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Lana Del Rey Style

I love the dramatic retro `60s cat eyeliner and pale lipstick

I love the dramatic retro `60s cat eyeliner and pale lipstick

I blame my friend S for my ruin.  She gently twisted my arm and we bought stellar tickets to Beyoncé.  She only gets reallyx3 good tickets to concerts.  She wants to see them up close and personal.  She wants to see them sweat.  But now that I’ve been spoiled, I can’t go backwards and every time I get tickets to something, I need to be right up in the action.  Slippery slope and it’s what I like to call a shame spiral.

Of all the bands and artists I have yet to see, I put it out there that I would like to see Lana Del Rey.  Lo and behold, the universe delivered in the form of a Live Nation alert.  So I bit the bullet and I’m going to see her do her gangster-Nancy Sinatra thing in the Spring (a rhyme).

Here is a playlist of my faves on repeat…  She will be releasing a new album in 2014 Ultraviolence

  1. Summer Wine – with James Barrie O`Neill (cover of Nancy Sinatra = fun!)
  2. Ride
  3. Yayo
  4. Blue Velvet
  5. Ridin`- with ASAP Rocky
  6. Bel Air
  7. Bonus: Link to her short film Tropico
Head tilt: Lana del Rey for H&M

Head tilt: Lana del Rey for H&M

Lana Del Rey in Vogue Italia

Lana Del Rey in Vogue Italia

Quintessential Lana Del Rey is a dramatic eye. I like it when they also style her hair with waves via Vogue Japan

Quintessential Lana Del Rey is a dramatic eye. I like it when they also style her hair with waves via Vogue Japan

Toro! She collaborated with Baz Luhrman on Young & Beautiful for the Great Gatsby soundtrack. She's channelling a bullfighter non?

Toro! She collaborated with Baz Luhrman on Young & Beautiful for the Great Gatsby soundtrack. She’s channelling a bullfighter non?



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Juice Is A Verb

Printed Yoga Leggings

Breaking news: I’m seeing more Yogi’s wearing printed leggings to yoga. There are some cute ones from Prana in tie-dye and Lululemon has a tone on tone paisley (obvi!).

They said, “You’re crazy going on a detox during the holidays!”  But alas, dear friends, as a lacto-ovo vegetarian, I really don’t partake in a huge turkey dinner.  The only vice I truly lament is a wheel of Brie paired with those delicious Raincoast Crisps…ok maybe I’ll indulge in the occasional chocolate molten cake for dessert.


Lorde playlist: It’s really a pity that the radio has overkilled ‘Royals’ by Lorde. The cd has excellent tracks like Tennis Court, Team, Swingin’ Party and Buzzcut Season.

Nothing is better than winding down on a Sunday afternoon with a yoga class, cutting fruits and veggies to indie-rock and juicing.  Yes, juice is a verb.  While it seems radical to some to go on a juice detox, I think that adding fresh juice to my current diet will have many health benefits.  Plus, it’s ridiculously fun to throw veggies down the chute.  Delicious and nutritious.

Breville Juicer

Breville Compact Juicer: It’s really not that compact but super easy to use. I had a step stool to be able to drop the apples and carrots in.

Here is an easy Detox Juice Recipe:

  1. 2 apples
  2. 2 carrots
  3. 2 beets
  4. 1 orange
  5. 1/2 lemon
  6. 1″ ginger

It’s recommended to drink juices immediately to get as much nutrients as possible.  Remember to store in an air tight glass container and refrigerate immediately.  For a fun game, get your friend to guess the ingredients.  Amazingly, my friend D named every single ingredient correctly.  I was super impressed.  Alas, she has a very refined tasting palette.  Enjoy!

If you don’t have a juicer, you can try a lovely organic juice or smoothie from Sunshine Wholesome Market (942 College St.) This is a family run business that uses organic and local ingredients as well as sells natural health food products.

Fat Sick And Nearly Dead

My favourite genre of film is Documentary. Sub-genre: Food Documentaries. Fat Sick And Nearly Dead will make you wanna juice. Trust.


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Shoetie Is The New Bootie

Teeter, totter: Rachel Zoe navigates the mean streets of LA in her Casadei platform boots

But if anyone asks, a shoetie is really a bootie.  More specifically, the kind of bootie that ends at your ankle. It has a nice lyrical flow and rrrrrrrolls off the tongue, non?  Before the streets fill up with slush and snow, Fall is the best time to invest in suede or leather booties.  Much like a leather bomber jacket, booties have a short timeframe on the East Coast so wear them while you can!

Shoetie chic – Shoeties look great with slim pants like a stretch ponte or a cigarette pant.  They are also very striking with a basic black opaque tight (very flattering) or for added punch, try them with a bold tight in a jewel tone.  For casual days where you don’t want to channel a ragamuffin (translation: more dressed up, than dressed down), nothing beats shoeties with a favourite pair of jeans.

Michael Kors York Heel Booties: Loving the rich eggplant hue and the slick styling of this shoetie. Practical-ish

Duo tone is better than one! A modern take on a classic platform bootie from DV Dolce Vita

Peekaboo: There's something kind of kinky about these laser cut Juicy Couture Karina Booties.

Victoria Beckham navigating her way outside of Balthazar in her peep-toe shoeties.


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Fall Fashion Must-Haves, You Really Must

Hey-Hey-Hey settle down! The always gorgeous Gwen Stefani covers Harper's Bazaar September 2012

I keep having this reocurring dream that I’m back in elementary school, sitting in the cafeteria awkwardly having lunch with new classmates.  Then I wake up, a tiny drip of perspiration, glad that I’m an OG (old girl) and it was just a nightmare. Bahahaha!  Let’s not relive that again!  I do enjoy this last burst of summertime heatwave but regardless of the hot, hottt weather, there is nothing better than making a list of Fall Fashion Must-Haves.  Perhaps you can make your checklist with moi?  Shall we?  We shall!

  • Houndstooth – Think of houndstooth like a black and white checker, on a diagonal zig-zag gone on steroids.  Houndstooth is a classic retro-print which is best suited in a dress, a lovely chiffon blouse or a miniscule print on pants.  To modernize and give this look a daring pop, pair it with brights such as canary yellow, fuschia or cobalt blue. 

Vince Camuto does an oversize houndstooth dress with a bow-tie neck. Very chic!

  • Kick Up your Patent Heels – Who doesn’t adore a patent heel, non?  There is something so Mad Men, so sexy secretary about shiny heels.  I am quite partial to almond toes, however, the pointy heel is back! I always say, if you’re going to work a “look,” commit to it.  Both look very sleek and elegant paired with a slim pencil skirt or well fitted dress trousers.

This is the most glorious shoe perfection to me - the shape, the platform, the sheen of the black patent leather. The Brian Atwood Platform Pump. *Insert choirs of angels singing

Yeow. Love me some animal print! Loving the unexpected twist of a black patent toe and zipper detail on these Michael Kors Pumps.

  • Let Them Have Jewels – I love embellishment which means the return of the statement necklace, sequins, decorated tunics, dresses with ornate beading, the list goes on… This means we need to fill up our after 6pm social calendars to wear all these fantastic shimmery, sparkly pretty pieces. 

Even though Olivia Palermo is a socialite mean-girl, she does style herself quite exceptionally. Her statement necklace collection is covetable but Mr. Joe Zee should have fired her from ELLE on The City.

Lanvin Fall 2012 is a bit Zsa Zsa/Russian Princess but will be a HUGE inspiration for the kind of over the top, family heirloom-esque jewellery that we'll be seeing this Autumn.

Turn the page in your notebook, there are so many to list.  Fall Fashion Must-Haves to be continued


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Glamourous Vacations Only With Fun Friends

Blake Lively frolicks on the beach with her perfectly tousled blonde hair, silver tunic dress, legs up to there and gladiator sandals.

A friend once commented, “You are always taking glamourous vacations.”  To this I replied, “It’s glamourous vacations ONLY…with fun friends.”  Stay-cations are fine if you’re moving or you need an extended period of time to do monotonous errands, but I say book me the next airplane ticket out of here and it better include beach, ocean and caftans.

Not a fan of going North of 20th, but I might to hit that giant pool at the Fontainebleau. Oh yeahx3!

I am very excited to return to my stomping grounds, my Latino home away from home, South Beach.  Over the years, I have accumulated travel compulsions knowledge that have carried me many a Resort season.  If only real life could include higher levels of sun and fun, our troubles would melt away like the last ice cube in your salty margarita.  Here are some of those pearls of wisdom just in time for vacation season…

Apply a liberal coating of bronzer on thy legs before wearing bright short shorts: Free People Lace Shorts

Rise from the tides and brunch in this Nanette Lepore Marseilles Tunic. A sideways braid is the perfect way to get your salty ocean hair to chill out.

Espadrille meets Wedge in the Charles David Baja Sandal: The shoe that keeps on giving can be worn for more than a block. The perfect pair for an evening of Salsa or a day of shop-shop-shopping!

I am G-L-A-M-O-U-R: In order to have a glamourous vacation, you must channel your inner socialite. Dear heiress, try this watercolour Maggie London Maxi for size.


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Return of the Rock Concert

Surprisingly, Brandon Flowers looks damn good in feathers. So I take my sister to a Killers concert and she's all: "I love his British accent." *Swoon* I'm like, "Um, Brandon is from Las Vegas." Insert sisterly-giggles!

Life has been hectic and come to think of it, I have been missing one of my favourite past times — attending rock concerts.  I went through a phase where I went ALL the time with my friend H.  On a Thursday, we would have cocktails at her bachelorette pad then take in a live show at a sketchy bar or concert venue.  The next day, we would drag our tired selves into work, the aftersmell of smoke masked by extra hair conditioner and dark eye circles disguised with a heavy-handed application of concealer.  Ahhhh, those were the days!   And such fond memories. Methinks I will bring it back.

Here are a few alterna-pop rock songs, I obsess over listen to on repeat:

  • Miike Snow – Paddling
  • TV On The Radio – Will Do
  • Kele – Everything You Wanted (RAC Remix)
  • Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out

Sometimes Julian mumbles but I adore The Strokes. Nothing better than 12:51 or Reptilia live, non?

Keep your hands free so you can drink and dance with that cute hipster by the bar. Shake your fringe with a Z&L Marrakesh Crossbody Bag

Wildfox T-shirt Dress. While it’s a dress, please pair it with leggings, otherwise people will think you forgot your pants at home. Trust.

Exactly how I would wear Joe's Jeans Ponte Pants! There's something edgy about grey jeans that makes them perfect for rocking out.

Once the movie 'Rock of Ages' comes out, you know there's going to be a big hair, acid wash and punk revival. Sienna pairs her acid wash jeggings with a cozy t and slouchy sweater.


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