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The Love Collage & Trend Trunk Gift Card Giveaway

Hello dearies, Are you having a very merry holiday thus far?  Are you snuggling by the fire roasting marshmallows while it’s snowing and freezing rain?  Are you dancing around your living room in your fluffy slippers and legwarmers to indie covers of Christmas classics?  Just moi!

Vintage Cherry Dress: I bought this at I Miss You Vintage but I never wore it. Could be yours!

Vintage Cherry Dress: I bought this at I Miss You Vintage but I never wore it. Could be yours!

To thank you for your continued love and support, click on the link below to get a free giftcard from The Love Collage and Trend Trunk.  You can also peruse my closet for goodies by clicking on the Trend Trunk badge on the left under “SHOP MY CLOSET.”  Click here: xo Vanessa

Michael Kors boots with 100% proceeds going to The Corsage Project.

Michael Kors boots with 100% proceeds going to The Corsage Project



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Got Secrets Can’t Leave Cancun

Say cheese! We totally took this photo inspired by Vogue 1993 Beauty & the Beach. The memories are all flooding back!

I have a slew of friends who are packing their luggage for warmer destinations come mid-December.  There is only one word: jalouse! (that’s jealous in French).

Recently, at our annual fashionistah holiday brunch, we reminisced about our university graduation trip to Cancun. A few years later, older and wiser, I went on a girls vacation with my bestie C.  Before departing for the airport, I told her father not to worry if he saw bloody beaches on the news; it would be the trail of broken hearts we would leave behind.  Can you believe he let her go on vacay with moi? 

Two girls in Mexico?!!  It was a make or break trip for our friendship but somehow we managed to get into heaps of sketchy fun without the drrrrama.  Stuff that brings back fond memories of Mexico:

Tan faster! Australian Gold so you don't blind the locals with your pasty white legs.

Chloe sunglasses with the rhinestone heart detail. I still have mine. Do you have yours?

Dress for that tropical climate in an emerald green TBags Maxi dress. The best air conditionning is 'no pants.'

This Jemma Jube crochet bikini via Vogue Australia reminds of my bestie's from Preloved circa 2001. Cutes.


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The Spice Girls: Then & Now

Spice Girls at the Brit Awards: I just adore Geri in her Union Jack Dress and her undies hanging out. LOVE.

The Spice Girls at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony. I adore my Baby Spice in her pink futuristic frock. Le sigh!

Let’s talk a stroll down Spice Girl memory lane.  Let’s dust off our 90′s memorabilia and pop our cd into the ghettoblaster.  Remember when you “chaperoned” your tween niece and her friends during the Spice concert? They were so embarrassed when you made them stand on their seats and sing along to “Stop right now, thank you very much, I need somebody with a human touch…” (and do the actions).  How about the heartbreak you felt when you saw the news headlines that Geri left the band in the middle of her North American tour? Devastated, right?

Remember when you voted for your city to become a stop for the Spice reunion tour?  Then got your friend’s husband to dial incessantly for 2 hours to get ‘Front of the Line’ tickets? Or maybe that was just moi? Whatever, you were obsessed too.

 Watch these awesome classic Spice Girl videos –  some my favourite spice tracks:

  1. Too Much
  2. Wannabe
  3. Say You’ll Be There
  4. 2 Become 1
  5. Spice Up Your Life
  6. Goodbye

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Return of the Rock Concert

Surprisingly, Brandon Flowers looks damn good in feathers. So I take my sister to a Killers concert and she's all: "I love his British accent." *Swoon* I'm like, "Um, Brandon is from Las Vegas." Insert sisterly-giggles!

Life has been hectic and come to think of it, I have been missing one of my favourite past times — attending rock concerts.  I went through a phase where I went ALL the time with my friend H.  On a Thursday, we would have cocktails at her bachelorette pad then take in a live show at a sketchy bar or concert venue.  The next day, we would drag our tired selves into work, the aftersmell of smoke masked by extra hair conditioner and dark eye circles disguised with a heavy-handed application of concealer.  Ahhhh, those were the days!   And such fond memories. Methinks I will bring it back.

Here are a few alterna-pop rock songs, I obsess over listen to on repeat:

  • Miike Snow – Paddling
  • TV On The Radio – Will Do
  • Kele – Everything You Wanted (RAC Remix)
  • Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out

Sometimes Julian mumbles but I adore The Strokes. Nothing better than 12:51 or Reptilia live, non?

Keep your hands free so you can drink and dance with that cute hipster by the bar. Shake your fringe with a Z&L Marrakesh Crossbody Bag

Wildfox T-shirt Dress. While it’s a dress, please pair it with leggings, otherwise people will think you forgot your pants at home. Trust.

Exactly how I would wear Joe's Jeans Ponte Pants! There's something edgy about grey jeans that makes them perfect for rocking out.

Once the movie 'Rock of Ages' comes out, you know there's going to be a big hair, acid wash and punk revival. Sienna pairs her acid wash jeggings with a cozy t and slouchy sweater.


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Fashionistah Frontlines: Clash of the Patterns

The patron saint of Fashionistah Eccentrics. Dear Iris Apfel, Bless me with "compliments" and those that mock me, may they get it in 5 years.

“Be not afraid of mixing your polka dots, florals and ginghams.” – moi.

I have always been a champion of the fashionistah adventuress; to take risks in wardrobing is always more rewarding than donning a uniform of head-to-toe black. Don’t you want to show your grandchildren pictures of you in your 20′s wearing the trendiest fashions of the times? I lament at my mom’s photos, “Damn, I wish you kept that outfit. That’s vintage!” This Spring has me sooooooo excited because of the variety of styling options and the return of saturated colour.

One trend that I believe will take a while to be embraced by the masses is the mix n’ match of patterns.  Why? Well, it will take a bit of a stylist eye and hella confidence to pull off.  But fret not my dearies.  I am here to guide you through treacherous waters. 

STEP 1)  I Am Style – Just pretend you are the Creative Director of ELLE Decor and your outfit is your living room.  Hrm, would that shade of pink look good on the curtains matched to the coral throw pillows to the stripe divan?  No, maybe, yessss?  YES!  Firstly, where did you learn to be so negative?  Strike NO from your vocab and give it a whirl.  You think Iris would condone this wishy-washy attitude?

The classic silhouette of this Equipment Blouse would do well paired with any print or pattern. Imagine it in an electric cobalt or a tiny flecked pattern. It would totally go. TRUST.

This Alice + Olivia Floral Print Dress is lovely, non? But we can crank the volume by pairing it with a bright purple blazer or jacquard jacket.

STEP 2) Colour Balance - Getting the combination right also has less to do with the motifs you match than with the brightness and contrast of hues you are wearing.  If you wear a bright, best to pair with a bright.  If you wear a pattern in a muted tone, you can probably punch up your outfit with a hot colour.

Remember how I wrote about the rage for Coral Jeans a year ago? Watch out for Floral printed like the Current/Elliott Stiletto Skinny. Tell ya little friends

STEP 3) Accessorize wisely – Since you have already taken risks with your outfit choice, you can take it down a few notches with less obvious accessories.  You can never go wrong with nude pumps or the sable-grey that has become the new neutral.

Delicious: Enjoying the hushed blush tones of this Chloe Poya Patent Bag


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Breaking News: Polka Dot Is The New Pink

Black & White & Spotted: No slip required at Gucci Fall 2011

…Or should I say, the new stripe?  Hrmm, the first title has a much zippier zing.  It’s the alliteration of the p’s.

I have always been a major fan of the polka dot, from the charming, darling miniscule to the very retro oversize.  Much like the saturation of the stripe of Spring/Summer, you will begin to see the print take over this Fall like a game of connect the dots come to life.  This will be an easy trend to incorporate into your wardrobe as it can be integrated into the fabric of your most flattering silhouette or thrown under your blazer as a basic t-shirt.  One thing is for sure, if you don’t get spotted, you will find yourself among a sea of fashionistahs asking, “Um, I didn’t get the memo.  Is it Polka Dot Day?”

Channel Brigitte Bardot: Oh yes, polka dot capris. So relevant.

The polka dot is retro in spirit but interpretation is what makes it fresh and modern.  If you plan to go black and white with no pop of colour or irony, I have fallen asleep on this trend, comatose with boredom.  Sounds like, ”ZZZZZzzzzz”  But I want your name to be the first to go into the snap box (see/ Legally Blonde 2), get complimented by a stranger on the elevator/subway or reach your 3 compliment a day quota.

Colourful Blaze of Glory – Let your colour palette do the talking.  Why not choose a deep navy with a coral dot or pair your black & white dotted chiffon blouse with a cobalt blue mini?  Now, you’re outfit is speaking to me!  Tip:  While black and white dots will likely permeate the stores, opt for a vibrant bright top to go with a black background or choose a paler shade to go with white.

Polka Dot of the Times: The bright hue of this Forever 21 dotted blouse feels right now.

You know what would make this outfit major? A giant Wilma Flinstone coral necklace! Juicy Couture Polka Dot Keyhole dress

My Girlcrush Emma Stone working a serious look in her Marc Jacobs top hat. Convinced yet?

Reminds me of a Mushroom: Marc by Marc Jacobs cocktail ring

Stripes vs. Dots Mashup – Do you dare?  Wearing last season’s stripes with this season’s dots is very French Vogue.  This is for the fashionistah adventuress who unabashedly defies convention, who trusts her instincts when pairing the right stripe with the exact dot…and even if it’s a bit off, she doesn’t care because she’s cool and aloof and you wish you were her.  Wear with confidence.

French Vogue spread Les Peches with Lara Stone. Trust.


July 27, 2011   1 Comment