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Summer Beach Dreams

Dolce Vita Romper

I never gave up on the romper. I love a good romper/gladiator sandal combo. That’s my drinks on a patio outfit. Loving the cool blues on this Dolce Vita Romper

A girl needs to dream.  A girl needs to dream about a bright sunshine-y day without rain or sleet or snow.  A day without salt stained boots and static-y flyaway hair.  Of turquoise waters and itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikinis.  Having gone on a warm December vacation, my hopes were high for a quick segue way into Spring.  Since that hasn’t been the case, I’ll settle for Summer Beach Dreams.

I have already planned out my travels for the next year (because a girl has got to see the world).  Well, if you’re a follower of the LC, you know how I feel about a gypset wardrobe. If it were tropical here, I would be wearing a caftan walking down the sidewalk.  Some summer loves to keep you daydreaming… *lesigh

Bright bikini babes in H&M Swimwear

Bright bikini babes in H&M Swimwear

Psychedelic dreamers: I really need more Mara Hoffman Resort in my life right now.

Psychedelic dreamers: I really need more Mara Hoffman Resort in my life right now.

Vix St. Marten caftan because you know how I like to channel Morocco.

Vix St. Marten caftan because you know how I like to channel Morocco.

Daria in Gucci Macramé. I actually read this copy of Elle Spain while in Salamanca. Fun fact.

Daria in Gucci Macramé. I actually read this copy of Elle Spain while in Salamanca. Fun fact.



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Resort Report: Fringe, Ruffle & Neon Bikinis

"Ha-ha-ha" I'd be laughing too if I was sunning on a beach instead of freezing my buns off in the frigid cold. Ruffled bikini - check. Messy side braid - check. Straw hat - check. Seafolly via Harper's Bazaar

Dearies, this is the third time I have attempted to write this post.  Perhaps this attempt will be the charm.  Every year, around the time that my boots get damaged by salty slush, I have to scrape the ice off my windshield and my hair turns to icicles if I don’t properly blowdry, I like to write a little ditty about Resort.  As a summer baby, I lament the loss of our friend sunshine and wearing too many layers causing my hair to stand up in a static-y frizz. 

Snowbirds rejoice!  This year, we have many Swim trends to pique our fancy.  With bathings suits (like shoes and handbags), you can never-ever-ever have too many.  The newest styles are ones that mimic fashion trends so be on the look out for saturated hues, mixing of pattern and textures, bold motifs and retro styles.

Trina Turk Summer of Love Bikini is an eye-catching psychedelic print in this season's sorbet hues.

L-E-M-O-N-S! Simmer on the beach with this bright Victoria Secret ruffled bandeau in a lemon and leaf motif

Got Print? Mara Hoffman is also showing some great structured bustier styles in the boldest tribal prints.

Get Into The Groove with Zinke Katie 80's inspired denim bustier bikini and muted pastel hipster bottoms

Oh no you didn't! Dance on the beach with the best-selling L*Space Fringe Bikini

Mix n' Match has been going strong for a few years. Take this Zimmerman floral bandeau and pair with a lovely lavendar solid bottom. I also love the juxtaposition of a pattern with polka dots or stripes. Tooo cute!

Life imitating art. NEON: Spring Breakers, the new Harmony Korine film features Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Benson in lots of bright bikinis.


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It’s a Heatwave Baby!

Hottt guy alert in the kitchen: "Since when did breakfast become clothing optional?" I'm a Zade shipper. BTW, you should be watching Hart of Dixie. Trust.

Lord, help meaaah!  I’m not good with heat but I will take a scorcher to a blizzard any day.  Keeping one’s cool is definitely the goal during these warm summer nights.  I take Summer very seriously – like make the most of it, be prepared for any social situation and take advantage of the warm weather to change multiple times in a day. 

Remember, I’m the girl whose Resort attire disproportionately rivals her work/casual.  Haha.  Laughing at my own joke.  I do that. 

  • Never Leave Home Without Your Bikini – As in my mother once said…  Actually, she never said that but I always bring a bikini in my purse or wear one under my maxidress on a hot day.  You never know if someone is going to invite you to an impromptu pool party, ask to meet you by the beach or you accidentally stumble upon a hottt tub.  Think like a Girl Guide.

Flowers, Bandeau & Ruffles??!!! Three of my favourite things in one Ella Moss Bandeau Bikini

  • Return of the bustier – In an effort to maintain my youthful karma reverting to dressing like a 20 yr old, I am bringing back the bustier, and her cousin the bandeau.  My favourite are sweetheart necklines which accentuate your form.  These are great for less curvy girls as they add some extra shape.  The bandeau is lovely paired with a flowy chiffon maxi skirt — I support this look for ladies with great abs (do it for the rest of us).

The cousin of the bustier, the bandeau. If you feel more modest, you can layer with a loose fitting cotton tank top. Free People Lace Bandeau in Limoncello. Citrus-y!

  • 3pm is Smoothie time – Now that it’s Summer and we’re wearing less clothes, let’s detox and shape up.  A seasonal change is the best time to get your cute @ss back to the gym and start eating healthy.  They say that it is essential to eat at 3pm to stave off hunger and reduce that dreaded sugar high-low.  A refreshing treat is a seasonal fruit smoothie which is filling, nutricious and delicious!  Note: I did not say Frappucino with extra whip and caramel.

Say yes to DIY smoothies: You make them even healthier by incorporating bananas (high in potassium), blueberries (anti-oxidants), coconut water (hydrating) and of course your favourite fruits!


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Glamourous Vacations Only With Fun Friends

Blake Lively frolicks on the beach with her perfectly tousled blonde hair, silver tunic dress, legs up to there and gladiator sandals.

A friend once commented, “You are always taking glamourous vacations.”  To this I replied, “It’s glamourous vacations ONLY…with fun friends.”  Stay-cations are fine if you’re moving or you need an extended period of time to do monotonous errands, but I say book me the next airplane ticket out of here and it better include beach, ocean and caftans.

Not a fan of going North of 20th, but I might to hit that giant pool at the Fontainebleau. Oh yeahx3!

I am very excited to return to my stomping grounds, my Latino home away from home, South Beach.  Over the years, I have accumulated travel compulsions knowledge that have carried me many a Resort season.  If only real life could include higher levels of sun and fun, our troubles would melt away like the last ice cube in your salty margarita.  Here are some of those pearls of wisdom just in time for vacation season…

Apply a liberal coating of bronzer on thy legs before wearing bright short shorts: Free People Lace Shorts

Rise from the tides and brunch in this Nanette Lepore Marseilles Tunic. A sideways braid is the perfect way to get your salty ocean hair to chill out.

Espadrille meets Wedge in the Charles David Baja Sandal: The shoe that keeps on giving can be worn for more than a block. The perfect pair for an evening of Salsa or a day of shop-shop-shopping!

I am G-L-A-M-O-U-R: In order to have a glamourous vacation, you must channel your inner socialite. Dear heiress, try this watercolour Maggie London Maxi for size.


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Resort Report: From Chi-Chi Marbella

Darling streets like postcards: Marbella-ella-ella hey hey.

If there was a type of attire, I would most love to wear year-round it’s definitely Resort.  Why, you ask?  Well, it would mean perennial vacation on beachy shores in warm climates.  Dreamy, right?  Hot on the heels of my proclamation that Mallorca is the classier, more stylish sister of Ibiza, I bring you the inside scoop on her well connected, wealthy cousin Marbella.  A coastal town situated on the Costa del Sol, Marbella rivals its neighbours in glitz; once known to be Spain’s answer to Monte Carlo, it is an enclave of the rich and chi-chi poo poo, vacation home of movie stars and Arab gajillionaires.  Past decades have seen its decline but it is quietly making a comeback as a jetset destination.

While some detractors claim that the beaches are overrun with hen parties and Chavs, the charm of Marbella lies in the maze of shop-lined streets in Old Town, the scenic boardwalk and the local bodegas that serve authentic tapas.  Here you will find Spaniards and European visitors alike reclining on bistro chairs, slowly taking in the scenery while sipping on a generous glass of vino blanco.  Watch the sun set at the Deportivo Martimo in the many outdoor bars overlooking the bay or listen to the DJ spin chill out mixes at Puro Beach or Nikki Beach.

Le sigh: Quaint white houses on narrow streets, mountains on the horizon.

Got yacht? West of Marbella is the flashy Puerto Banus.

Save the Face in this Aqua floppy hat accented with a vibrant blue sash

White on White: Layer your crochet with eyelet and linen. OMG, your tan looks gorgeous when paired with white!

Na-ran-jas! 'Oranges', the new 'Bananas.' Pair your French Connection Lark Dress with espadrilles.

Deja vu in Old Town: Don't throw out last season's Pucci or Chanel.

Michelle Obama chooses a printed one shoulder and oversize sunnies for her stroll through Marbella last year. Well played.


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Bikinis, Maillots & The Return of The Swimdress

Ooh la! La retour of the maillot and red lips. French Vogue starts the wave with Kate Moss.

The glorious sunshine and warmth of a sunny day has stirred up my love of bathing attire.  There are few activities more enjoyable than frolicking in the water and digging your toes into a sandy beach dressed in the most glamourous of bikinis.  Pina colada, por favor.

While it is easy to continually accumulate a destination wardrobe, I suggest you pick up a new swimsuit and retire an old one.  Don’t fret.  She has had the time of her life – her colours are faded from sun-soaked days and her strings have lost their elasticity from dips in the salty ocean.  Her life flashes before her similar to a montage sequence a la From Here to Eternity.  If you love her, let her go.

To ease the pain of your loss, I have compiled the best of Swimwear.  There are a plethora of new styling options and the return of the very retro Swimdress.  More modest than a string bikini, many designers are showing a modern take on swim with plunging sweetheart necklines and hipster bottoms.  Very G-L-A-M-O-U-R-O-U-S! (Canadian spelling)

Ruched in all the right places: Coral Carmen Marc Valvo Swimdress would be lovely paired with gold and turquoise chandelier earrings. Do it!

Stun the beach-goers with patterns and textures: Juicy Couture Rope Bikini

Hipster Ruffles make you wanna Samba in this Vix Liberty Ruffle

Bandeau a go-go. Trina Turk Peacock Bikini. Bandeau styles are great for snorkelling. Look ma! No tan lines!

It's only okay to stay in your swimsuit if you are ordering from the poolbar. Stay stylish and classy with this Nanette Lepore Tunic.


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