends and visitors.

Late on the scene, I have acquired an obsession with the “Single Ladies” choreography.  When the song was all the rage, I told my cousin that she should totally request that her friends do the dance for her 18th birthday.  The girls arrived to party with cocktail dresses on but prepared an outfit change to black leotard dresses.  They performed a highly rehearsed Gaga/Beyonce remix.  Oh snap!  Teens are very good at picking up choreo.  So very impressive.

To get you in the mood, some of my picks for your random Friday dance pleasure:

Dance like you cannot dance. Stretch your hammies in this American Apparel spandex bodysuit.

Did you see that? Watch my back in these American Apparel Stirrup Tights

I Got Soul, but I'm Not a Soldier. Work it out in these metallic London Sole ballet flats.

Who's got flare? Get spirit finger-ed away in these Accessorize Nude Cut out Jazz Shoes.

In my estimation, a really good dance song or remix should encourage you off the couch or delay you from washing the dishes…  This beat waits for no one!

  • I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li (Magician Remix)
  • Stop Me – Mark Ronson f. Daniel Merriweather
  • Til The World Ends – Britney Spears
  • Sister Wife – Alex Winston (Star Slinger Remix)
  • Somebody to Love Me – Mark Ronson & The Business Intl (ft. Boy George & Miike Snow)

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