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Dreaming of Your Vacation

The Maldives are sinking. We sort of really, need to go. Shangri-la-la-la.

When I see little macrame white dresses and bejewelled sandals in stores, I have a major pang of ‘wanderlust.’  Resort clothing means vacation time for the snowbirds that flock abroad for a natural tan, sun kissed tresses and major relaxation.  This year, I am on stay-cation (insert ugly, uncontrollable sob) but for my LC dearies, I have compiled the best of Resort so that I may live vicariously through your wine-ing, dining, dancing and romancing.  If you have a fabulous time, that is all that matters.

There is nothing like burying your toes in the sand whilst enjoying a refreshing pina colada.  Or swimming in an infinity pool that stretches into the ocean.  Or gliding carelessly along clandestine cobblestone pathways.  Or dining al fresco watching the sun repose…in a precisely selected vacation wardrobe.

Just the way I like it: Earthy meets ruffle and belted! Alice + Olivia Avindale Maxi

Loving the wispy tiered quality of this Parker Tie Front Dress

  • Maxi Dress, Yes Please – A bohemian’s vacation wardrobe staple, the rich colours and breezy material are perfect for long daytime walks on the beach or navigating through market stalls.  There’s something about a maxi dress that puts you in a more relaxed state of mind.  Nicole Richie loves it.   

Balenciaga Oversize Two Tone Sunnies.

  • A Fresh Pair of Sunnies – Sunglasses are one of those things that I secretly hoard.  I can no longer justify buying cat eye sunglasses in different shades of tortoise shell.  I know.  It’s just wrong.  Badx3.  However, the ombre effect of this Spring’s crop of oversized Jackie O. styled sunglasses is quite delightful.

Seriously? Seriously. City of Love Ballerina Flats from Anthropologie.

  • Dancing In The Street – I have often been interrogated by airline personnel as to why my luggage was sooo over the weight limit.  “Miss, what is in your suitcase?” (insert slight annoyance with smidge of trying not to laugh) To which I replied, “Shoes.”  The right shoes will have you tip tapping on steps, grabbing your travel partners hand to skip down the block and walk-walk-walking all over that city.
  • A Relaxed Blouse – Perfect for days when lady-like is in order (such as visits to a church or temple, walks through museums where they crank up the air conditionning, a proper high tea, etc), a painted chiffon blouse would look stunning paired with shorts, accessorized with a few gold necklaces. 

Channelling Landscape Painter in an Anthropologie Flora Blouse

The world is your oyster. Conde Nast Traveller is a great reference for 'where to go next?'


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Gossip Girl: When in Paris, Do As The French

Mademoiselle Leighton and Mademoiselle Blake have landed in gay Paris to begin filming Season 4 of our guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl.  The first stills preview amazing fashions from Monsieur Eric Daman, who kicks it up 10 notches every season.  And now it’s off the radar.  Let’s dissect shall we?  Apres-vous…

Besties B & S taking a stroll on a cobblestone street in designer duds. Ooh lala! C'est la vie.

Fashion Ratatouille – I am loving how Blair mixes two oversize prints of cherries in a halter and a parachute bubble skirt.  How do they achieve this hemline magic?  Small strings are affixed to the hem and a corresponding one midway up the skirt folds to tie.  It’s a variation on the bubble (which is highly underrated as far as I’m concerned).  Serena matches her sequin birdcage mini dress with a boyfriend blazer.  Girly + Menswear.  Well played ladies.

Munching on Macarons – These delectable treats are a french confection, a tiny puff cookie made from whipped meringue and filled with decadent cream.  Kind of like an Oreo, but waaaay better.  They come in a variety of flavours from raspberry and chocolat to green tea or rose; such yummy and beautiful fare be found in fancy patisseries such as Fauchon.

Known for their fashionistah packaging, Fauchon serves baked goods a la chi-chi. If you happen to be in Paris, can you grab me a box?

I’m on Vacay, Can’t You Tell? – Nothing says vacation like palazzo pants.  This outfit combination is killing me (in a good way).  I am adoring the unpredictable colour combination of peach high-waisted floods with a nude silk tank top and emerald green stone necklace.   A tan braided belt (a serious necessity in a wardrobe) and lady-like shoes finishes the look. 

Serena stops traffic in her peach palazzo. Have you ever noticed? European men are so forward. It's like they haven't seen a woman before.


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BRB (Be Right Back)

I know. The water looks this clear in real life. Sigh...

Love acronyms.  Forget Pig Latin.  The LC needs a proper pre-tan before it’s bare legs season so it’s off to Thailand for MOH duties (maid of honour).  While I will try my bestest to keep up with writing, I cannot make any promises should I a) be having too much crazytown fun b) be travelling non-stop with nary an Internet cafe in sight c) meet up with a Leo DiCaprio clone circa The Beach (sans modelizer tendencies).  Fresh love returns with the very best tan EV-ERRR in April.

XOXOx (big kiss, big hug, big kiss, big hug, little kiss) The LC

The Best Leo: post-Titanic with a tan, not so carby. yeow.



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Feeling Vacation Tingles

Tunic Fever: I love the simplicity of this gold embroidered Lisa Curran tunic

When do you start getting excited for vacation?  Generally, I find that trips and holidays often creep up on me.  Suddenly, it’s a week before departure and I am scrambling to tick off ‘things to do’ on a substantial check list.  Luckily, my closet is fully stacked for leisurely vacations of the sunny beach variety.  I even have a storage bin titled ‘Beach,’ a stable of batik pareos and a kitchen shelf devoted entirely to Lonely Planet guidebooks. 

This upcoming journey takes me to faraway Thailand and Hong Kong.  I am not looking forward to the long-haul but it is the price to pay for travel.  I will be packing for many purposes: a) adventure and sight-seeing b) a fancy wedding c) the beach and d) a fashionable cosmopolitan city. To ensure that I have enough to wear without surpassing my baggage allowance, I shall prepare a list of looks and weigh my suitcase before I head to the airport.

Tibi Romper accessorized with the sweetest gold bangles and gladiators.

Channelling Rachel Zoe, I like to whip out my rolling rack and pull looks out of my closet to ensure I have covered off all the important events and activities.  When travelling overseas, it is important to consider the three C’s: comfort, climate and culture. 

  • Adventure beckons – Sight seeing often requires looking into cultural norms.  Wearing tight or revealing clothing to temples or certain historical monuments is an absolute no-no.  Instead, opt for a long-sleeved lightweight cotton tunic, cargo pants and closed toe shoes like ballerina flats or runners.  Obviously, don’t wear a dress to zipline through the mountains or pumps to go hiking.  Common sense people. 
  • Wedding Attire – Although many destination weddings are fairly low-key, check in advance for proper dress code.  If the ceremony isn’t held on the beach, do not show up in flip-flops or you will receive the ‘death stare’ from the bride throughout the reception.  To complement my upcoming tan and the turquoise water of the location, I have chosen a BCBG coral ruched, bubble mini with rhinestone detail.  Jersey is a great material to pack because it doesn’t wrinkle and it’s forgiving comfortable after eating a five-course meal.
  • The Beach – Where’s Leo?  The best part of any vacation is undoubtedly ordering pina coladas while basking in the rays, reading some Chick-lit and listening to the crashing waves of the ocean.  The other great part is wearing a different bikini, head scarf and tunic combination every day.  One word: photoshoot!
  • Cosmos Please – Going to a foreign, metropolitan city offers new excitement – great food at chic restaurants, more sight-seeing, exuberant nightlife and plenty of shopping options.  One great bit of advice when wondering where the ‘cool’ local kids hang out is to go to a fashionable boutique, look around for the coolest person you see and ask them where they would go out on a Thursday night.  And presto, you’ve found your golden ticket!  This is where you can dress the part of Carrie Bradshaw.

I am dying for this DVF Tiered Ruffle Coverup!

Nothing says vacay like a pair of gold woven gladiator sandals from Kate Spade.


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Sisters, Sisters…

Olsens at Chanel: Your fave sisters and mine

“There were never such devoted sisters! Never had to have a chaperone, no sir…Lord, help the mister who comes between me and my sister…”  You know the rest of that song, right?  Perhaps you’ve seen the SNL skit with the two country singing sisters and the oddball, freakish one with doll arms and a receding hairline?  It’s a keeper.  Ages ago, when I used to work in retail, we used to say “Sisters!” as code word for shoplifter alert/guard the True Religion jeans.  This never worked as I would often respond, “Oh! Your sister’s here?  Can I meet her?” Duh.

While it is a rarity that I get some QT (quality time) with my sister now that she’s a married woman, we did get to re-ignite some old-fashioned sisterly fun whilst on our girls only getaway.  I admit growing up, our age gap of 1 1/2 yrs gave us much to fight about like stealing each other’s clothes, talking at school and fighting about washroom usage, time has definitely mellowed us. 

  • Rom-com’s Galore – My sister really likes them but I’m not big on romantic comedies. I will watch them if they are on tv.  I do not own a television so my mind was itching for vacant, mind-numbing nonsensical movies like What Happens in Vegas, 50 First Dates, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad (okay, that one’s not a rom-com, more like bromance). 
  • Co-ordinated Dress Code – I like to do match outfits with girlfriends too but it’s different when you get to do it with your sister.   It’s even more over the top than usual, but more socially acceptable because you share the same blood, hence, the same closet.
  • Pre-meditated Shopping Banter – When it comes to shopping, there’s nothing like pulling out a dress from a rack and looking at my sister, “OMG, how cuuuuuuuuuuute?”  To which she replies, “Sooooo cute!”  I ask again, “How cuuuuute?” To which she replies with increased emphasis, “Soooooooooo cute!”  I’m sure you have something similiar with your sibling. 

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Resort Report: Rompers Ahead

“Rainy days and Monday’s always get me down.”  Don’t you love the Carpenters?  It’s no wonder people suffer from the winter blues.  Grey skies and downpouring rain is akin to giant teardrops.  Sadness.  Whoa, whoa, whoa. 

Fashionistah avant-garde: Miss Richie working her silk romper like 2 years ago.

This week while leafing through January 2010 issues at the magazine stand, I was renewed with hope and optimism.  Spring fashion does it for me.  The explosion of vibrant colours, trend reports in accessories, new silhouettes re-invented and above all, the promise of warm weather to sashay these hottt styles in.  Luckily, Resort wear comes out to bridge the gap between Winter and Spring, much like Fall Trans (transitional).  Don’t you love all this fashion lingo?

For me, one trend which I will embrace with loving arms is The Romper.  Similar to the bubble skirt, the romper flies below the radar, waiting patiently in the wings for the mainstream to take hold of the trend.  Maybe this trend will never ignite but it’s a style that I recommend for the fashion risk-taker.  By definition, the romper is a loose-fitting one-piece garment having short bloomers, worn especially by children for play.  Sounds delicious, non?

Glamour Vacationistah – For rompers which have the versatility of day to night, there are styles in silk, light floral chiffons or printed cottons.  Sometimes high heels look off with miniskirts, however, the platform with romper works veryx3 well indeed. 

A Patterned Romper to Write Home About: Tibi Coral Reef

Utilitarian Romper – Imagine a loose fitting cotton style in a khaki or a soft denim to trek through city streets and a pair of embellished gladiators.  I have seen some very fetching versions from BCBG and French Connection – so freakin’ cute.

Charlotte Ronson romper. Would be so cute with multi-chain coral necklace and fringe sandals. You die!


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