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Channelling Blane from Pretty In Pink

Pretty in Pink: Blane, Andie & Ducky. Obviously.

Remember the John Hughes era in the 80’s where it was a big deal, rich kids vs. poor kids.  James Spader and Andrew McCarthy always portrayed a variation on the same privileged jerk with a trustfund.  Even still, you couldn’t resist swooning every time Blane came onscreen.  Spoiler Alert (for you kids born in the 90’s):  He only slightly redeemed himself by finally owed up to being an @sshole to Andie.  I mean, I don’t know about you but a guy who is too embarrassed to take you to Prom because of his friends?!?  There is only one word: Lametown.  My ideal version, a Blane 2.0 if you will, would have a stronger backbone but I suppose then there would be no Pretty In Pink

What these boys of old money had in common were the ubiquitous blazer, tousled just rode my daddy’s Porsche-hair and Conneticut prepster style.  Allow me to suggest some spring fashions and other accoutrements to bag a Blane. 

Get noticed by the rich kids in this Madewell Film School Blazer

Options! Wear it 'as if' you had a Blane (the secret). Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer

Sex it up: Loving the lightweight fabric and assymetrical hem on this Sparkle & Fade Crinkle Chiffon blouse

Douse yourself in Lavanila. Vanilla is known as a natural aphrodisiac and mood enhancer. Trust.


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Vendor Call: Creative Heart Collective Spring Show & Sale – April 16 & 17, 2011

The Love Collage presents Creative Heart Collective, a Spring themed Show and Sale for local artisans, crafters, designers, bakers and retailers.  The mission of the event is to give artists, entrepreneurs and retailers an opportunity to connect and showcase their wares with the community in a fun and inviting atmosphere. 

 The focus for the show will be:

  • Indie arts and crafts (stationary, cards, toys, small sized artwork)
  • Fashionable gifts (jewellery, accessories)
  • Homemade food (baked goods, preserves)
  • DIY presents
  • Vintage

Image from The Snow Day Holiday Market, presented by The Love Collage. Photo courtesy: Thomas Sandrin, Live And Capture

Creative Heart Collective is looking for artisans, bakers, artists, crafters and local retailers to exhibit and sell their work on Saturday, April 16th, 2011 & Sunday, April 17th, 2011, 11am – 5pm.  This daytime event will be taking place at The Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen Street West) in The Ballroom (click to view images).

Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, March 30th, 2011, however, please apply early as the number of available spots is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  For more detailed information on how to apply or attend, please visit the website


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Sunshiney Days

OOC: Steve Madden interprets the Jelly in a D'Orsay Flat

As the warm sunshine filtered through my giant windows, I could barely keep still or focused.  Tiny rainbows appeared on my computer screen and light reflecting on a mosaic vase created luminous, glitter confetti on my walls like a disco ball.  My fingernails painted the sparkly shade of grape soda pop and blasting The Strokes as I worked (multi-tasking), I would have to periodically get to up stretch and do a mini dance to avoid exploding from too much energy.  This is my life.  Crazytown.   

Now that we are ever so close to Spring (yes!), here are some tips for making the most of the sunshine:

  • Take Care of Your Tootsies - Very soon, there will come a day where the temperatures rise above 20 degrees celsius and you will want to christen your new wedges or multi-strap gladiators that you ‘bought now to wear later’ in January.  But then you will look down at your unkempt toes and with your better judgement, you will decide otherwise.  Inside you will be crushed with pangs of ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda, didn’t’ and ‘Frick! I really wanted to wear my new shoes dammit.’  Don’t be that girl.  Instead, book a pedicure in advance and choose the richest, brightest most decadent nail polish on the shelf.  OPI for Sephora is giving us It’s Bouquet With Me (purple sparkles), Cover Me in Petals (hottt coral) and for the super-adventurous Leaf Him At the Altar (iridescent green). Then when you’re with your girlfriends, you can gently prod, “Wanna see my toes?”
  • Spring is in Bloom –  Romance your wardrobe with a few new pieces.  Bouquet brights are very IN – sandy corals, blush pinks, tulip shades and lavenders will have you skipping in the streets.  Trust. It’s colour therapy.  Why not try one of these fresh colours in a classic cut like a trench coat or a peplum jacket? If someone comments, ” Oh, you’re very colourful.”  Just respond, “I am colour.” 
  • Return of the Jelly? – I leave you with a parting thought:  Jelly shoes for adults?  How do you feel about this?  I think this is kind of fun.  I mean, I am really going to promote bringing skipping back this summer and it would be reallyx3 fun to do it in jellies.  What if one of them flies off mid-double dutch?  That’s pure comedy.  And I do recall having an impressively, extensive jelly shoe collection in a rainbow of colours.  My favourite pair was cobalt blue.

Perfect for Lily Van Der Woodsen: An understated Obi Jelly from Kate Spade

Hitting 2 trends (lucite & embellishment) with 1 pair of Stuart Weitzman Blingy Jellies


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Oscar Beauties

Of course last evening was the Oscars.  J and S invited me over for a very intimate affair where we lounged around in our leisure attire munching on crudite, Salmon Wellington, baked Brie, too much bread (carbs!) and a few glasses of wine.  I was called out for ‘trying’ to come over casual, but instead sporting a beauty look from the Lucky March 2010 issue, page 145 (sideways braid with blush & bronzer).  In my defense, I did stop by the grocery store beforehand and you never know who you’ll run into…(ex-crushes from highschool, former flames, future husbands…)

My Oscar Fashion Review will only focus on my favourites because this blog is called Love Collage, and not Haters Forever.  Plus, I really do think it’s crazy how everyone can nit-pick away at starlets who are expected to look perfect.  Give the girls a break!  I mean, if you hate someone’s dress blame their stylist.  Just like on Rachel Zoe Project, it takes a team of professionals to do hair & makeup, select the dress, pull the accessories, Spanx this, pin here, tape that, etc, etc.  Fashion is so subjective; everyone has their own opinion of what’s hot and what’s not.

One major standout fashion trend was light colours and pastels.  Everyone accentuated their pale look with a spray tan.  Here are my faves.  Enjoy!

Heavenly Kate Winslet in Veronica Lake-esque wavy hair. Me like!

Ageless Grace: Stunning Helen Mirren and that hottie from The Sound of Music. haha.

Miley looks pretty & fresh in satin, tulle and sequins. Enjoying her messy updo.

Sandra Bullock channelling the universe: I look like an Oscar, therefore, I will win the Oscar.

One classy broad: Meryl Streep, my obsession.


March 8, 2010   1 Comment

Dare Wear Short Shorts

Lurve it: Ruffles on steroids and tangerine short shorts @ Stella McCartney

If you are in your teens or your twenties with twigs for legs, you best be exercising your right to wear short shorts as frequently as possible – to the ice cream parlor in distressed denim with the pockets hanging out, in silky satin at night dancing with your friends, in casual safari Tweeting with your flavour of the week.  Believe me, one day you will be thankful for that moment of time where ignorance was bliss and you exerted you right to wear short shorts. 

I am still abusing my rights but only because I frequently get carded.  This past weekend, I sported a fun trans (transitional) look pairing a ruffled velvet blazer with a ruffled blue & black satin romper, opaque tights and brown suede slouchy boots.  My friends said I looked like a cheerleader.  Success!  Until the birds start chirping and flowers start blossoming, it’s a style to buy now and wear now/later.  Hope springs eternal.

Some flirty looks to start investing in…

So chic: High waisted Derek Lam cobalt blue silk shorts, belted with a floral blouse.

Marc Jacobs ruffle bloomers, for the fashionistah adventurous.

And some tips on punching up your super cute short shorts…

  • Brighten up – If you are purchasing dressy shorts to wear now and in the summer months, try pairing them with a pair of tights in a saturated hue like hot pink or purple.   Or you could wear tights in black and wear some very hottt colourful or printed shoes.
  • Pretty, not vulgar –  The difference between the two is balance.  While the short short looks great to accentuate lovely toned legs, too much bare skin on top is a no-no.  Try to even out the outfit by pairing with a flowy, chiffon peasant blouse or a nice bejewelled camisole with a fitted jacket.
  • Elongate the legs –  Besides doing ballet stretches at the bar, you can also wear sandals or espadrilles in a nude or camel colour.  This gives the appearance of legs going on for miles.  Oh and remember to apply some some self-tanner. 

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