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Shoetie Is The New Bootie

Teeter, totter: Rachel Zoe navigates the mean streets of LA in her Casadei platform boots

But if anyone asks, a shoetie is really a bootie.  More specifically, the kind of bootie that ends at your ankle. It has a nice lyrical flow and rrrrrrrolls off the tongue, non?  Before the streets fill up with slush and snow, Fall is the best time to invest in suede or leather booties.  Much like a leather bomber jacket, booties have a short timeframe on the East Coast so wear them while you can!

Shoetie chic – Shoeties look great with slim pants like a stretch ponte or a cigarette pant.  They are also very striking with a basic black opaque tight (very flattering) or for added punch, try them with a bold tight in a jewel tone.  For casual days where you don’t want to channel a ragamuffin (translation: more dressed up, than dressed down), nothing beats shoeties with a favourite pair of jeans.

Michael Kors York Heel Booties: Loving the rich eggplant hue and the slick styling of this shoetie. Practical-ish

Duo tone is better than one! A modern take on a classic platform bootie from DV Dolce Vita

Peekaboo: There's something kind of kinky about these laser cut Juicy Couture Karina Booties.

Victoria Beckham navigating her way outside of Balthazar in her peep-toe shoeties.


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Warm Up With Summer Sandals And Espadrilles

‘Tis a depressing day outside.  But alas, as a cup half full optimist, I foresee the rain giving bloom to a brilliant spring garden.  Even though it’s frigid outside, I still make the effort to keep up a bright pedicure.  The lady at the salon commented on my frequent visits:  “Are you going away?  Do you have a party?”  The answer to which is no and no but if I ever need to remove my socks to try on shoes, you will be enamoured with my China Glaze Ruby Red Slipper toes.  She said most women only come in the warm weather.  Um, Lame-town!  (recently developped cousin of Crazytown

Well, my dearies, I am about to change all that with my Summer preview –  The LC’s Guide to the BEST sandals and espadrilles.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison. Mmm, I've always loved braided things and gilded gladiator too.

Stop Traffic Red: Have women want to murder you for your Dolce Vita Jade Wedges much? An orangey-fire engine red hottt against your tanned stems.

Kick it to the curb: I mean, Sam Edelman Caged Wedge Bootie. Ba-na-nas!

A daring modern take on espadrille: Bettye Muller Caprice wedge, colourful prints on scarves that wrap around your ankles. Magic!

Obviously, you will be wearing Texas OPI on your toesies. I already love 'Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em' & 'Big Hair, Big Nails.' Gingers are cute. I really x 3 like this picture.

Rachel Zoe loves a good laser-cut wedge. Digging her cream boho pregnancy style. Image courtesy Coco Perez


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Meow! A Beginner’s Guide to Leopard

“I love leopard. To me the print is an accessory unto itself. A true excessory.” – Rachel Zoe

Di-ga-me (talk to me): Rachel Zoe in leopard and Brad chat Italian fashion districts whilst in Milan. Doesn't Brad look handsome in black on black?

Last season, I was having a snake moment.  I rotate my love of animal prints because I am an equal opportunity fashionistah.  Every animal print gets some love in my books.  As seasonal trends in fashion are apt to doing, leopard is again in the spotlight, a great accent to a very dark and black Fall/Winter 2010 season. 

Many women stay away from animal prints because they can be wild, loud and outrageous, but when applied to the right outfit, a high ROC is always guaranteed.  People can’t help but notice and pay respect to your forward fashion choices (see/ Di’s wearing of hats in Clueless). 

You can injure yourself by wearing leopard, if you don’t abide by a few steadfast rules:

  1. No Double Leopard – No matter the circumstance, it is completely unacceptable to wear two items of leopard at the same time.  Please don’t argue with me and use double denim as an example.  The same goes for head to toe.  You don’t want to look as though a leopard attacked you, and you won.  This is perhaps the most heinous of crimes a fashion victim can inflict on themselves and onlookers.
  2. Space It Out – Leopard is a look that you shouldn’t be wearing on the daily (unless you seriously mix it up and your wardrobe consists of other stand out looks).  It’s special print and will get noticed by bystanders.  It’s for the inverse reason that fashion people wear so much black.
  3. Baby Colours are For Babies – Leopard in a baby pink or blue is highly unnatural and a definite no-no.  It has undertones of parties at the Playboy Mansion, definitely not high-fashion.  Reserve those hues for cotton candy or onesies. 
  4. Sprinkle on an Accessory – The easiest way to incorporate leopard is as an accessory, be it a scarf, a tiny clutch or a skinny belt.  If you aren’t willing to invest in a total leopard look, this is perhaps the best season to incorporate the print and to add a dramatic punch to your wardrobe.

Can’t get enough?  Try this oldie, but goodie:  Leopard is her Power Animal

Casual Meow: Rebecca Taylor Leopard Print Tee paired with leggings or jeans. Wearing leopard in a faded neutral (not its traditional colour) can tone down the print.

I mean, this I'm dying over: stacked Louis Vuitton leopard bangles.

Tres chic: Tory Burch Leopard Print Flats. A good ballet flat will be your best friend. A dressier option for the everyday.

A classic slingback care of Monsieur Louboutin. Would look lovely paired with a LBD.

Here kitty-kitty: M.A.C. Fabulous Felines collection features colours like 'Drive Me Wild,' 'Out-Minxed' and my personal fave 'The Prowl'


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Dashiki Chic: For The Love of Caftans

She's a fan: MK Olsen sports her vintage Halston with Louboutins and the ubiquitous messy, side braid.

As a fashion pioneer, I am taking it upon myself as my life’s dharma (social obligation) to promote and encourage the modern wear of caftans, or Dashiki Chic as I like to call it.  While it is my ‘go-to’ fashion statement while overseas on vacation traipsing about white sandy beaches, I think I will try to work the look while back home.  There is something hippie-dippie 1970’s retro about the look which I quite adore.  I have an internal freakout (akin to finding lost treasure) every time I find a really good one. 

Take note, RZoe accessories with gold cuff and gi-normous cocktail ring.

Daily Boho Fashionistah – For running errands or sitting on a blanket reading a book in a park, I can think of no outfit to rival its comfort or cuteness.  Yes, I admit I used to shake my head when my mother wore her oversize muu-muu around the house, but this take will be different.  Think a soft cotton batik or ikat, braided belt with embellished gladiators, channelling Talitha Getty in Morrocco.  We should get an expert to pour us some mint tea and drink out of those delightful colourful, gilded glasses.  You’re digging it too, aren’t you?  

Good Evening Habibi (my darling) – A fancier caftan look involves two of my favourite things: chiffon + sequins.   A bit boudoir meets Arabian desert princess, paired with a smart pair of stilettos, you cannot go wrong.  This look goes best with a dramatic smokey eye.

Damn! Rachel Zoe in another AH-MA-ZING caftan, probably vintage. If there was a world war on best caftans, she would kill everyone.


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Feeling Vacation Tingles

Tunic Fever: I love the simplicity of this gold embroidered Lisa Curran tunic

When do you start getting excited for vacation?  Generally, I find that trips and holidays often creep up on me.  Suddenly, it’s a week before departure and I am scrambling to tick off ‘things to do’ on a substantial check list.  Luckily, my closet is fully stacked for leisurely vacations of the sunny beach variety.  I even have a storage bin titled ‘Beach,’ a stable of batik pareos and a kitchen shelf devoted entirely to Lonely Planet guidebooks. 

This upcoming journey takes me to faraway Thailand and Hong Kong.  I am not looking forward to the long-haul but it is the price to pay for travel.  I will be packing for many purposes: a) adventure and sight-seeing b) a fancy wedding c) the beach and d) a fashionable cosmopolitan city. To ensure that I have enough to wear without surpassing my baggage allowance, I shall prepare a list of looks and weigh my suitcase before I head to the airport.

Tibi Romper accessorized with the sweetest gold bangles and gladiators.

Channelling Rachel Zoe, I like to whip out my rolling rack and pull looks out of my closet to ensure I have covered off all the important events and activities.  When travelling overseas, it is important to consider the three C’s: comfort, climate and culture. 

  • Adventure beckons – Sight seeing often requires looking into cultural norms.  Wearing tight or revealing clothing to temples or certain historical monuments is an absolute no-no.  Instead, opt for a long-sleeved lightweight cotton tunic, cargo pants and closed toe shoes like ballerina flats or runners.  Obviously, don’t wear a dress to zipline through the mountains or pumps to go hiking.  Common sense people. 
  • Wedding Attire – Although many destination weddings are fairly low-key, check in advance for proper dress code.  If the ceremony isn’t held on the beach, do not show up in flip-flops or you will receive the ‘death stare’ from the bride throughout the reception.  To complement my upcoming tan and the turquoise water of the location, I have chosen a BCBG coral ruched, bubble mini with rhinestone detail.  Jersey is a great material to pack because it doesn’t wrinkle and it’s forgiving comfortable after eating a five-course meal.
  • The Beach – Where’s Leo?  The best part of any vacation is undoubtedly ordering pina coladas while basking in the rays, reading some Chick-lit and listening to the crashing waves of the ocean.  The other great part is wearing a different bikini, head scarf and tunic combination every day.  One word: photoshoot!
  • Cosmos Please – Going to a foreign, metropolitan city offers new excitement – great food at chic restaurants, more sight-seeing, exuberant nightlife and plenty of shopping options.  One great bit of advice when wondering where the ‘cool’ local kids hang out is to go to a fashionable boutique, look around for the coolest person you see and ask them where they would go out on a Thursday night.  And presto, you’ve found your golden ticket!  This is where you can dress the part of Carrie Bradshaw.

I am dying for this DVF Tiered Ruffle Coverup!

Nothing says vacay like a pair of gold woven gladiator sandals from Kate Spade.


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The New Vocab: Rachel Zoe-ism's

Are you following the shenanigans of Rachel, Brad and Tay-Tay?  On her BravoTV show The Rachel Zoe Project, we go behind the scenes of celebrity styling, RZ comes up with some quick quips, has her own entourage of comedic stylists and some highly quotable dialogue.  While RZ gets a lot of flack for needing to eat a cookie now and then, she has been quite influential in making stylish stars out of Liv Tyler, Mischa Barton and Anne Hathaway (to name a few).  Methinks she was responsible for burying Nicole Richie’s pink Juicy tracksuit in a pet cemetary and converting her to a more lovable, bohemian style.  A girl after my own heart, Rachel often shame spirals when on a vintage shopping trip.  Who brings home four rolling racks of clothes after 20 minutes? Wild.

Heart palpies: Inside RZ's closet. I endorse gold metallic too.

Heart palpies: Inside RZ's closet. I endorse gold metallic too.

While on the surface it seems like the stylist life is glamah and drama, there is a lot of gross sweating, schlepping of garbage bags filled with apparel, not so sweet (read bitchy) PR girls and high-maintenance primadonnas.  You think Kate Hudson woke up that stunning?  Well, it takes an army to put one starlet into a couture gown, tape her boobs in, blow out her hair and apply fox-fur eyelashes. Rachel does it with aplomb and an outrageously hilarious sense of humour. 

It’s fashion darling.  No one is going to live or die.

Quotable Rachel Zoe:

  • “Shut it down.”
  • “I die. Ba-na-nas.”
  • “Every girl deserves a red carpet moment.”

Stalk Follow our girl Rachel as she gives sage fashion advice on and obsess over watch her navigate the fashion jungle on The Rachel Zoe Project.


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