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Be Like The Country

Rachel Bilson in a pink gingham top and Current/Elliot cut off shorts. It doesn't get more country than this.

As a child, I often spent entire summers with my aunts in suburban Chicago.  For weekend getaways, we travelled to their trailer tucked in secluded farm country.  While I am very much a city girl at heart, I have accumulated many fond memories of picking up fresh corn from farmers on the side of the road, roasting marshmallows over the bonfire and waking up to the smell of burning logs.  And when in the country… it is always best to unwind and ‘be like the country.’ (Think when in Rome…)

Take Some Shade: Always protect the face in this Aqua Straw Crochet Hat

When I was younger, I used to wear skorts. I would skip or spin around but you weren't really seeing my undies. Forever 21 Floral Skort Romper

My roomie swears by checking out the consignment shops in small towns. She often scores the best treasures. Kick about a sleepy town in these polka dot Steve Madden ballet flats.

Gimme Gimme: A fun tip on making the best S'mores. Wrap the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow in tin foil and insert into the fire for a few minutes. An ooey gooey treat that melts without being burnt.


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Gimme More Rachel Bilson

Ubiquitous.  Definition:  Existing or being everywhere at the same time;  constantly encountered; widespread. 

Ubiquitous, this is how I feel about Rachel Bilson of late.  Soon she will be reuniting with that loveable emo Josh Schwartz, creator of Gossip Girl and The O.C. on her own tv show, about a girl who communicates with dead people.  The premise sounds kind of like Ghost Whisperer or Sixth Sense, but I am sure Mr. Schwartzie will put a special spin on it;  like, every week she gets into some zany romantic comedy, has gorgeous bachelors lined up and traipses around LA dripping in Lanvin and Louboutin’s.  Did you catch her on How I Met Your Mother?  (On an unrelated sidenote, I think in real life it wouldn’t take Ted Mosby that long to find a serious girlfriend. He’s a great catch, except on days when his hair does a weird thing.)   

In the meantime, Miss Bilson has been doing the fashion week rounds in every city (New York, Milan, Paris), giving us a plethora of looks to which we can aspire.  But remember, she has a stylist and she probably has the clothes on loan so don’t feel bad about yourself.

Rachel celebrating Cavalli in the trademark leopard print. I am obsessed with this mermaid tail, sweetheart neckline and off the shoulder action.

At the Chanel SOHO opening, working a high ponytail and fringed mini dress.

Personal Umbrella Holder & Hottt Pink ruffles at Dior SS 2011. Photos courtesy Huffington Post

I'm sneaking in an oldie but a goodie at Marc Jacobs. Couples that colour co-ordinate should never break up. Photo courtesy


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The Love Collage’s 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday, LC!!  Like any proud mommy, this first birthday is a cause for celebration.  On this day, let’s reminisce about the good times and the events that led us thus far.  Please sit down (if you aren’t already) somewhere cozy.  I am going to share a story.

About a year ago at this time, I had been marinating for a while on beginning to write again.  I felt compelled to do it but I was pretty scared to start.  Looking back, I was totally having a Julie Powell  moment – anxious with self-doubt, worried about the criticism.  I had a few glasses of wine with my friend M about beginning a blog; she had already began her own successful site on Art Deco Style and it was faring quite well.  She gave me the nudge of encouragement that I needed.

A few days following our encounter, I was driving into work listening to the rush hour radio show.  It was uncommon for me to be listening to the radio as I detested the sound of people squabbling first thing in the morning.  I preferred an uninterrupted playlist to which I could bellow the lyrics at the top of my lungs and bop my head. 

The DJ came on and said, “We have so-and-so (can’t recall the name) here today who has a very successful blog.”   He warmly thanked her for coming to the show and recounted details of the site.  It seemed the purpose of the site was to amass recipes of strange foods and photograph some of the gross or nonsensical examples: meatloaf in the shape of Stonehenge, twinkies wrapped in bacon, so on and so forth.  The DJ then questionned her on a rumour, “We hear that you have a book on the way.  Is this true?”  She paused briefly and answered, “The details are still being finalized, but yes next year we are releasing a book.”  I gasped.  How was this possible? Okay, great for her that she was successful and people were responding, but she didn’t even write and she had a book deal?!?  That was it.  That was my defining moment.  Within the week, The Love Collage was born.

To all my lovely friends and followers, thank you for keeping up with the LC.  I enjoy reading all your comments and feedback.  I try to write about what I know on a variety of topics.  I hope that each post warms your day, makes you smile or laugh, gives you a new idea and encourages you to pursue those things that you love most.

The Love Collage is inspired by…

Carrie Bradshaw, the patron saint of the LC. She blesses all the singletons & friends with fashion miracles.

September Vogues: Why do people love fashion so much? Darling, it's the beauty, escapism and fantasy.

Rachel Bilson, because everyone adores her. Now that she's dumped that Hayden, maybe we're due to turn on the time machine to 2005 and Seth & Summer can reunite. Heck, I'm just reading the collective consciousness. Do you feel me?


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Dating And Playing By The Rules

Seth going in for the kill. Now that Rach-Rach has broken her engagement, maybe she should get back together with Adam, non?

A few years ago, I designated my friend S as my ‘love coach.’  She who mercilessly dated the gamut, shared her wisdom and guided me through the deep and treacherous waters of dating.  This was during the time of The Rules and He’s Just Not That Into You;  but I am an eternal optimist and romantic.  I won’t allow myself to be jaded by love. 

She provided me with a list of dating rules to abide by when beginning to date a new crush.  This past weekend, we reconnected and reminisced, ‘Whatever happened to the rules?’  Well dear readers, it is your lucky day!  S having been amazing at saving great emails or very redundant at deleting old ones, unearthed a treasure chest of laughs.  These rules, when you think about them ring true, however, should still be taken with a grain of salt. 

1. Always talk on the phone before meeting
2. Give the person a compliment if you are interested (“Oh…you have a nice shirt on tonight”)
3. Share your food with him
4. See what kind of beer they order- Only import…not domestic….Gross
5. If you want a kiss at the end of the night, stroke his arm
6. Never talk about your ex on the first date
7. If you can not picture kissing them in your head…there is no point to the second date
8. Always leave them wanting more.  Never kiss on the first date even though you know you want to mack their @ss bad!
9. No going back to the apartment for herbal tea!!
10. When caught with a speeding ticket, make sure that the police officer hears you say loud enough: “He has a great ass!”  Works like a charm!

Haha.  I think the last one was more about how to avoid speeding violations than dating but we’ll take it.

Do you have any dating rules that you live by? Please share your comments.


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Most Popular Posts, Ever, Of All Time

#5 Rompers Ahead. In my opinion, Urban Outfitters has the BEST rompers of the season. Checkout this Staring at the Stars cutout romper in coral. TDF (to die for)!!!

It’s a miracle.  A few days ago, the LC hit another milestone:  30,000 visits!  Yay, success!  As my little blog that could continues to thrive, I’d like to send some love your way.  Here is a countdown to the Top 5 most read posts on The Love Collage. 

5.  Resort Report:  Rompers Ahead - 1,838 hits  And a part of me questionned if the masses would catch onto rompers.  There are more fashionistah adventurers making their way through the fashion jungle than I suspected.  Carry on!

4.  Paris Je T’Aime - 1,978 hits  This one is kind of obvious.  Everyone loves Paris (the city, not the heiress). 

3.  Big Bang Theory - 3,796 hits  Another popular one which started to get hit a lot in the Spring.  Perhaps because many stylish women change their look when the sunshine comes out. 

2.  She’s Got Kevyn Aucoin’s Smokey Eyes - 4,466 hits  I suppose the DIY quality of this post makes it a smash, as well as the tips that come from the great master himself. 

1.  “She Is My Style Icon”6,701 hits!!  There are two reasons why this one is unbeatable:  Alexa Chung and Rachel Bilson.  They are style muses to many. 

For your wonderful reading pleasure, please join my Facebook group (the link is on the left sidebar), follow me on Twitter, subscribe or grab my RSS.  Tell your friends & thanks a million for keeping up with the LC.

The patron saint of the LC and my style icon: Rachel Bilson. On a sidenote: wearing one's hair like this has a high KB quotient.


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Casual Cool

RBils in her Uggs, hanging out at LAX.

The other day I was having a latte with my mom at Dufflet Pastries (787 Queen St. West) where we shared a delicious coconut lime bar.  The cutest little girl walked in with her fashionable mother.  Per the hip quotient of the area, she was dressed like a mini adult with a black and white striped t-shirt (very Parisian), black leggings and caramel coloured Uggs.  She picked out a giant chocolate chip cookie and seemed to enjoy it.

I think Uggs have surpassed the trend as besides pure fashion, they are beloved for their comfort quotient and functionality.  Many of my friends bring theirs to relax at the cottage or when trekking around in their casual clothes or Lulu Lemon’s.  I know girls that hoard them in different colours and styles but I think this is okay since they do wear them to death. My preference is for the classic colour or the cardigan style in heather grey.  Taking a cue from the little fashionistah in training, paired with a cotton jersey tunic top and skinny jeans or leggings can make a fun casual statement.  

Exclusive offer for readers of the LC:  Visit Buy It Right Here and enter promo code, ‘515LOVE’ to receive a $30 credit upon checkout.  Offer valid until June 7th, 2010.


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