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Quintessential California

A Perfect Day: Summer & Marissa get their tan and drank on.

OMG, I have been such a baaaaad blogger! Naughtyx3. 

After much cajoling from my loyal fashionistah friends and followers, I have plugged in my laptop to write a fresh post.  It’s a blessing, a Chinese New Year of the Dragon ‘Gung Hay Fat Choy’ kind of miracle that I have a few minutes reprieve to write this.  But it’s far from home that I find myself and inspired to write about where I am – California (insert Phantom Planet).  Sunshine and palm trees, Hollywood vistas and blonde hair.  It’s like a surreal dream or an episode of Access Hollywood.

The East Coast is so vastly different from the West — people are warmer and the vibe is casual.  There are so many great brands borne out of California, from swimwear to apparel.  With so many celebrities and Richie Riches around, there are a ton of contemporary brands that started off on the West Coast to achieve widespread acclaim.  Lovelies, let’s take a look at some Cali brands and trends…

While Juicy Couture is so early 2000's, I love it on babies, especially their bottoms. Any respectable girl would only wear a full tracksuit lounging around the house.

Love me some Ella Moss, especially a chevron maxi dress. Also look for the softest cottons and jersey knits from Michael Stars, Splendid and C&C California. Purrrr!

Teeter tot on the brightest colour block high heels. Enzo Tolten Slingbacks also come in the most delicious turquoise/seafoam green combo.

My butt looks tight in Paige Premium too. Breaking News: the Men in Spain were all about the coral jeans. Give it a year and it will be all the rage amongst the fashionistah adventuress-skinny bitches.


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The Soundtrack to Sunsets On The Beach

I ask you this: "Why is One Tree Hill still on the air??" I still hope that one day these two get back together. You too, huh?

I haven’t written a music post in a while yet like so many of my diversions, it truly is a passion.  This playlist is a compilation of songs inspired by Seth & Summer.  Songs they would play on the beach while roasting marshmallows to the view of the setting sun and sounds of crashing waves, her clad in her bikini and Juicy hoodie and him in his Penguin shirt and plaid boardshorts.  Is it weird that I’m nostalgic for 2005?  I dated a lot of cute skinny boys that summer, rode around my car Habeebs with my sunroof open, danced under the stars and tanned on the beach.  Good times.

Some sweet sounds.  Dream on young lovers…

  • Summer Camp – I Want You
  • Air – Playground Love
  • Conner Youngblood – A Summer Song
  • Foster the People – Helena Beat
  • Phoenix – Love Like a Sunset
  • Tokyo Police Club – Bambi
  • Young the Giant – Strings
  • Death Cab For Cutie – You Are A Tourist (Seth Cohen’s favourite band)

Rachel Bilson looking super cute in her Missoni bikini. I mean, Adam Brody, what were you thinking? #girlcrush


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Gimme More Rachel Bilson

Ubiquitous.  Definition:  Existing or being everywhere at the same time;  constantly encountered; widespread. 

Ubiquitous, this is how I feel about Rachel Bilson of late.  Soon she will be reuniting with that loveable emo Josh Schwartz, creator of Gossip Girl and The O.C. on her own tv show, about a girl who communicates with dead people.  The premise sounds kind of like Ghost Whisperer or Sixth Sense, but I am sure Mr. Schwartzie will put a special spin on it;  like, every week she gets into some zany romantic comedy, has gorgeous bachelors lined up and traipses around LA dripping in Lanvin and Louboutin’s.  Did you catch her on How I Met Your Mother?  (On an unrelated sidenote, I think in real life it wouldn’t take Ted Mosby that long to find a serious girlfriend. He’s a great catch, except on days when his hair does a weird thing.)   

In the meantime, Miss Bilson has been doing the fashion week rounds in every city (New York, Milan, Paris), giving us a plethora of looks to which we can aspire.  But remember, she has a stylist and she probably has the clothes on loan so don’t feel bad about yourself.

Rachel celebrating Cavalli in the trademark leopard print. I am obsessed with this mermaid tail, sweetheart neckline and off the shoulder action.

At the Chanel SOHO opening, working a high ponytail and fringed mini dress.

Personal Umbrella Holder & Hottt Pink ruffles at Dior SS 2011. Photos courtesy Huffington Post

I'm sneaking in an oldie but a goodie at Marc Jacobs. Couples that colour co-ordinate should never break up. Photo courtesy


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Delicious Fragrances: Mmm, you smell good!

Do you remember that episode of The O.C. where Summer Roberts was trying to rekindle her romance with Seth by telling him how good he smelled?  Then he replied that she liked the smell of salami because he just ate a sub.  Oh, Josh Schwartz, you kill me every time.  My dear friend A has a very funny soliloquy about the use of birth control tampering with the natural effects of pheromones (the body’s natural chemical reaction, a signal for the opposite sex).  She believes that one day you could wake up, look at your boyfriend and say, ‘you disgust me!’ because his scent threw you off. I digress.

Oh, sweet smells of Spring.  There are so many wonderful fragrances to choose from, so many pretty bottles to sniff in the aisles of Sephora.  I like to alternate from heavier and muskier (my current fragrance of choice is Vicks Vapo-Rub because I’m under the weather) to lighter and sweeter as the weather warms up. 

Here are a few delicious scents to get the boys swooning:

  • Burberry Brit – Brit is fun, impulsive, flirty.  I think this is a subtle and delicate daytime fragrance that won’t overpower your senses.  The fragrance has hints of Italian lime, almonds, amber, vanilla and tonka bean.
  • Escada Ocean Lounge – Before I left for a vacation last year, I picked up Ocean Lounge as a nice destination fragrance that is both fruity (lychee, plum, pear) and floral (mimosa blossom, jasmine).  Whoever does the graphic design for the packaging does a great job of communicating what the scent is all about – It’s a hottt summer day. You’re going to the beach in your new bikini, you’ve tied a chiffon scarf in your hair and you are about to get your tan on!

Escada Ocean Lounge. It's Limited edition so get it while you can!

  • Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy – Of course, this scent is seductive – after all, they did name it Sexy!  This is definitely a going out perfume for the evenings spent dancing or having drinks on a candle-lit patio.  Throw on your cutest ruffled mini and top it off with something warmer like a blend of tangerine, bergamot, rose pepper and sandalwood.

I got your number. It's 212 Sexy.


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In Search of Emo

Hipster Love: Rachel & Hayden...should really be Adam. Hellooooo!

A True Story:  The other day, I invited my dance poppet I to visit me for brunch, a bookstore perusal and a leisurely stroll along the Queen West West block.  Since I live in the Fashion & Design district, the streets are teeming with hipsters within a 10 mile radius.  I told my friend to wear skinny jeans to assimilate to his surroundings (like camouflage). haha.  When we passed another civilian male in skinny jeans, I assessed and compared the “tightness” by whether or not I could observe ankles.  I said, “If there was a war on skinny jeans, you would win that battle.”  Comedy ensued. 

The emo hipster is Seth Cohen on the O.C. or Serena Van Der Woodsen’s wannabe trustfund artist boyfriend (for 5 seconds) Aaron Rose on Gossip Girl.  It’s the starving artist at the local cafe writing on his iMac whilst sipping an espresso, the rocker sidling up to the bar at the Dakota ordering what’s on tap.  Is it life imitates art or the other way around?  Personally, I think hipsters are cute.  Generationally, we will always have an archetype of the free-spirited artist which represents a certain time and place.  The hipster is to now as hippies were to the seventies and beatniks were to the fifties.  Makes sense, non?

If I had to describe the hipster, I could break it down by wardrobe… 

  • The essential t-shirt – Deep V American Apparel t-shirt in the lightest weight organic cotton, displaying just the merest hint of chest hair.  You couldn’t consider yourself one if you don’t own it.  

"This old thing? I got it at American Apparel."

  • Facial accoutrements – Emo glasses, the dark rimmed, dramatic kind even for the non-visually impaired.  I suppose it’s a 1950’s homage to retro.  Your vision is perfect?  Dude, that’s lame!  Fake it until you make it.  And throw in some facial hair to complement the hobo look.
  • Lumberjack chic – The city has some rough terrain and no outfit is finished without a dash of a buffalo check, be it on a canvas sneaker or a fringed scarf casually wrapped just so.  When you see a trend stick for more than 3 seasons, it will likely endure. 

Kicking it hipster x 10: Buffalo check canvas runners. What??!


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I've Been Dreaming of A Parkdale Christmas

Good Old Days: Remember when Summer saved Chrismukkah? Teardrop.

I see the Seth Cohen clones on Queen West West streets shivering in their size zero skinny red jeans, walking their girlfriend’s mini French bulldogs enrobed in knit sweaters.  Sweeties, eat a cookie and that leather jacket is appropriate for Fall Trans (Aug-October)!  Get your tooshie indoors and have a mug of apple cider!!  Stat! 

During the holidays we all succumb to being a cozy homebody.  Around my neck of the woods, there is a new marshall law regarding dress code, “Boho chic: Leggings or Leisure Wear ONLY” My friends are digging my wavelength.  Around the house, I have been preparing decadent brunches of crepes with nutella, unseasonal ten-million dollar berries such as strawberries and blackberries with a side of French brie to much fanfare.  The home decor has also been re-vamped with some faux poinsettia and some strategically placed mistletoe. haha.

While shimmying around my lovely Carrie Bradshaw-esque kitchen, I like to crank the holiday tunes.  Not just any old Christmas songs, but the emo(tional) indie rock ones you might find on an O.C. compilation.  It just makes sense given the artsy neighbourhood.

Here some jingles to make you jingle-jangle your can around the house: 

  • Last Christmas – Jimmy Eat World
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Coldplay
  • A Great Big Sled – The Killers
  • Christmas at the Zoo – Flaming Lips
  • Holiday Road – Matt Pond PA
  • O Holy Night – My Morning Jacket
  • The Christmas Song – The Raveonettes
  • Are You Coming Over for Christmas? – Belle and Sebastian

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