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All Divas Wear Crop Tops & Floor Length Gowns, Met Gala 2014

SJP makes you look from all angles. Love the styling, the Oscar de la Renta dress, to the shape of the hair to the opera gloves.

SJP makes you look from all angles. Love the styling, the Oscar de la Renta dress, to the shape of the hair to the opera gloves.

Darlings, this post is like a library book…way past overdue. And I’m not going to address the elevator scandal overshadowing the fashion because I’ve heard about the Beygency.  The theme of this year’s Met Gala 2014, was a tribute to Charles James, who according to WWD is “America’s best-known couturier.” This being the case, you would expect a lot of classic, opulent and elegant ball gowns of the socialite variety.

An iconic image of Charles James gowns, photographed by Cecil Beaton 1948

An iconic image of Charles James gowns, photographed by Cecil Beaton 1948

While I don’t know if they necessarily evoke the theme of this year’s event, these are my faves.  There are a lot of crop top combinations and slinky silhouettes which is très 90’s.  Enjoy!

Crop top! Emma Stone rocks a side braid and pink on pink Thakoon.

Crop top! Emma Stone rocks a side braid and pink on pink Thakoon.

I have been championing the maxi length and crop top/bustier combo for a while now. I think it’s going to hit mainstream this year. (fashion prediction) TRUST.

Rihanna shows off her enviable abs in a white Stella McCartney ensemble.

Rihanna shows off her enviable abs in a white Stella McCartney ensemble.

Risqué Nicole Richie in Donna Karan. She kind of looks like Elsa from Frozen, non?

Risqué Nicole Richie in Donna Karan. She kind of looks like Elsa from Frozen, non?


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You Can Take The Girl Out of Miami…

Art Deco on Ocean Drive. Take cover at Waldorf Towers, Hotel Victor, Tides or any other boutique hotel that meets your fancy.

But you can’t take the Miami out of the girl.  You know what I love about fashion in South Florida?  That people are vibrant, tanned, and sport colours found on the feathers of a parakeet.  They are tropical caliente (hottt), they got it and they flaunt it. Oh yeahx3!

As we enjoyed a very late lunch at the Waldorf Towers on Ocean Drive (which serves delightful mussels in a white wine sauce and BOGO drinks during Happy Hour), torrential rain pounded to the thumping beat of Calvin Harris.  We pondered our Resort fashion choices that deter the attractions of the male species. This post is alternately titled, “fashion summer-y things I like to wear that have no appeal to guys whatsoever.”

Oversized Sunglasses – Why?  Because apparently oversize sunglasses can be deceiving and you can’t tell if a woman is really attractive until she takes them off.  Sorry boys, I only wear my oversize to the beach!  You will have to check out my other ass-ets.

Olsen Twins Do It Better! MK & Ash say go big or go home. Pruuuunes!

Loving the gradient hue of these Tom Ford Oversize Sunnies. For Sobe, I chose a mosaic tortoise shell DVF pair and my friend Jo went with a very retro pair of Vince Camuto gold rim aviators (channelling Johnny Depp).

R-r-r-ruffles (roll your R) – Dudes, I live for ruffles.  I don’t really get this one but I just want to say that ruffles are my lifestyle choice. Like if I’m going salsa dancing and you want to come with me, you better get down with those ruffles and shower me with compliments.  And when that Tito Puente song comes to a close, I nonchalantly wrap my left leg around your thigh, you better go in for the dip!  Crowd-pleaser.

The appropriately named Rebecca Taylor Cha Cha Dress.

Scarves Worn on your Head – I have been tying scarves on my head since I was a teenager and if it’s good enough for style icons Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn, your opinion doesn’t matter.  Once watching a performance on the steps of Notre Dame in Paris, a mime mocked my fashion choice.  “Um, you’re a mime.  Why are you talking?”  I like taking a vintage square scarf folding it in half to make a triangle and tying the ends to make a hankerchief on my head. 

Echo Sundial Scarf can be worn a la hipster or as I like it, on your head gypset style!

Too Taboo: Nicole Richie doesn't care what you have to say about her oversize sunnies or McQueen scarf.


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Jai Ho Dance Sequence

Jamal & Latika dance their love: The Dip is a very impressive dance move. Trust.

The change in weather has put a serious damp on my inclination for socializing.  In the mood for nesting, I will periodically stay indoors in lieu of venturing out to the all-night dance party.  I had been putting off watching the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire for some time (confession: the trailer made me cry).  Once, coming home on a long-haul flight from London, I was suddenly woken from my slumber by the gentleman seated to my right.  A seemingly cool guy in his 40’s, clad in a black leather jacket, he was sobbing uncontrollably to the tune of A.R. Rahman’s Jai Ho (far superior to the Pussycat Doll collaboration).  He hurried to the washroom.  I assumed to dab his eyes and compose himself. 

The story set in Mumbai, India weaves the tale of poor chaiwallah (tea server) Jamal who emerges from the impoverished city slums to compete on the television show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’  Directed by Danny Boyle, the film is a gritty depiction of the hardships of the slums as well as an inspired love story.  I enjoyed it and somehow I managed to keep the teardrop tsunami at bay.  The film ends with a Bollywood style dance sequence – I would like to learn this choreography one day (just in case).

Watch it:  Slumdog Millionaire – Jai Ho Music Video 

Nicole Richie in a House of Harlow head dress. Part of the dance fun is the oufit.


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A Dash of Style: Tie A Scarf On

Head Scarf: Ms. Richie digs it.

In my head, like to believe I am a scarf connoisseur.  If there was a TLC show about people that hoard scarves, perhaps I would be an unsuspecting candidate for intervention.  I have a plethora with a storage bin for Fall/Winter and a separate one for Spring/Summer (like some people with food compulsions, I don’t like it when they touch).  While many people often use scarves in the winter for functional reasons, I don’t think people are as comfortable throwing one on as a fashion statement.  It’s the combination of right scarf with right outfit that can ruin one’s confidence: you try it on with your ensemble, you second-guess your choice, you think better of it and leave it draped on the couch before heading out the door.  Sadness. Whoa-whoa-whoa.   

I would like to share with you my grains of wisdom concerning one of my Top 10 fashion accessories of my life.  My best scarves have been dug out of bins in vintage shops or by accident in a boutique, while perusing for a friend’s birthday present (one for me, one for you).  It’s not necessary to buy every type of scarf as they really should be investment pieces that you can mix and match with your current wardrobe and lifestyle. 

Scarf as headband. You know you love it.

  • Beachy Scarf – Rectangular scarves are best for tying on top of your head like a headband.  The ends can often be left to dangle at the nape of your neck or for the fashionistah-adventurous, tied in a giant bow positionned behind your ear.  Very Blair Waldorf.  The other option is to tie it around your forehead a la hippie Nicole Richie.  The fabric should be a light chiffon or silk and probably in a solid or a subtle pattern (mini polka dots or paisley would be cute).  This look should be reserved for the beach, a music festival a la Coachella or lazy Sunday afternoon in a hipster neighbourhood – you want to avoid looking like the OVER-TRY.

Free people trench: Kick your trench up like 10 notches with a silk scarf.

  • Belle de Jour Approved – If I had a dollar for every girl I saw wearing a trench coat on the sidewalk, I would have like $20 a day.  Differentiate yourself from the crowd by tying on a silk scarf in a fantastic Pucci-inspired pattern or in a brightly hued damask.  Since the structure of the trench requires something more dressy, opt for a square or a more elaborate pashmina.  For a square, fold the scarf in half, creating a triangle and tie the ends at the nape of your neck.  Borrowing from menswear, you can also take a longer silk rectangle, tie it at your collarbone and tuck it into your trench.    

Art Nouveau A-Go-Go: How wild is this Echo scarf? Sure to illicit ooh's and ah's.

  • This Old Thang – If you’re out and about running errands in your skinny jeans, flowy tank, cardi-wrap and ballet flats, why not accentuate your casual cute style with a ruffle scarf, a tie-dyed cotton jersey or a fringey infiniti?  These are stylish options with zero fuss.  What about one with tassles or mini pom-poms?  I could go on for days.  And if your staple ‘errand outfit’ is very basic in style, why not pop it with a vibrant colour that accentuates your face (turquoise flatters almost everyone)?

Echo Knit Ruffle Scarf: I like the gauzy ruffle look of this ruched scarf.


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I Declare A Bohemian Spring

Italian Vogue: Sasha Takes a Morrocan Holiday

It’s six days into January and after a few days of snowfall, I can tell you now, “I’m over winter.”  The only vestige of hope is my impending vacation to warm Miami.  That, and that the retail flip is starting to take place.  It’s when last season’s merchandise retreats and the selection of Spring 2010 gradually begins to overflow onto the floor. 

What excites me most is that it’s going to be a Bohemian Season.  As a self-proclaimed boho-chic fashionistah, this means wearing jewelled caftans, adorable lace up gladiators, layering floaty chiffons and tying scarves in our hair…Essentially walking around like MK, Ash or Nicole Richie.  Say “Pruuunes!” (Very inside joke: The Olsens say ‘prunes’ when taking photos to achieve a pouty lip)

Iconic photo of Talitha Getty by Lichstein

Although many of today’s starlets adopt the luxe hippie, the roots of the Gypset look are steeped in the swinging 1960’s, iconically by Brits Talitha Getty or Marianne Faithfull.  During the decadence of this era, Londoners took flight from the city and lived lavish lifestyles in Morrocco.  You will see the trend really emerge when SATC 2 comes to theatres in May.  I am sure Carrie Bradshaw will be trekking through the dessert in Marrakesh, wearing a sequin tunic to ride a camel and her ‘J’Adore Dior’ to smoke a hookah.

What are some modern updates to avoid looking like a pauper?

  • Gold with Coral – This will be a very strong look for Spring.  All pastel hues of blush pinks, tangerines and pale yellows will be in, so you have a multitude of choices to choose from.  Both red and orange coral will be popular and these colours will be prominent in jewellery, clothing and accessories.   
  • Updated Vintage Caftan – I am very particular about my caftans as I never want to look like my mother roaming around the house in something that appears like a shapeless potatoe sack.  The best tunics have a cinched waist or the pattern/hue is feminine enough that it flatters. 

Dashiki chic: Freaking out over these vintage patterns for caftans

  • Striking Embellishment – One of the reasons why I love boho is because of the uniqueness of the style, the over the top exaggeration and the fashion contrast of messy and put together.  You can find this in unfinished edges with gilded details clashing with a sweet floral and fringed leather.  It’s a veritable ratatouille, a hearty fashion soup, shall we say.

K's fave: Alexis Bittar Jewel Mesh Bangle. Lucite will be BIG too this season.


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Resort Report: Rompers Ahead

“Rainy days and Monday’s always get me down.”  Don’t you love the Carpenters?  It’s no wonder people suffer from the winter blues.  Grey skies and downpouring rain is akin to giant teardrops.  Sadness.  Whoa, whoa, whoa. 

Fashionistah avant-garde: Miss Richie working her silk romper like 2 years ago.

This week while leafing through January 2010 issues at the magazine stand, I was renewed with hope and optimism.  Spring fashion does it for me.  The explosion of vibrant colours, trend reports in accessories, new silhouettes re-invented and above all, the promise of warm weather to sashay these hottt styles in.  Luckily, Resort wear comes out to bridge the gap between Winter and Spring, much like Fall Trans (transitional).  Don’t you love all this fashion lingo?

For me, one trend which I will embrace with loving arms is The Romper.  Similar to the bubble skirt, the romper flies below the radar, waiting patiently in the wings for the mainstream to take hold of the trend.  Maybe this trend will never ignite but it’s a style that I recommend for the fashion risk-taker.  By definition, the romper is a loose-fitting one-piece garment having short bloomers, worn especially by children for play.  Sounds delicious, non?

Glamour Vacationistah – For rompers which have the versatility of day to night, there are styles in silk, light floral chiffons or printed cottons.  Sometimes high heels look off with miniskirts, however, the platform with romper works veryx3 well indeed. 

A Patterned Romper to Write Home About: Tibi Coral Reef

Utilitarian Romper – Imagine a loose fitting cotton style in a khaki or a soft denim to trek through city streets and a pair of embellished gladiators.  I have seen some very fetching versions from BCBG and French Connection – so freakin’ cute.

Charlotte Ronson romper. Would be so cute with multi-chain coral necklace and fringe sandals. You die!


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