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Sex & The City 2 Week: Carrie Takes Morrocco

 Champie check! Caftan check! Chiffon tent check! Wait a minute…where is the hookah?

Can you feel it?  It’s a strange euphoria taking over fashionistahs around the world.  They are ripping apart their closets for the ‘perfect outfit,’ scheming with girlfriends to confirm a hotspot for Cosmopolitans and breathlessly, anxiously waiting for SATC2 to premiere.  God help the straight man that accidentally goes to the theatres next weekend.  No doubt, it’s gonna be an estrogen overload with the requisite gays thrown in for good measure. 

I am extremely overjoyed that this installment takes place in the North African dessert as I am confident that its influence on pop culture will ripple effect.   If you follow the LC, you know that boho luxe is my favourite wardrobe choice.  Everyone who followed the HBO series, often concludes which character they most resemble in personality and style.  Of course, I choose Carrie Bradshaw

J’adore Dior t-shirt with boho circle skirt and the best coral studded gladiator stilettos.

Oh Patricia Field, you sass you.

  • Vintage Carrie – I love how Patricia Field (costume designer & NY emblem of downtown cool.  I mean, what is NY without Pat Field??) mixes her wardrobe high and low, matching the casual with dressy.  An homage to early SATC, Carrie wears her trademark ‘J’adore Dior’ t-shirt.  Maybe we should do the same? Ladies, dig into your jewellery boxes and dust off your gold script nameplate necklace.  It’s so 90’s retro.
  • Turban Town – I like Carrie in a turban.  It works for her.  I mean, when in the Arabian desert…  My friend A, infamous ‘fashionistah-eccentric’ from the ‘What Anna Wore’ post has been trying to promote the wearing of turbans for a few years now.  Somehow the trend has yet to catch on.  A few years back, I hostessed a bridal shower where I asked invitees to make wedding dresses out of toilet paper, ribbon and tulle.  As creative director of her team, the model’s toilet paper Vera Wang was accompanied by a turban.  Of course, I had to declare them the winners.   

Fashionistah Adventurous: I’ve never seen anyone pull this off in real-life. Will you be the first?
  • Living In Truth – For all the ‘ra-ra girrrl-power’ that SATC brings for us womenfolk, you know that there are going to be some bad apples that try to ruin it for the whole bunch.  Buy your tickets in advance and get to the theatres at least an hour early to secure your seat.  The last thing you want is a Friday night catfight.  I can envision it now: some girl puts her chartreuse capelet on a row of seats, another woman hit with the crazy-stick throws it on the ground and refuses to move her Jimmy Choo’s.  Someone pulls out her Louis Vuitton switchblade, hair pulling, chipped mani’s and parody ensues.  Note:  These are the same women that fight in line while waiting to pay at Christmas.   

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True Love Waits


If you ask a guy what their favourite band is, they invariably will say 8/10 Radiohead.  Sooo predictable.  It’s a guy-crush thing for Thom Yorke I suppose.  Try it as a social experiment sometime.  I couldn’t tell you best song as that one produces less mathematical, inconclusive result but Karma Police is a fair guess.     

My all-time favourite is the title of today’s post, True Love Waits.  It’s the strength of the melody and chorus as well as Thom’s teardrop tsunami vocals.  I love that lyric: ‘true love waits’ as it can be interpreted in so many ways.  For me, when I think about love, I think about the passions in my life that have come and gone.  If you have read my ‘About’ section, you may know that I waited for many years to begin to fully put my writing out there through the forum of my blog.  Often, I forget myself, but when I take a moment to think back and reflect on my formative years, the seeds of inspiration were always there waiting patiently to grow.   

Like a Midas touch, I wanted to push the creative envelope –  from writing my own HTML at 14 which I have long forgotten, and dipping Shakespearean English assignments in tea, burning edges and calligraphy writing in pen and India ink.  Pre-Imitation of Christ, I would tear apart vintage garments and reconstruct them for an evening out.  I felt like I could do anything, be anything I wanted and somehow that clear direction towards the pursuits that made me feel most alive got lost in translation.  I had lost sight of my path.  And I didn’t have a compass.  Or a cell phone.  And I was really allergic to trees.

Somehow, through the magic of the virtual web, the LC has reached over 14,000 visitors.  14 is a very fortuitous number for me, auspicious even.  I was born on the fourteenth and in numerology 1+4=5 the number of Change.  In terms of personality traits, I am supposed to be upbeat, motivational, versatile, curious and quick-witted.  So true!  haha.  I jest. 

All my life, I knew, sensed that I was a writer and an artist but even still I suppressed that urge for whatever reason.  I felt like a bird in a cage, banging hopelessly against the metal confines of my cage.  It was only when I made a conscious decision to change did I realize that my cage had an open door.  And when I took flight, I began to see that the brilliance of my youthful hopes and dreams were not lost, nor faded.  They were slowly coming alive, lighting up like an empty colouring book filling with vibrant watercolours.  My true loves waited for me to be ready.  It was as though no time was lost. 

And if there is someone, something or even yourself that you have been holding your breath for, be courageous and take action.  When you are ready, your true love will be waiting… 

Channelling Carrie: I do wear cute outfits while writing in case you were wondering.

Again, thank you to you lovely followers of the LC.  I love writing so thank you for reading. 


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I Declare A Bohemian Spring

Italian Vogue: Sasha Takes a Morrocan Holiday

It’s six days into January and after a few days of snowfall, I can tell you now, “I’m over winter.”  The only vestige of hope is my impending vacation to warm Miami.  That, and that the retail flip is starting to take place.  It’s when last season’s merchandise retreats and the selection of Spring 2010 gradually begins to overflow onto the floor. 

What excites me most is that it’s going to be a Bohemian Season.  As a self-proclaimed boho-chic fashionistah, this means wearing jewelled caftans, adorable lace up gladiators, layering floaty chiffons and tying scarves in our hair…Essentially walking around like MK, Ash or Nicole Richie.  Say “Pruuunes!” (Very inside joke: The Olsens say ‘prunes’ when taking photos to achieve a pouty lip)

Iconic photo of Talitha Getty by Lichstein

Although many of today’s starlets adopt the luxe hippie, the roots of the Gypset look are steeped in the swinging 1960’s, iconically by Brits Talitha Getty or Marianne Faithfull.  During the decadence of this era, Londoners took flight from the city and lived lavish lifestyles in Morrocco.  You will see the trend really emerge when SATC 2 comes to theatres in May.  I am sure Carrie Bradshaw will be trekking through the dessert in Marrakesh, wearing a sequin tunic to ride a camel and her ‘J’Adore Dior’ to smoke a hookah.

What are some modern updates to avoid looking like a pauper?

  • Gold with Coral – This will be a very strong look for Spring.  All pastel hues of blush pinks, tangerines and pale yellows will be in, so you have a multitude of choices to choose from.  Both red and orange coral will be popular and these colours will be prominent in jewellery, clothing and accessories.   
  • Updated Vintage Caftan – I am very particular about my caftans as I never want to look like my mother roaming around the house in something that appears like a shapeless potatoe sack.  The best tunics have a cinched waist or the pattern/hue is feminine enough that it flatters. 

Dashiki chic: Freaking out over these vintage patterns for caftans

  • Striking Embellishment – One of the reasons why I love boho is because of the uniqueness of the style, the over the top exaggeration and the fashion contrast of messy and put together.  You can find this in unfinished edges with gilded details clashing with a sweet floral and fringed leather.  It’s a veritable ratatouille, a hearty fashion soup, shall we say.

K's fave: Alexis Bittar Jewel Mesh Bangle. Lucite will be BIG too this season.


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Living Beautifully Is In The Details

My philosophy on interior design is:  “Fill your home with beautiful things and you cannot help but live beautifully each day.”  Waking up inspired by magnificent colours, luxuriating in soft fabrics and sinking on a dog day afternoon into a cozy couch with a cup of tea, that’s the life!  Creating a beautifully designed abode can be daunting for some, but it is wonderfully relaxing to come home to a nest which is truly an expression of your style.  

elle decor 2

Delicately cool blues and Louix the XIV antique chaises.

Much like fashion design, interior trends come and go but the best dressed homes are the ones which emanate character and reflect one’s personality.  Magazines are inspirational and aspirational, providing a great basis for us to create our fanciful dreams.  As a fashionistah, I find myself drawn to Elle Decor and Vogue Living, as well as coffee table books on Paris apartments, travels through India and Morrocan zilij (mosaic tilework).  My aesthetic is a fusion of opulent styles ranging from British Colonial, turn of the century France mixed with Asian influences and personal mementos and artwork. 

Elle Decor: Paris Meets Casablanca. I love the muted pastels with the sparkle of crystal and glass of porcelain.

Elle Decor: Paris meets Casablanca. Loving the muted pastels mixed with the crystal chandelier and gloss of porcelaine.

Be not afraid.  Here are some tips for adventures in interior design:

  • Start with colour – Let’s consider a white wall as a blank canvas, on which you are the artist with free reign!  The lighter the colour the larger the room appears and inversely, the darker, the smaller a room’s look (makes a lofty room cozier).  If you are unaccustomed to risk-taking, perhaps choose a shade as an accent wall.  Such as painting a wall with a fireplace a chocolate brown, leaving the rest of the walls white.  Hot colours for 2010 (so fashion forward) are caramel yellows, reds with magenta undertones and citrus greens.  Beiges and greys are always ‘in’ neutrals and you can always punch these up with accent decor in stylish colours.
  • Select key pieces – Furniture is a long-term investment.  Ensure you select wisely in furniture styles which will last.  A well selected sofa or coffee table will endure through trends and should be durable enough to host a party of friends over time.  Refurbish flea market finds by reupholstering with bright hued damasks or with a fresh coat of paint.  Voila! You have just acquired a unique piece at a fraction of the cost.
french bedroom company

Will you marry me? I think I'm in love with this Provencal chaise with matching stool from The French Bedroom Company.

  • Play with textures and prints – While there is a part of me that loves matchy-matchy, there is also the part that adores fashionable contrasts.  To avoid over the top visual distraction, ensure that the prints have a cohesion.  This can be achieved by 1) either the print or patterns are in the same tone (match cool with cool or warm with warm) or 2) most of the room is monotone or muted in some way, with the print or texture standing out distinctly.  Too many loud prints will compete for attention, giving a sensory vibration which is akin to having two rock records playing at the same time.  Turn that racket off!
  • Artistic expressions – I am exploding with ideas to personalize your home.  From taking beautiful fabric (Try Designer Fabrics, 1360 Queen St. West) or Japanese papers (Japanese Paper Store, 887 Queen St. West) and affixing them to canvases to create your own artwork to having a printshop blow up your travel photos from Greece or India onto oversized giclees.  Mini art galleries can be created by clustering various sizes of framed photographs over an office desk or in a hallway.  Isaac Mizrahi and Michael Kors have this in their homes, so you are in good company!
Pink prints

Totally works: Printed wallpaper, striped headboard and floral accent pillows.

carrie apartment

Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment: Winter whites, creative royal blues and a Marimekko pattern rug complete the look.


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Zippers, Grommets and Studs…Oh My!

Carrie's belt

Killing it! The Patricia Field stud cincher. Obsessed with Carrie's belt too?

Nothing makes me ‘ooh and ahh’ these days like accessories accented with zippers, grommets and studs.  There is something perversely dark and edgy about any of these details.  Perhaps it’s a hint of after-hours dominatrix mixed with punk rocker in a smokey, dilapidated Lower Manhattan dive bar.  Or maybe that’s just me.

While any of these styles can be pretty conventional as far as recycled fashion goes, the key to integrating ‘a trend’ into your look is to adapt it either subtlely or as a statement.  I prefer to go all the way…Volumes more fun.  And ask yourself, why have only a little fun, when you can have A LOT

  • Zippers – I’m not talking the fly on your jeans or the closure that keeps your wallet safe in your handbag, I mean using zippers as part of the aesthetic design.  I have seen wonderful interpretations of zippers strewn across tops haphazardly, bunched as fleurettes accenting a scoop neckline or even used to edge leather ruffles on a hobo bag.  The key here is that zippers are all form, no function. 
stud jimmy choo

Beloved by Rachel Bilson: Jimmy Choo studded booties.

  • Studs – I’m not talking about that vampire guy from Twilight or the head captain of the football team, I mean those silver or gold metallic buttons that add a special sparkle to clothing or accessories.  The most notable are the studs we are seeing all over birdcage stilettos and sexy boots.  Today, I saw the most beautiful leather opera gloves with tiny stud details and shiny, black patent with geometric studs.  My friend A got me a studded Giles top from London, fashioned into a the head of a tiger (sounds like an over the top extravaganza because it is).  It has a very interesting shiny, tactile quality and when asked to feel it, I respond, “See, See. No touch.”  That, or $5 please.  haha.
nine west birdcage

Nine West studded birdcage stiletto. A littles less in your face but a statement nonetheless!

  • Grommets – I have no witty analogy for this one.  While I do love grommets, I don’t feel nearly as passionate about them as I do studs.  What can I say?  I live in truth.  The best interpretation is on something completely unexpected such as these Coach lacquered wooden bangles.  The disproportionate size of the grommets is enhancing the enticement.   
coach grommet

Coach Grommet Bangle. So glamourous.

 To perfect your look, remember to smudge your smokey eyes and shake up your hair like you just don’t care.  Rock on!

taylor momsen

Taylor Momsen covering FASHION interpreting Madonna 'Like a Virgin'


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Cocktail Attire For Swanky Birthday Soirees

Tonight I am attending a birthday party for my dear friend H.  She has a very girly, cotton candy-colour, preppy sweet style.  The crowd will be fashionistah heavy thus inspiring many photoshoots.  This evening’s festivities starts at her brother’s hipster pad, followed by cocktails and dancing at a swank cocktail bar (picture glossy black lacquered tables, velvet flocked wallpaper and white faux deer head as decor).

It’s always fun to kick up your style for birthday parties.  I love it when a dress code calls for “Cocktail attire.”  If you’ve been following the LC, I often gently influence outfit co-ordination of the masses.  Power in numbers!  I took a poll and word on the street is that I will probably see a denim mini-dress with tulle, a sexy sequined shift, liquid leggings and a hot pink tulip dress.  Sounds exciting, non?

For my evening look, I draw on many inspirations.  Here is what I am wearing tonight:

  • Black Sequin Beret – I have kiboshed shopping temporarily but I could not help myself.  I saw this black sequin beret and I tried it on.  It was over!  I shut it down, especially with my bangs.  It reminds me of the scene from the SATC movie when Carrie goes over to Miranda’s house on New Year’s Eve in her fur chubby, silk pajamas and sequin beret tilted just so.  You die.  So French. So glamour.
Black sequin beret! OMG, can you handle it?

Black sequin beret! OMG, can you handle it?

  • Watercolour Painted Full Mini – My friend A showed up to her Champagne Bridal Shower in a watercolour circle skirt by Erdem.  I was inspired by this romantic, artsy style so I thought I would adapt it for a ‘going out’ look.  Erdem went to Fashion School with us.  He’s such a talented designer and we always knew he would be a star. 
Erdem's creation as seen on

Erdem's creation as seen on

  • BCBG Ma-Nisha Stilettos – These shoes are killer Statement Shoes.  They mix glossy patent with black kid leather and are finished with a giant pull up gold zipper.  Intricate design and details are what count.  Fashion contrasts are so interesting. 
  • Dance Prop – We are using our friend Y as a dance prop.  We get so excited over her petite Asian cuteness, we can’t help but pick her up and hug her on the dancefloor.
Carrie knows.  Statement shoes finish a great outfit. I covet the Patricia Field stud belt.

Carrie knows. Statement shoes finish a great outfit. I covet the Patricia Field stud belt.


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