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In Praise of The Fashionistah Adventuress, Met Gala 2012

Shake it out! You wish you were Florence Welch with her poise and regal Elizabethan good looks. She epitomizes fashionistah adventuress in this McQueen.

Every Spring, the fashionistahs flock to worship at the altar of Anna Wintour.  En masse, they come in droves to fete the designers and out ballgown each other at an annual event, The Met Gala.  The soiree marks the opening of the fashion exhibition of two Italian designers, Impossible Conversations: Elsa Schiaparelli and Muiccia Prada at the MOMA.  If you are in New York and a lover of fashion history, you should probably check it out.

Now back to the extravagance and audacity that is the Gala.  Best-dressed lists are subjective and my point of view is that these celebs chose to go a more adventurous route, the path less beaten, choices more playful and memorable in their selection, statements so individual, they seared into the fashionistah collective consciousness. 

Fashionistah Grain of Wisdom:  When selecting evening attire, you must wear the dress and not let the dress wear you.

My girlcrush Emma Stone unafraid to rock a red floral Lanvin mini. Red lipstick + red dress. Why? Why not?

Pow! January Jones punches you in the face with her vibrant yellow Versace. Love how she paired the architectural detail of her structured peplum with a turquoise Art Deco necklace.

Gwyneth tips off her figurative hat to Prada in this satin hi-low mini dress. Deceptively modest in the front, daring in the back!


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Bunnies Make Everything Better

I mean, I'm allergic to most animals but I would suffer the hives to snuggle with this bunny. Please, you would too.

Are you having a challenging week too?  I feel you.  I’m getting roughed up by Mercury in retrograde but trying to maintain my optimism because of Spring Equinox.  It’s a fine balance.

To cheer you up on this very dreary week, BUNNIES!  Growing up my nickname was Bunny – perhaps it’s on my totem as a power animal.  Anyhoo, this very random blog post should lift your spirits if you are feeling low.  Another yogini trick is to change your state – like crank some tunes, get up and dance.  But if you’re lethargic, read my blog and stare at cute bunnies.

Asos Bunny Sweater. There is something kind of menacing about this bunny that reminds me of Donnie Darko.

"Oh these old things!" Miss Stam in designer bunny ears for Louis Vuitton 2009

The time of times: Patron saint of the LC, Rachel Bilson in her Primp bunny thermal with the love of her life, Adam Brody. Le sigh.

Perhaps when I'm stressed I allow myself a creamy White Rabbit candy, but not too many because then I'm letting them win!

Parting thought: Shhh! Just enjoy the moment. Close your eyes. You ARE the cute bunny. (Bunny meditation)


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Fashion Eastah, A Holiday for Fashionistahs

Blair & Serena matchy-matchy. I especially adore when you show up to an event wearing the same kind of outfit as your fashionistah bestie, "Nice lace dress!" Brainwave!

I am a naughty blogeress. Naughty x 3.  This hottt summer weather has been diverting my attention to galavanting as opposed to blogging.  What can I say?  I love heat & sunshine.

Around this time every Spring for more than a decade, my fashionistah friends and I celebrate an annual event known as Fashion Eastah.  On a road trip to Montreal, my bestie C was calling her boyfriend and due to poor reception, he misinterpreted what she was saying.  He responded, “Fashion Easter?  You girls have a holiday!?!!”  To which many a light bulb exploded simultaneously and we collectively gasped, “We TOTALLY should!”

The early origins of Fashion Eastah are mired in legends of Redbull vodkas, high heels, special edition mixed cd’s, elaborate fondant cakes baked in the shapes of shoes, riotous fashion trivia and after-hour late nights being twirled around by flaming gay boys to the techno-beat of a Killers Remix.  These days our Fashion Eastah’s are less sketchy affairs, more ladylike brunches, chiffon daydresses, quiches and spa water.  But when we get together, we reminisce tasting our first champagne at Les Bains Douches, wearing those backless tops in the 90’s to go clubbing and playing “I Want It That Way” (click to play now) on repeat while taking the EuroRail.  Good times!  BTW, the 90’s are considered retro now.  Crazytown!

Ain't nothing but a heartbreak... Confession: I was never a BSB fan but hell, I love this song because it reminds me of my first trip to Europe with my fashionistahs.

Feel free to co-opt this holiday for you & your best fashion girlfriends.  Some tips for your Fashion Eastah event:

  • Flowers for the Hostess – A lovely floral arrangement is de riguer for your hostess.  After all, she has woken up early to pick up those fresh croissants, place the tablemats just so and greet you with a spritzer.  I love mixing shades of pinks, oranges, white and greens in tulips, gerber daisies and roses. Ahh, so fresh!

Domestic goddesses take note: Do co-opt the gradiant hues in this floral arrangement from Martha Stewart.

  • Dress the Part – Call me Cruise, but I love setting a dress code.  Cheesy as it sounds, I get a kick out of co-ordinating outfits with my friends.  Part of Fashion Eastah is the celebration of Spring – getting to rip the hangtags off that new outfit sitting desperately in your closet or break in your new patent pastel wedges.  Plus, your clique of fashionable friends will notice your attention to detail.  “Ooh, I like how you matched your daisy earrings to the yellow piping on your skirt.” Noted!

Feel free to wear something extra girly. After all, these are your people. Constance working pastel florals in produce Aisle 1 for Vogue.

  • Savour the Macarons – We had a full on conversation about macarons and how one of my friends had to chastise her husband for popping them into his mouth like a box of Oreos.  Helloooooo, those take a bajillion hours to make.  Remember to savour the macarons!

Fashion Eastah, literally! I mean, designer Easter eggs via Vogue. This would make a fun crafternoon, non? Ridiculous.


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Fashionistah Frontlines: Clash of the Patterns

The patron saint of Fashionistah Eccentrics. Dear Iris Apfel, Bless me with "compliments" and those that mock me, may they get it in 5 years.

“Be not afraid of mixing your polka dots, florals and ginghams.” – moi.

I have always been a champion of the fashionistah adventuress; to take risks in wardrobing is always more rewarding than donning a uniform of head-to-toe black. Don’t you want to show your grandchildren pictures of you in your 20’s wearing the trendiest fashions of the times? I lament at my mom’s photos, “Damn, I wish you kept that outfit. That’s vintage!” This Spring has me sooooooo excited because of the variety of styling options and the return of saturated colour.

One trend that I believe will take a while to be embraced by the masses is the mix n’ match of patterns.  Why? Well, it will take a bit of a stylist eye and hella confidence to pull off.  But fret not my dearies.  I am here to guide you through treacherous waters. 

STEP 1)  I Am Style – Just pretend you are the Creative Director of ELLE Decor and your outfit is your living room.  Hrm, would that shade of pink look good on the curtains matched to the coral throw pillows to the stripe divan?  No, maybe, yessss?  YES!  Firstly, where did you learn to be so negative?  Strike NO from your vocab and give it a whirl.  You think Iris would condone this wishy-washy attitude?

The classic silhouette of this Equipment Blouse would do well paired with any print or pattern. Imagine it in an electric cobalt or a tiny flecked pattern. It would totally go. TRUST.

This Alice + Olivia Floral Print Dress is lovely, non? But we can crank the volume by pairing it with a bright purple blazer or jacquard jacket.

STEP 2) Colour Balance – Getting the combination right also has less to do with the motifs you match than with the brightness and contrast of hues you are wearing.  If you wear a bright, best to pair with a bright.  If you wear a pattern in a muted tone, you can probably punch up your outfit with a hot colour.

Remember how I wrote about the rage for Coral Jeans a year ago? Watch out for Floral printed like the Current/Elliott Stiletto Skinny. Tell ya little friends

STEP 3) Accessorize wisely – Since you have already taken risks with your outfit choice, you can take it down a few notches with less obvious accessories.  You can never go wrong with nude pumps or the sable-grey that has become the new neutral.

Delicious: Enjoying the hushed blush tones of this Chloe Poya Patent Bag


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Fresh Picks: Seafoam and Mint

Did I mention I love precocious teenage Fashionistahs? Elle Fanning keeping it cool in Rodarte

My favourite flavour of gelato is Pistachio.  I like a refreshing brew of Mint tea in the afternoon.  I am partial to vacations by the ocean.  Why did I never think to incorporate any pale green into my wardrobe until the Pantone gurus declared it was THE COLOUR of the season?  To be honest, it’s a subliminal marketing thing – the colour gods choose the “it” trend colours, release it to the design world, they incorporate it into their collections, the editors pick it up, the buyers buy and presto:  You crave it like a tray of soft chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven!

Contrary to what the magazines are claiming, Mint is not an easy colour to wear.  Hold it up to your face and you may look like you’re about to vomit.  But for those of you who can pull off Cool Tones, I support you completely.  For the rest of us we can always merch(andise) it up and style it up with some accessories.  For you non-committal fashionistahs, try Essie in Turqoise & Caicos on your fingertips. 

With all trends, remember that they come and go.  Spend minimal on items that will update your wardrobe in season and choose to invest in classic pieces that will never go out of style.  Trust.

This Aqua cluster necklace in a subtle mint would look perfect with a soft cotton t or paired with a simple cocktail dress.

Delicious Botkier Valentina Satchel: Loving the gold hardware, convertible straps and vintage shape of this leather bag.

Appropriate for the Mediterranean: Cameron Diaz pairs a tan cinch belt with her mint shirt dress. Well played Cammie.


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Florals In Massive Bloom

All The Pretty Girls Wearing a Garden Variety: Stella McCartney SS 2011

While it’s no surprise that Floral has made a return this Summer as a print that adorns many a top, bottom or dress, it’s the way in which you interpret your flowers that makes the bold difference.  Through my travels, there appeared to be a “go big or go home” trend on the streets and in the magazines, with PYT’s (pretty young things) pairing various garden motifs in one ensemble.  Daring, yes.  Impossible, no! 

Let me impart some loving words of wisdom on the matter:

  • Clash of the Rhododendrons – In nature, it is common to see lillies growing alongside roses and daisies.  Actually, it is quite lovely when you observe the wildness of these disparate florals come together.  Very English garden.  Alas, I digress.  Why not try a chiffon top in miniscule pattern with a maxi skirt in an abstract?  To subtley reduce the visual tension of these prints, keep the fabrics in the same family (ie. silky or chiffon) or try colours that sit adjacent to each other on the colour wheel (ie. red-purple-blue).  Another trick to soften the look is to wear a few solid colours in between – a simple ribbed tank top, a camel coloured belt, a neutral wedge, etc.

Who's That Girl? Knock their socks off with this Aqua Floral Printed Gown

Count your blessings: If God giveth you twigs for legs, try these DKNY Floral Silk pants. Ruche them to your ankles and sport some sandal stilettos. Trust.

  • This Old Thing – Florals have a vintage-y sentiment attached to them.  If you feel ill prepared to have blossoms running wild all over your outfit,  try accessorizing with a gauzy scarf, a dainty cocktail ring or a cabbage rose sitting atop your very chic chignon.  Oh yes, I am campaigning very adamantly for a giant floral headdress revival.  Wait for it!

Forget your Buffalo Check for a Moment: Tie this Accessorize 50's Floral Silk Scarf in a bow and channel your inner Stewardess

Tell tall tales with this Accessorize Catwalk Flower: "I took a siesta in the garden and when I awoke this was sprouting from my head."

Painter Meets Muse: Loving the look of this Free People One Desert Floral Maxi. Dress it up. Dress it down.

Alhambra in Granada: The legend of the Generalife Rose Gardens is that princesses would have secret rendez vous with suitors among the many mazes of roses. (Dreamy) Le sigh!


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