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Summer Beach Dreams

Dolce Vita Romper

I never gave up on the romper. I love a good romper/gladiator sandal combo. That’s my drinks on a patio outfit. Loving the cool blues on this Dolce Vita Romper

A girl needs to dream.  A girl needs to dream about a bright sunshine-y day without rain or sleet or snow.  A day without salt stained boots and static-y flyaway hair.  Of turquoise waters and itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikinis.  Having gone on a warm December vacation, my hopes were high for a quick segue way into Spring.  Since that hasn’t been the case, I’ll settle for Summer Beach Dreams.

I have already planned out my travels for the next year (because a girl has got to see the world).  Well, if you’re a follower of the LC, you know how I feel about a gypset wardrobe. If it were tropical here, I would be wearing a caftan walking down the sidewalk.  Some summer loves to keep you daydreaming… *lesigh

Bright bikini babes in H&M Swimwear

Bright bikini babes in H&M Swimwear

Psychedelic dreamers: I really need more Mara Hoffman Resort in my life right now.

Psychedelic dreamers: I really need more Mara Hoffman Resort in my life right now.

Vix St. Marten caftan because you know how I like to channel Morocco.

Vix St. Marten caftan because you know how I like to channel Morocco.

Daria in Gucci Macramé. I actually read this copy of Elle Spain while in Salamanca. Fun fact.

Daria in Gucci Macramé. I actually read this copy of Elle Spain while in Salamanca. Fun fact.



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Christian Louboutin @ The Design Exchange

christian louboutin

The Paris-based shoe designer Christian Louboutin and his iconic shoe, known for its red sole

Funny how when I am travelling abroad, I make it a point to see interesting exhibits, visit every museum and immerse myself in local culture.  But at home, I am less inclined to do the same.  I am putting a stop to such madness.  Adding that to my summer TO DO list!

Recently, I had a beautiful al fresco brunch at Origin (107 King St. East).  Try the refreshing lychee mojito – ahem, you can ask them to de-virginize it.  Afterwards, we took a leisurely stroll to Bay Street to catch the Christian Louboutin exhibit (The Design Exchange from June 21st – September 15th, 2013).  Complimentary with your admission is a year-long subscription to Flare.

Here’s an excerpt of what it’s all about…

“Curated by The Design Museum London in conjunction with Christian Louboutin, this exhibition presents iconic French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, celebrating a career that has pushed the boundaries of high fashion shoe design. This exhibition celebrates Louboutin’s twenty years of designs and inspiration, revealing the artistry and theatricality of his shoe design from stilettos to lace-up boots, studded sneakers and bejeweled pumps. It is a magical journey of style, glamour, power, femininity and elegance.” – DSX website

louboutin sketching

Take a break and watch a few short films on Louboutin’s creative process

SPOILER ALERT… some of my highlights. But these images do not do the shoes justice or the interactivity of the exhibit.  You reallyx3 must check it out for yourself.  You promise me?


Inside the designer’s studio: a smorgasbord of inspiration including Miss Piggy’s glitter platforms


Let them eat cake: Inspired by Marie Antoinette


Ruffles! The perfect flamenco shoe in a buttery satin.


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It’s a Heatwave Baby!

Hottt guy alert in the kitchen: "Since when did breakfast become clothing optional?" I'm a Zade shipper. BTW, you should be watching Hart of Dixie. Trust.

Lord, help meaaah!  I’m not good with heat but I will take a scorcher to a blizzard any day.  Keeping one’s cool is definitely the goal during these warm summer nights.  I take Summer very seriously – like make the most of it, be prepared for any social situation and take advantage of the warm weather to change multiple times in a day. 

Remember, I’m the girl whose Resort attire disproportionately rivals her work/casual.  Haha.  Laughing at my own joke.  I do that. 

  • Never Leave Home Without Your Bikini – As in my mother once said…  Actually, she never said that but I always bring a bikini in my purse or wear one under my maxidress on a hot day.  You never know if someone is going to invite you to an impromptu pool party, ask to meet you by the beach or you accidentally stumble upon a hottt tub.  Think like a Girl Guide.

Flowers, Bandeau & Ruffles??!!! Three of my favourite things in one Ella Moss Bandeau Bikini

  • Return of the bustier – In an effort to maintain my youthful karma reverting to dressing like a 20 yr old, I am bringing back the bustier, and her cousin the bandeau.  My favourite are sweetheart necklines which accentuate your form.  These are great for less curvy girls as they add some extra shape.  The bandeau is lovely paired with a flowy chiffon maxi skirt — I support this look for ladies with great abs (do it for the rest of us).

The cousin of the bustier, the bandeau. If you feel more modest, you can layer with a loose fitting cotton tank top. Free People Lace Bandeau in Limoncello. Citrus-y!

  • 3pm is Smoothie time – Now that it’s Summer and we’re wearing less clothes, let’s detox and shape up.  A seasonal change is the best time to get your cute @ss back to the gym and start eating healthy.  They say that it is essential to eat at 3pm to stave off hunger and reduce that dreaded sugar high-low.  A refreshing treat is a seasonal fruit smoothie which is filling, nutricious and delicious!  Note: I did not say Frappucino with extra whip and caramel.

Say yes to DIY smoothies: You make them even healthier by incorporating bananas (high in potassium), blueberries (anti-oxidants), coconut water (hydrating) and of course your favourite fruits!


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Summer Risky Business

Risky Business: Mr. Holmes (aka Tom Cruise) gets down in his tightie-whities.

The newly planted herbs in the windowsill are dying a slow, tragic death.  My always perfectly jeujed bangs are plastered to my forehead and for someone who doesn’t really sweat, I am sweating in places that I never knew existed.  Guess what?  Only dancers in music videos and Cindy Crawford in a Pepsi commercial circa 1990 look damn sexy in the blistering heat (though I can’t comment on the smell).  For us regular folk, we just have to work it a little harder. 

With no air conditionning, there seems to be little relief with the windows open, curtains drawn.  With record-breaking soaring temperatures, modesty is at best, an afterthought.  Perhaps this is high season for voyeurs since cooking in your underwear is de rigeur.  And if we’re going to be prancing about in our skivvies, let’s channel Risky Business (without the long-sleeve since it’s much too HOTTT for that!)…

True Story: I have often happened upon a random dance party in my living room. Forever 21 Love Struck Bikini

The neighbours don't mind: Get spotted in this Zimmerman Thistle Bikini

Dare Wear Short Shorts: Stay cool in these barely there Element Fleece Shorts

For the modest, cover up in this lightweight Anthropologie Slubby Boy Tank in the faintest blush

In lieu of tube socks, I suggest these gold zebra print Old Navy Flip Flops. You can wear socks but only if you're concerned about gliding across the hardwood floors.


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Be Like The Country

Rachel Bilson in a pink gingham top and Current/Elliot cut off shorts. It doesn't get more country than this.

As a child, I often spent entire summers with my aunts in suburban Chicago.  For weekend getaways, we travelled to their trailer tucked in secluded farm country.  While I am very much a city girl at heart, I have accumulated many fond memories of picking up fresh corn from farmers on the side of the road, roasting marshmallows over the bonfire and waking up to the smell of burning logs.  And when in the country… it is always best to unwind and ‘be like the country.’ (Think when in Rome…)

Take Some Shade: Always protect the face in this Aqua Straw Crochet Hat

When I was younger, I used to wear skorts. I would skip or spin around but you weren't really seeing my undies. Forever 21 Floral Skort Romper

My roomie swears by checking out the consignment shops in small towns. She often scores the best treasures. Kick about a sleepy town in these polka dot Steve Madden ballet flats.

Gimme Gimme: A fun tip on making the best S'mores. Wrap the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow in tin foil and insert into the fire for a few minutes. An ooey gooey treat that melts without being burnt.


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Day Dressing For Ladies

Tra La La Ladies: Weeee, isn't this so glamourous and fun

The summer with its warm beams of sunshine is often rammed with social engagements – from weddings and bridal showers to birthdays celebrated on outdoor terraces.  For occasions such as these, forego your usual skinny jeans and forget the flimsy t-shirt.  Dressing up is an integral part of the celebration! You can still be stylish and keep your cool.  Every day, I graciously accept compliments to the point that perhaps I take them for granted.  In a gesture of good will, here are my secrets to lady-like dressing.

Fresh as a Mint Julep – The easiest way to make an impression is to wear a day dress in a jewel tone lightweight cotton or linen.  Both have a tendency to crinkle so make sure your event is of the standing, sipping spritzer and mingling variety.  Vibrant colours often accentuate the glow of sun-kissed skin and make you stand out from the crowd.  I love the combination of bright red lips matched with a sunflower hued dress.  The best are A-line styles that flare at the waist into a full skirt – this is best for lithe girls who want more volume or for those who want to accentuate a tiny waist.  Add a skinny belt in a contrasting colour, presto 25% cuter!  Channelling Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.  Yes please!  

Classicly Refined: Alice + Olivia Grace Blouson Dress

Look Ma, no tan lines: Swish your skirt in this Rebecca Taylor Button Dress

Blinded by the Lights – When wearing a solid coloured dress, make sure to pop with a bold statement necklace.  Use the natural rays of the sun to make your jewellery sparkle.  Clear facetted or bezelled gems often radiate more than naturally smooth stones – it’s the cut that makes them more reflective and glittery.  If you are going to an outdoor party, why not beat the mosquitoes by pinning yourself with a faux insect such as a rhinestone encrusted bumble bee.  It’s a great ‘wink-wink’ conversation piece.  Hi-larious.

Mmm, this has an Antique Flavour: Aqua Pearl Necklace with Brooch

Bzz Bzzz: A Bumble Bee Ring for extra flare. You can often find these inexpensive pins or rings in Kensington Market.


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